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[openstack-dev] [new][requirements] openstack_requirements 1.0.0 release

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We are psyched to announce the release of:

openstack_requirements 1.0.0: OpenStack python dependency management

This is the first release of openstack_requirements.

Download the package from:

For more details, please see below.

Changes in openstack_requirements b788389acce5ea0dd1fcbf16bc4f402d5229491f..1.0.0

8b00c60 update constraint for python-swiftclient to new release 3.2.0
52b4f40 Updated from generate-constraints
e9bb451 Add pathlib2 to requirements
cc6d4e1 Add lower bound to freezegun
a8a7b4b Block ryu-4.8
224b040 Update package metadata.
13195d0 Add sphinxcontrib-fulltoc
a258688 Bump abclient to 0.2.3
74a8e15 Make pbr requirement match the setuprequires line
c7fdd97 update constraint for python-ironicclient to new release 1.8.0
7a964bf Update hacking requirements
0f38371 Adds compute-hyperv to the projects.txt
169c195 Require os-brick>=1.8.0
ab1664f Fix the minimum required oslo.db version
d7dc27a Bump os-win minimum requirement to 1.1.0
dc52a8e Subscribe mixmatch project to requirements
fa83e7e update constraint for os-brick to new release 1.8.0
deb8ea3 update constraint for python-saharaclient to new release 1.0.0
f3c2f56 update constraint for ceilometermiddleware to new release 1.0.0
2fbf1e7 Allow hacking 0.12.0 to be used
f209742 Bump os-vif minimum requirement to 1.3.0
1c27a88 update constraint for abclient to new release 0.2.1
b179656 Add xstatic-angular-ui-router
c66944f Updated from generate-constraints
510c409 Bump oslo.utils minimum version to 3.18.0
39d3ada update requirements for neutron-lib to new release 1.0.0
f76b268 Blacklist rtslib-fb 2.1.60/61
9ee1ea1 Updated from generate-constraints
d15d784 update constraint for os-brick to new release 1.7.0
088f8d2 Update ovs to 2.6.1.
428d664 update constraint for oslo.utils to new release 3.18.0
f843228 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.12.0
2390e5a update constraint for oslo.config to new release 3.19.0
0e0240a Make reno with right license name
7bc6fd0 Raise openstacksdk upper-constraint to 0.9.9
2ca4990 update constraint for XStatic-D3 to new release
64e13aa update constraint for XStatic-Angular to new release
142b3d2 update constraint for python-ceilometerclient to new release 2.7.0
2850e65 update constraint for os
vif to new release 1.3.0
48a7213 update constraint for djangoopenstackauth to new release 3.0.0
eae9e03 update constraint for keystoneauth1 to new release 2.15.0
1bc06a0 Add networking-bgpvpn to projects.txt
08abd5d Bump vnware-nsxlib to 0.2.0
9c4978f Block oslo.config 3.18.0
308aa59 Bump tenacity to 3.2.1
d561ca6 Require coverage>=4.0 to use --concurrency
1ce3cae Raise minimum pyparsing to 2.0.7
96831c0 update constraint for oslotest to new release 2.11.0
78ac632 update constraint for oslo.serialization to new release 2.14.0
7de8dba update constraint for oslo.config to new release 3.18.0
70dc8ba update constraint for ironic-lib to new release 2.3.0
8717bdb update constraint for oslo.service to new release 1.17.0
da22bfa update constraint for oslosphinx to new release 4.8.0
f4f6bd4 update constraint for oslo.privsep to new release 1.14.0
1178098 update constraint for oslo.versionedobjects to new release 1.18.0
8a30f6f update constraint for oslo.rootwrap to new release 5.2.0
194ad30 update constraint for oslo.middleware to new release 3.20.0
f9b005f update constraint for oslo.db to new release 4.14.0
c297718 update constraint for oslo.concurrency to new release 3.15.0
3df256a Bump os-client-config to 1.22.0
888ce4a Bump oslo.utils minimum to 3.17.0
4006d8a update constraint for tooz to new release 1.44.0
12b0ef8 update constraint for taskflow to new release 2.7.0
12744b8 update constraint for stevedore to new release 1.18.0
2d5161d update constraint for oslo.vmware to new release 2.15.0
b1b038b update constraint for oslo.utils to new release 3.17.0
aa0c67b update constraint for oslo.reports to new release 1.15.0
73aec26 update constraint for oslo.policy to new release 1.16.0
a259dc9 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.11.0
2ec3704 update constraint for oslo.i18n to new release 3.10.0
aabf8a4 update constraint for oslo.context to new release 2.10.0
d77c934 update constraint for oslo.cache to new release 1.15.0
453aa7f update constraint for futurist to new release 0.19.0
f7f4713 update constraint for debtcollector to new release 1.9.0
5b4f323 update constraint for automaton to new release 1.5.0
0d78087 Start Ocata for rpm-packaging
9d11e01 Updating the requirement for mistral
78388f3 Add os-xenapi to projects.txt for g-r updates/checking
dd387d1 Updated from generate-constraints
