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[openstack-dev] [release] release team plans for Ocata

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Last week at the summit the release team reviewed our notes from
Newton and worked on plans for changes to be implemented during

  • Branch automation

    Now that tag management is handled through reviews on openstack/releases,
    we want to add the other major release-related task: branch
    management. We will start with automating branch creation, and
    then if time permits tackle the workflow for closing a branch
    when it reaches its end-of-life deadline. For more details, see
    the spec:

  • Release announcements

    Thierry has already described the plan for making release
    announcements less noisy in another thread to this list in

    We are also going to work on automating announcements for release
    candidates for projects using milestones.

  • Updating upper-constraints.txt for a release

    When a library is released, the job that adds the tag also submits
    the patch to update upper-constraints.txt to allow the new version
    to be used. This almost always results in the jobs for that u-c
    patch failing, because the package does not actually exist yet.
    We will be moving the constraints update to its own job, which
    will run after the new package is uploaded to PyPI.

  • Python 3

    In anticipation of having Python 3 support be a goal for Pike,
    we will start porting our automation scripts to run under Python

    1. This should also improve the reliability of some of the tools
      that work with names and release notes, since those may include
      unicode text.
  • Recruiting more reviewers

    With the tagging process fully automated, it is easier for us to
    recruit more reviewers for the release team. We will be working
    with the stable-maint team initially, and then looking for other
    folks interested in being involved in release management.

  • New project checklist

    We had a few technical issues with brand new big tent projects
    last cycle because the repositories had not been reconfigured
    after the team was accepted into the big tent. We will be starting
    a checklist of steps project teams need to go through to complete
    their transition into the big tent.

  • Improving communication about the schedule

    Given several major holiday periods in the Ocata cycle, it will
    be more important than usual to communicate clearly about release
    freeze periods. We will be adding known freeze periods to the
    schedule page soon.

    We are also working on being able to publish the schedule as an
    ICS file that can be imported into your calendar application of

  • Decoupling releases from governance tags

    There are a set of tags defined in the governance repository that
    control the behavior for release tools. During Newton we had more
    projects changing their tags than we had previously expected, and
    that resulted in some delays and eventually removing some validation
    logic from the releases repository. During Ocata we will be moving
    the release and type tags out of the governance repository to the
    releases repository. This work won't start right away, because
    we need to assess the impact on other projects like the Foundation's
    project navigator web site.

That covers the major initiatives we have. There are several other
clean-up tasks that may be less visible outside of the team. The full
notes from those sessions are available in the etherpad:


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