af8d358 Add 'typing' for static type checking
8162d25 Updated from generate-constraints
d30606a Updated from generate-constraints
0ce1e17 Require oslo.policy>=1.15.0
2a91391 Update keystoneauth to 2.14
5f141bd bump keystoneclient minimum to latest release
49af165 bump openstackclient minimum to latest release
7aeda2e bump keystoneauth1 minimum to latest release
89b328f update constraint for keystoneauth1 to new release 2.14.0
760517e update constraint for os-client-config to new release 1.22.0
d75782c Require WebOb>=1.6.0
fc3fcfb update constraint for keystoneauth1 to new release 2.13.0
c9a630c Bump ironic-lib version to 2.2.0
47d8330 update constraint for oslo.policy to new release 1.15.0
2bb0e23 update constraint for osc-lib to new release 1.2.0
fca679d Updated from generate-constraints
5f6621b update constraint for keystonemiddleware to new release 4.10.0
1dae99e update constraint for python-keystoneclient to new release 3.6.0
bafcee2 Add first release of vmware-nsxlib as min version
02be88a Bump murano-pkg-check version to 0.2.0
21c116c Require osc-lib>=1.2.0
b366c2f update constraint for murano-pkg-check to new release 0.2.0
c615c66 update constraint for python-openstackclient to new release 3.3.0
8d92971 update constraint for ironic-lib to new release 2.2.0
7e64cfc Updated from generate-constraints
87ffa6e Added python-freezerclient to the project list
ba9f555 Add first release of kuryr-lib as min version
789dd5c Update pyeclib dependency to 1.3.1
c1b9721 Bump stevedore to 1.17.1
ffe658d Add the concept of a version map for constraints generation
bdc0705 Update to dnspython 1.15.0
ce5b036 Updated from generate-constraints
1e50c1a Add vmwarensxlib to projects list
3062d52 Remove openstack-ansible-pip
lockdown from projects.txt
89a51e7 Updated from generate-constraints
9334fb2 Reduce upper-constraints-xfails
22b64ce Reestablish upper-cap for docker-py
fa4e1f7 Fix a typo in documentation
5e68f35 Updated from generate-constraints
ef3a8d2 Revert "Downgrade pycparser to 2.13"
45c9e92 Downgrade pycparser to 2.13
68d10af Block kombu 4.0.0
b4f4942 Bump cliff requirements to >=2.2.0
14a9b97 Updated from global requirements
43e69c4 Remove non-existent lower bounds
8863aa2 Add os-api-ref to projects.txt
e2fb85f Add sphinx-testing to g-r
d59c8ec Fixes for check-uc jenkins job
27cd55e Bump pylxd global-requirements to 2.1.1
f193148 Update os-testr to 0.8.0
52888c6 Bump gabbi to 1.26.1
9d890b2 Use ConfigParser instead of SafeConfigParser
4188b29 Quick wins for python3 support
327d657 Update ovs to 2.6.0.
b19c119 Updated from global requirements
54bb286 Update oslo.policy to >= 1.14.0
c50e549 Remove now unused py27-with-upper-constraints env
ab97a43 Add a copy of the check-with-upper-constraints as a shorter name
e508017 Fix upper version for murano-pkg-check
1ecbcd8 Block dnspython3 1.14.0
2312813 Updated from global requirements
dfb7291 Add murano-pkg-check to proposal bot's list
b234d93 Update wsgi-intercept to 1.4.1
5b19837 Allow pecan 1.2.1, and block pecan 1.2
279af35 Update requests-mock to 1.1
f55bcae Updated from generate-constraints
1766bb5 Add abclient to global requirements
38b04db Raise python-heatclient minimum to 1.5.0
ed58138 Update python-searchlightclient to 1.0.0
6bbe783 Updated from generate-constraints
e818cca Bump tenacity to 3.1.1
bc6f360 Bump openstacksdk minimum requirement to 0.9.7
390cfc2 Add sphinxmark for doc publishing
23720d3 Add murano-pkg-check 0.1.1
3ef31de update constraint for python-heatclient to new release 1.5.0
21015df Updated from generate-constraints
34efeac Upgrade openstacksdk to 0.9.7
9be0664 Update pylxd in global requirements
b908491 Updated from generate-constraints
64c9987 Remove Gluon from projects.txt
00a680d Add python-etcd 0.4.3
ecdbd1a Release docker-py version constraint
bb68068 Add dogtag-pki used by Barbican
017a5b0 Bump openstacksdk version to 0.9.6
434cd93 Bump gabbi to version 1.25.0
c589637 Allow swiftclient 3.1.0
540b744 Bump tenacity to 3.1.0
e2edc35 Raise netaddr to a minimum of 0.7.13
4d5c22c add fortiosclient library for networking-fortinet
5da1201 block keystonemiddleware 4.0.0
6ad13d0 update constraint for XStatic-Bootstrap-SCSS to new release
26e1a7c Add openstack/virtualbmc to projects.txt
e4129a3 Remove modifiers and fix license for requests-kerberos
280f860 update constraint for oslo.db to new release 4.13.3
ef55895 Block oslo.db 4.13.[12]
2cae953 Block graphviz 0.5.0
5b8d145 update constraint for python-ceilometerclient to new release 2.6.1
1ca5d42 Require pymod2pkg 0.5.4
6b910de Set minimum positional version to 1.1.1
c212cc5 Bump minmal version of oslo.log to 3.11
767f1c4 Bump g-r python-glanceclient to 2.5.0
01807e6 Add glare and its client to projects list
df00412 update constraint for XStatic-smart-table to new release
b97f008 Use python3 to calculate freezes
b552b7b Update requirements for project Karbor (Smaug)
e4b0883 Bump required version of oslosphinx
4b29193 Update projects.txt for recent infra project renames
59364eb update constraint for os
vif to new release 1.2.1
ae1e909 update constraint for aodhclient to new release 0.7.0
8e15295 update constraint for os-client-config to new release 1.21.1
7398053 Raise os-brick to >= 1.6.1
4e38de5 update constraint for python-zaqarclient to new release 1.2.0
9fe5333 update constraint for python-neutronclient to new release 6.0.0
9707a0b update constraint for python-cinderclient to new release 1.9.0
5f33523 update constraint for os-brick to new release 1.6.1
1752f9e update constraint for oslo.db to new release 4.13.1
6f42070 update constraint for python-muranoclient to new release 0.11.0
ef2355f update constraint for python-congressclient to new release 1.5.0
db87fcd update constraint for python-manilaclient to new release 1.11.0
cf64080 Bump the tripleo-common version
5b42046 update constraint for python-ironicclient to new release 1.7.0
87bff17 Bump openstacksdk version to 0.9.5
5d590ed Also allow Sphinx versions 1.3.x
c32fdc9 Updated from generate-constraints
65161cb update constraint for python-ironic-inspector-client to new release 1.9.0
79d4b01 update constraint for python-novaclient to new release 6.0.0
ae19c2d Block os-brick 1.6.0
0b02daa update some more from the last gr update
8a8bf00 Updated from generate-constraints
4f905e3 Bump pyghmi version to 1.0.9
3ede85e update constraint for python-openstackclient to new release 3.2.0
9ef6544 update constraint for python-mistralclient to new release 2.1.1
a232386 update constraint for os-win to new release 1.2.0
d1c8c60 Add tenacity 3.0.0
9cd7bd0 update constraint for python-designateclient to new release 2.3.0
12c1fa8 update constraint for oslo.versionedobjects to new release 1.17.0
d0271d7 update constraint for oslo.service to new release 1.16.0
5e404f1 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.10.0
93051f9 bump saharaclient release
161d2b0 update constraint for python-troveclient to new release 2.5.0
f515e96 update constraint for osvif to new release 1.2.0
52e5969 Bump dogpile.cache lower bound to 0.6.2
1e1f764 Add marathon 0.8.6
dc29148 Block os-client-config 1.21.0
717cf73 update constraint for python-tackerclient to new release 0.7.0
dfbc65b Block PyMySQL 0.7.7
a46a6b3 Add additional OpenStack-Ansible repositories to projects.txt
898d71a update constraint for pycadf to new release 2.4.0
69724a3 update constraint for python-keystoneclient to new release 3.5.0
20f4448 update constraint for python-openstackclient to new release 3.1.0
40f3002 Bump python-heatclient version to 1.4.0
4a15862 update constraint for python-mistralclient to new release 2.1.0
dc3497f update constraint for python-heatclient to new release 1.4.0
fff4e16 update constraint for oslo.middleware to new release 3.19.0
60508e0 update constraint for oslotest to new release 2.10.0
42d45d1 update constraint for oslo.privsep to new release 1.13.0
7b110db update constraint for oslo.db to new release 4.13.0
7a029d4 Bump g-r to use neutron-lib 0.4.0
cec8e0b update constraint for osc-lib to new release 1.1.0
261e6cc update constraint for neutron-lib to new release 0.4.0
e694dd0 update constraint for keystoneauth1 to new release 2.12.1
1b59ad7 update constraint for ironic-lib to new release 2.1.0
f3cf0b0 update constraint for python-troveclient to new release 2.4.0
de76244 update constraint for oslo.vmware to new release 2.14.0
cd7e3cb update constraint for oslo.log to new release 3.16.0
df3f6a9 update constraint for oslo.config to new release 3.17.0
dad4bf8 update constraint for oslo.cache to new release 1.14.0
19cdc29 Bump minimum version of os-api-ref
9265c76 Adding monasca-log-api to OS projects
cfc0f17 Add icalendar to global requirements
5ec958c Update g-r for openstackdocstheme to 1.5.0
574f136 Update u-c for openstackdocstheme to 1.5.0
0d19d14 Bump compatible version of xstatic-smart-table to
9fc1b9f Bump openstacksdk version to 0.9.4
014f823 Bump rfc3986 to 0.2.2
badff23 Bump tackerclient to 0.6.0 (newton) in global-requirements
cc5e747 Use Newton releases for glanceclient
38df727 Update g-r and u-c for glance store rel 0.18.0
0e1eabf Block XStatic-smart-table
77665a0 update constraint for keystonemiddleware to new release 4.9.0
5f8c922 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.9.0
95316c2 Block pecan 1.0.2/1.0.3/1.0.4
b3e09d1 Protect neutronclient against occ 1.20.1
f10eb5c update constraint for python-tackerclient to new release 0.6.0
2dff9b7 update constraint for python-glanceclient to new release 2.5.0
a084685 update constraint for glance
store to new release 0.18.0
9166890 Bump osc-lib to 1.0.2
e7c083d Add OSA specs & tests repo to projects.txt
457f3e3 Updated from generate-constraints
11956cc Update oslo.context requirement to 2.9.0
0cb10c0 update constraint for oslo.log to new release 3.15.0
de70343 update constraint for oslo.context to new release 2.9.0
5b6173b update constraint for tooz to new release 1.43.0
23e6472 update constraint for oslotest to new release 2.9.0
04c172d update constraint for oslo.middleware to new release 3.18.0
ffe3967 update constraint for oslo.db to new release 4.12.0
8825f99 update constraint for glancestore to new release 0.17.0
76f1935 block glanceclient 2.4.0
39891d3 Revert "update constraint for python-glanceclient to new release 2.4.0"
9f05863 Protect against os-client-config update for now
c2edf9b update constraint for python-glanceclient to new release 2.4.0
cd7cb13 update constraint for python-novaclient to new release 5.1.0
34708a3 update constraint for taskflow to new release 2.6.0
8f49f96 update constraint for oslo.versionedobjects to new release 1.16.0
01a71c2 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.8.0
b150efa update constraint for oslo.i18n to new release 3.9.0
af920fb update constraint for oslo.config to new release 3.16.0
9ca21f2 update constraint for oslo.cache to new release 1.13.0
b494725 update constraint for futurist to new release 0.18.0
1bca6d5 update constraint for stevedore to new release 1.17.1
33a904b Updated from generate-constraints
17bcffd Add zaqar-ui to projects.txt
0d38274 update constraint for oslo.privsep to new release 1.12.0
00d3ee1 Bump minimal versions of openstack
auth and osprofiler
5c92198 Update ovs with Python 3 support
dcc40c5 update constraint for osc-lib to new release 1.0.2
94312c0 update constraint for osc-lib to new release 1.0.1
3e8a63f update constraint for cliff to new release 2.2.0
845b4f8 Bump neutronclient to 5.1.0
b35d9e6 Bumping bandit linter to 1.1.0
a58c9d9 Add nimble to projects.txt
e22d9e4 update constraint for python-neutronclient to new release 5.1.0
b98b233 Revert "Remove botocore"
1f39752 Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txt
69c3d46 add ec2-api and gce-api to projects enforcement
b9bf797 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.7.0
ee7cab6 update constraint for python-saharaclient to new release 0.17.0
705f266 Bump minimum for oslo.db to 4.10.0
dc8b05a update constraint for oslo.vmware to new release 2.13.0
813b28f update constraint for oslo.rootwrap to new release 5.1.0
073ac7e update constraint for oslo.middleware to new release 3.17.0
2f4b9f5 update constraint for oslo.context to new release 2.8.0
f9866cf update constraint for debtcollector to new release 1.8.0
562110a update constraint for osprofiler to new release 1.4.0
7be82e8 update constraint for osc-lib to new release 1.0.0
8aa3c6d update constraint for keystoneauth1 to new release 2.11.1
0b22754 Bump keystoneclient to 2.0.0
7ee4e61 update constraint for taskflow to new release 2.5.0
c5227ca update constraint for oslo.versionedobjects to new release 1.15.0
1186431 update constraint for oslo.serialization to new release 2.13.0
17f8470 update constraint for oslo.reports to new release 1.14.0
5328060 update constraint for oslo.policy to new release 1.14.0
d0297be update constraint for oslo.log to new release 3.14.0
98ac815 update constraint for oslo.db to new release 4.11.0
f11c926 update constraint for oslo.config to new release 3.15.0
2525dcf Raise the minimum for oslo.context to 2.6.0
0aaa3c9 Require os-vif >= 1.1.0
298be77 update constraint for osvif to new release 1.1.0
fe4e1d6 update constraint for python-muranoclient to new release 0.10.0
0fe253b Updated from generate-constraints
6767a8c update constraint for os-brick to new release 1.5.0
e5a1341 update constraint for oslo.context to new release 2.7.0
7f835fb update constraint for python-keystoneclient to new release 3.4.0
55d2fae update constraint for keystonemiddleware to new release 4.8.0
91088aa update constraint for oslo.vmware to new release 2.12.0
331304f update constraint for oslo.service to new release 1.14.0
eb56a6f Bump to use min of glance
store 0.16.0
9093d8e update constraint for djangoopenstackauth to new release 2.4.0
2fd7c37 Revert "update constraint for os-client-config to new release 1.19.1"
21471c9 update constraint for oslo.concurrency to new release 3.13.0
3a5c060 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.6.0
e5e3a2a update constraint for oslo.reports to new release 1.13.0
bd23e3f update constraint for oslosphinx to new release 4.7.0
c13b06e Bump tackerclient to 0.5.0 (newton) in global-requirements
e3f917e Add fuxi to projects.txt
8750d1b update constraint for os-client-config to new release 1.19.1
838a319 Add ndg-httpsclient to requirements
f4f688b Add monasca-common and monasca-statsd to global requirements
eb36fd4 Avoid os-client-config 1.19.0
9674361 update constraint for keystoneauth1 to new release 2.11.0
73ac4d2 kuryr-libnetwork under openstack/requirements
bd55eb2 update constraint for python-glanceclient to new release 2.3.0
d52c586 Adding PyJWT, an RFC 7519 implementation
87d48e8 Add cursive library
e9038d7 Upgrade global-constraints to neutron-lib 0.3.0
ad7cbad Bump up oslo.config that works with glance-store releases
1d937ee Bump minimum version of os-api-ref to 0.4.0
2c10779 update constraint for tooz to new release 1.42.0
5eebf59 update constraint for taskflow to new release 2.4.0
1681345 update constraint for stevedore to new release 1.17.0
9a2606b update constraint for oslotest to new release 2.8.0
1becc57 update constraint for oslo.versionedobjects to new release 1.14.0
e3c9a7c update constraint for oslo.serialization to new release 2.12.0
2882028 update constraint for oslo.privsep to new release 1.11.0
9231ce3 update constraint for oslo.middleware to new release 3.16.0
befb937 update constraint for oslo.log to new release 3.13.0
7b09a63 update constraint for oslo.db to new release 4.9.0
8554217 update constraint for oslo.config to new release 3.14.0
efb65e5 update constraint for oslo.cache to new release 1.12.0
5f7cc3c update constraint for mox3 to new release 0.18.0
36da483 update constraint for futurist to new release 0.17.0
d7eb397 update constraint for debtcollector to new release 1.7.0
5794baa update constraint for automaton to new release 1.4.0
5c61b92 Bump python-ironicclient minimum to 1.6.0
50150b6 Require oslo.rootwrap>=5.0.0
0d8a5ee block cassandra-driver 3.6.0
45cc4d1 Bump cachetools lower bounds to 1.1.0
70ecbc2 Bump python-neutronclient to 5.0.0 in upper-constraints
960bdce Bump minimum version of keystoneauth to 2.10
754178d Updated from generate-constraints
f605e26 Pin down glancestore to avoid gate failures
53c7bb3 bump requirement for saharaclient (newton)
05aa12c Bump ceilometerclient version to 2.5.0
8bd4841 Bump oslo.utils minimum to 3.16.0
669ea32 Unblock oslo.context 2.6.0
9a428f3 Check for missing run-time requirements
9c9bdd1 Restore pylxd
f93f342 Updated from generate-constraints
1a8dbdc Add Angular Schema Form and dependencies
5215499 Update pifpaf to 0.10.0
502f40e Updated from generate-constraints
8f1ccaf Pin to a lower version of store release
0db72a4 Enable proposal bot on syntribos
3b40519 Require openstackdocstheme 1.4.0
2173c65 Updated from generate-constraints
ed24927 Updated from generate-constraints
3117de4 Bump openstacksdk to 0.9.0
d90d691 Bump osc-lib to 0.4.0
7359d39 Bump minimum version of django-nose to 1.4.4
e4b0b2c Bump oslo versioned object version to latest
a576be6 Blacklist oslo.context 2.6.0
3af798a Fix SQLAlchemy-Utils case in global-requirements.txt
9f3ebf8 Bump oslo.vmware to 2.11.0
cb2e934 Bump manilaclient version
d2a2716 Updated from generate-constraints
d6cd2a5 Bump stevedore minimum to 1.16.0
238389c Updated from generate-constraints
37f6105 Updated from generate-constraints
4ba25a8 Add "mistral-lib" to the list of projects
c4e452c Block futurist 0.15.0
1070daa Add all openstack-ansible repositories to projects.txt
fd85d03 Remove mistral-extra from projects list
95db9c5 Prevent ryu from upgrading to 4.4
b416835 ironic-lib bump to 2.0.0
cc7176c Updated from generate-constraints
94b2db9 update constraint for osc-lib to new release 0.3.0
c6f9a9e Bump osc-lib to 0.3.0
27ff6c8 Updated from generate-constraints
c6c2101 Bump oslo.utils >= 3.15.0
ab560b2 Bump oslo.config version
ad17409 Bump gabbi version to recent release 1.24.0
38816d4 Add kingbird client to requirements management
f5ed383 Add openstack-ansible-memcached
server to projects.txt
233dd98 Add monasca-notification to projects.txt
1c33bbd Bump global-requirements.txt for Elasticsearch python client to 2.3.0.
d8b6fdb Add monasca-statsd to projects.txt
6b7b32f Add watcher-dashboard project to projects.txt
a55605f Add hiredis-py to requirements
e039d37 Updated from global requirements
3a21d6b Add python-watcherclient to global-requirements
725c710 Add django-floppyforms, advanced Django Forms extension
283109e Exclude setuptools 24.0.0
87fd41b Bump Ryu to 4.4
cc36472 Add monasca-persister to projects.txt
f5ccfb6 Add monasca-api to projects.txt
921917c Add scikit-learn, a library for machine learning.
795caf0 Bump minimum Tempest version
d4a1736 Add monasca-common to projects.txt
f610e12 Add ujson, an ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder
d878034 Bump oslo.utils >= 3.14.0
d29d47e Updated from generate-constraints
be25e39 Add python-tackerclient to global requirements
441066a Revert "Move Django upper bound from 1.9 to 1.10"
62e73a3 Add scipy, scientific tools for python.
4f0cb80 Updated from generate-constraints
d722a8a Add neutron-dynamic-routing to projects.txt
32d4124 Add New Project "Gluon" to the Requirements List
7e61e83 Upgrade dnspython to >=1.14
0e7a14a Do not use warlock 1.3.0
a6fe67b Bump python-smaugclient to 0.0.5
ffb5f5b Move Django upper bound from 1.9 to 1.10
e592e51 Updated from generate-constraints
96f8337 Bump up monasca client verion
f589376 Updated from global requirements
f2847af Update requirements.txt
4ede878 Add --save option to normalize-requirements command
bbadb3f update to reno 1.8.0
0c6488e remove reno from the blacklist
adbb9bc Update license for crc16
4bb92e0 Integrate normalize as part of the requirements tools
2536cc3 Update license for paramiko
5d2ebc8 Bump requests-mock to 1.0
f5b7d4a Update and normalize license for pylint/astroid
ebdf3d4 Update license for demjson
d698fd2 Update license for suds-jurko
78bf022 Add new normalize utility
2f21d09 Updated from generate-constraints
4ba6154 Updated from global requirements
b12a661 update constraint for python-glanceclient to new release 2.1.0
91026c1 Raise sphinx requirement
c92bae8 Updated from generate-constraints
b4c9e45 Bump minimum oslo.privsep to 1.9.0
c3e2e23 requirements: upgrade to latest pyroute2
d023855 Require pymod2pkg >= 0.4.0
2e83b78 Add sympy to requirements
a0f76e5 Revert "Remove PyMI"
a443248 Updated from generate-constraints
d37eee3 Bump version of keystoneauth1 to 2.7
6a033f5 update constraint for cliff to new release 2.1.0
497ade7 update constraint for python-novaclient to new release 4.1.0
adfce10 Updated from generate-constraints
c24b2b3 Updated from generate-constraints
bcc22c8 update constraint for oslo.utils to new release 3.13.0
19ba47f update constraint for oslo.privsep to new release 1.8.0
91333a7 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.4.0
1b3d7ef update constraint for oslo.middleware to new release 3.13.0
34c9252 update constraint for oslo.versionedobjects to new release 1.11.0
f2ce930 Remove Rally from project.txt
3703412 update constraint for os-win to new release 1.0.0
1cf3c41 update constraint for python-zaqarclient to new release 1.1.0
1e8ccd8 update constraint for tooz to new release 1.39.0
9542843 update constraint for taskflow to new release 2.2.0
a7723b2 update constraint for oslo.vmware to new release 2.9.0
f43d06b update constraint for oslo.serialization to new release 2.9.0
74d3d83 update constraint for oslo.reports to new release 1.10.0
1d2a7da update constraint for oslo.policy to new release 1.10.0
5282b29 update constraint for oslo.log to new release 3.10.0
95d6d43 Block os-brick 1.4.0
8381861 Bump gabbi version to recent release 1.22.0
04cec0a Add tripleo-validations to projects.txt
ff5ba2a Add nova-lxd to the list of projects
ecb2866 Move os-brick back to 1.3
47107fc Bump dogpile.cache to 0.6.1
19c6172 Updated from generate-constraints
5eccce6 Roll back os-brick for bandersnatch problems
b24c0f2 update constraint for taskflow to new release 2.1.0
7b74d48 update constraint for oslo.versionedobjects to new release 1.10.0
276b746 update constraint for debtcollector to new release 1.5.0
739657f update constraint for oslo.policy to new release 1.9.0
1a5de34 update constraint for mox3 to new release 0.16.0
9acc25a update constraint for oslo.i18n to new release 3.7.0
183ef92 update constraint for oslo.utils to new release 3.12.0
cc37df2 update constraint for oslo.middleware to new release 3.12.0
a818a2b update constraint for oslotest to new release 2.6.0
2ef1d0e update constraint for os-brick to new release 1.4.0
73e6559 update constraint for oslo.vmware to new release 2.8.0
2b8e80d update constraint for oslo.config to new release 3.11.0
865ee36 Raise oslo.policy requirement to 1.9.0
b8371f6 Updated from global requirements
caf1ec4 Skip latest verison of PyScss until bug resolved
2ca6785 Add osc-lib 0.1.0
5c6eb8a Update global-requirements.txt for packaging version
b85dc1c Updated from generate-constraints
3b3a615 update constraint for python-openstackclient to new release 2.6.0
c5a9cf3 Update questionnaire for new requirement
25ea888 Add libkrb5-dev to other-requirements
cbe9c2b Add pyzabbix to requirements
44161a7 Bump python-mistralclient to 2.0.0
ab75fad Updated from generate-constraints
492b8a3 Add krest python client library
9d8d02d Bump version of oslo.context
0ced10a Bump oslo.messaging >=5.2.0
a6207b9 Updated from generate-constraints
fe93603 Updated from generate-constraints
207d038 Remove PyMI
8844164 Remove weakrefmethod
5642bb6 Update requirements for Congress client
220bd0e update os-api-ref to 0.3.0
e4e00d5 Updated from generate-constraints
9d26c2d update constraint for python-manilaclient to new release 1.9.0
1be522f update constraint for python-saharaclient to new release 0.15.0
7a11833 update constraint for os-client-config to new release 1.18.0
fe3d83e Remove feedparser
85023c6 Updated from global requirements
9e0ff3a Check conflicts script
883eb70 Drop tripleo-image-elements from requirements process
3ebd779 Updated from generate-constraints
0edddaf update constraint for python-cinderclient to new release 1.8.0
1bc9c9e update constraint for keystoneauth1 to new release 2.8.0
8037af7 update constraint for oslo.messaging to new release 5.2.0
64513a4 Bump oslo.config to >=3.10.0
4980942 Skip Flask 0.11
18def8e Drop os-net-config from requirements process
d0d8ac3 Raise fixtures requirement to 3.0.0
2c5933b Revert pykerberos to 1.1.10
26e9f42 Add solum solum-dashboard to projects.txt
a9bc078 Remove singledispatch
fbf10d7 Remove pysqlite
c871e07 Remove mimic
7352df9 Remove overtest
32a9675 Remove pylxd
a795b64 Bump oslo.utils >=3.11
503a6c2 Updated from global requirements
e8c6f4a Updated from generate-constraints
afe4c2a Adding python-oneviewclient to projects.txt
439c7f0 Revert "Raise fixtures requirement to 3.0.0"
f8a368b Block cinderclient 1.7.1 because of a global lazy translation
e89db30 Bump oslo.utils >=3.9
5a8d46a Remove watchdog
8f132cb Remove sockjs-tornado
e706e7c Remove pywin32
ab310c4 Update the package name for pyasn1modules
1a0ba34 Remove jsonrpclib
efd7bda Fix the broken amqp version
83fbf00 Update minimum versions of k8sclient
f4b9d4a Raise fixtures requirement to 3.0.0
e6bdafe Bump Django OpenStack Auth minimum to 2.3.0
6e6ed12 Ensure ryu and ovs are compatible
4eb838f Remove unused dcos dependency
563caf0 Add .pot to the ignored files
c21062a Drop hgtools
b5eb51c Add pymod2pkg to requirements
63c69b3 Remove argcomplete
f158972 Remove botocore
df32898 Remove aioeventlet
1776a02 update constraint for python-cinderclient to new release 1.7.1
0c62fe5 Bump the minimum os-testr version
2db7ef2 update constraint for python-openstackclient to new release 2.5.0
9a701a6 Update pifpaf to 0.4.0
91a0d91 Add rpm-packaging related repos to projects.txt
af2f029 Updated from generate-constraints
c35cd55 Update neutron-lib to 0.2.0
dc8df3f update constraints for oslo releases 24 May 2016
9b07acd update constraint for tooz to new release 1.37.0
0e62be4 update constraint for taskflow to new release 2.0.0
9d3055f update constraint for stevedore to new release 1.14.0
cfe4998 update constraint for oslo.vmware to new release 2.7.0
56a5e89 Raise mock requirement to 2.0
78fefdd Updated from generate-constraints
d66ea6f update constraint for pbr to new release 1.10.0
f482faf update constraint for neutron-lib to 0.2.0
71ad613 update constraint for keystonemiddleware to 4.5.1
35f9df8 Bump openstacksdk to 0.8.6
2e56894 hacking: bump minimal version to >= 0.11.0
74e0ff5 Add tricircle to the list of projects
2ee3cbb Check that the argument is in fact a directory
1aed782 Bump python-smaugclient to 0.0.4
54c5616 Blacklist 4.5.0 of keystonemiddleware
44d8747 Updated from generate-constraints
1c076ff Drop python-ldap from global requirements
67bb6f3 Block python-cinderclient v1.7.0
73fcfe8 Bump oslo.versionedobjects to >= 1.9.1
147e358 Bump aodhclient to 0.5.0
881d3a3 update constraint for pycadf to 2.3.0
fff7fa0 update constraint for keystonemiddleware to 4.5.0
7e771df Bump django-babel minimal requirement to 0.5.1
dc01e22 Add os-vif release 1.0.0
da44745 Update the licence for fairy-slipper
59996fc Updated from generate-constraints
4dbd68f Update Ryu versions
d0d97e4 update constraint for python-ironic-inspector-client to 1.7.0
378a981 Lock Ryu version at <=4.0
95c0d1e Update minimal required version of XStatic-Angular-FileUpload library
ea4d5ad Add crc16 lib to requirements crc16 is used by redis hash storage calculation.redis driver is merged into dragonflow,so we need it add to requirements
c0cd17e Updated from global requirements
8b3f217 Bump lower bounds for ldappool
fe829d8 Updated from generate-constraints
0f21bcc Change urllib3 version to urllib3>=1.15.1
b2fa022 Add pydotplus for usage during testing
6a7975b bump aodhclient upper-constraints to version 0.5.0
d741499 update the review instructions for new lib releases
ecfa1f6 Add ovs with Python 3 support
820a40e add osc-lib to projects.txt
688c306 Add os-api-ref
2ced2ee Revert removal of upper constraint on python-kafka
ac95261 Remove gnocchiclient
6700df3 Add ldappool to projects.txt for g-r updates/checking
12143c2 Add networking-fujitsu into projects.txt
c111b7a Add tripleo-common to global requirements
2eddea1 Remove XStatic-QUnit
fe81b9c Updated from generate-constraints
f715ab6 Add pyldap to g-r
18f9f77 Add Gentoo to distro status
dcf7797 Remove XStatic-JQuery.Bootstrap.Wizard
bcc1779 add a validation command to ensure projects use check-requirements
8d401ef Remove django-bootstrap-form
9fe4744 New tox target just for u-c sanity check
2cd5c45 Add Higgins project to projects.txt
4377f7e Add global requirement update on python-brick-cinderclient-ext project
466e693 Add Mistral to global requirements
ec58ae5 Updated from generate-constraints
d58a36e Clarify wording by mentioning the name of the gate job
8066837 Remove kolla-mesos from projects.txt
78d2aff Update oslo.versonedobjects to 1.9.1 and block 1.9.0
20ded2b Bump pyghmi version to 1.0.3
83a6135 Add review guideline about projects.txt updates
3066de5 Block dnspython 1.13.0
a3516e8 Require oslo.concurrency >= 3.8.0
f2ca120 Add python-monascaclient to the global requirements
7873f3e Only install unicodecsv on Python < 3.0
e379813 Bump paramiko to version 2.0
809a860 Update XStatic-MDI
ce34c26 Updated from generate-constraints
002c9ef oslo.service>=1.10.0
2dc3996 Updated from generate-constraints
7b68b7d Bump stevedore to 1.10
da3bcc3 Upgrade betamax version
8401b50 Drop influxdb
836a390 Add semi-colon as separator for parsing package names
24f4f17 Remove Ceilometer from projects
c01e174 [sahara] remove sahara-tests from projects.txt
31940da Add watchdog to global-requirements
75d3ae7 Clean up removed hacking rule from [flake8] ignore lists
555d7d4 Update to recent release of tosca-parser 0.5.0
411135c Fix babel test
3284d17 Add horizon-cisco-ui to projects.txt
6fe885e Bump upper-constraints on magnumclient to 2.1.0
f386596 Add spec
cleaner for rpm-packaging style checks
abcebca Bumping version of websockify>=0.8.0
cffc8d6 UC bumps for oslo releases for week of may 2nd
be7a45b Require Babel>=2.3.4
3de9ab5 Update keystoneclient lower bound
9a5cdfc Add pointer for SUSE python packaging devel project
c8dc783 Bump python-heatclient to 1.1.0
e3305bf Babel Integration tests
dd1f037 Remove ironic-discoverd from requirements
116f3d2 Allow hacking 0.11 to be used
ac054f3 Add openstack/designate-tempest-plugin to projects list
4f21d62 Updated from generate-constraints
d916b31 Bump oslo.log and oslo.il8n for april 18th releases
cde1884 bump python-openstackclient in u-c to 2.4.0
44aac8c Change osprofiler version to osprofiler>=1.3.0
13503f3 Updated from generate-constraints
04f2748 Upgrade PyKMIP to 0.5.0
7ccc6e2 Add xmltodict to global-requirements
1ad177b Add networking-generic-switch to project list
fb3e3ca Require stevedore>=1.9.0
24f56de Bump upper-constraints on novaclient to 4.0.0
4671514 Block broken netmiko release 0.4.3
08caf6d Update dependency for betamax to 0.6.0
bfe13ff Bump python-openstacksdk to 0.8.5
97a70a8 Updated from generate-constraints
f00e740 Bump neutron-lib to 0.1.0
8e522a5 Require oslo.privsep>=1.5.0 for os-brick
5666e1f Updated from generate-constraints
24fd104 Bump ironic-lib to 1.3.0
f3f0871 Updated from generate-constraints
5033a0f Allow maintaining extras from project
6410265 Update requirements ordering
6fff5a4 bump keystoneauth upper constraints
5a9ac57 Blacklist broken Babel releases
df8949f Updated from generate-constraints
d38868a Bump neutronclient to 4.2.0
92df96e Updated from generate-constraints
e3a4f2d Bump django-openstack-auth to 2.2.0
abc5c4b Update to os-brick 1.3.0
898ee8b Downgrade docker-py from 1.8.0 to 1.7.2
a491a6e Updated from generate-constraints
a8d394b Bump os-net-config to 0.2.4
d4326d4 Updated from generate-constraints
a5a9277 Note that MySQL-python is more than just GPL.
617cfd0 Bump bandit linter to 1.0.1
4abfc1a Updated from global requirements
1e80104 Add pifpaf to requirements
8777460 Updated from generate-constraints
9b19252 Add python-smaugclient into requirements
ae80d3e bump keystoneauth to 2.5.0
2454205 Temporarily cap fixtures<2.0
146a291 Update upper-constraints for python-troveclient v2.2.0
127542d Tempest 11.0.0 is released
f072cc3 Require reno 1.6.2 or newer
9e1ee3b Updated from generate-constraints
76d3995 Bump voluptuous to 0.8.9
d53d1f1 Updated from generate-constraints
5dcd3d3 Add wheel to UNCONSTRAINABLE
e48a910 Add smaug projects to projects.txt
8efb91b Bump alembic version to 0.8.4
a32c68b New library split from Magnum - python-k8sclient
75091f6 Update ovs to 2.5.0.
05c771b Bump openstacksdk version to 0.8.4
793846a Updated from generate-constraints
676d6ad Bump oslo.context >= 2.2.0 to store roles
88687bd Add tempest to requirements
090947c Add microversion-parse to requirements
ea961c8 Bump gnocchiclient version to 2.2.0
97b24d3 Bump python-ironic-inspector-client to 1.5.0
62818c3 Fix use of a renamed itertools function in python3
6de9918 bump aodhclient upper-constraints
87764d5 Update global-requirements.txt for python-kafka version
65bca81 Blacklist Routes 2.3
f280a0a Remove libnspr4-dev
89d885e Delete networking-ofagent from projects.txt
0a2ca24 Require at least python-neutronclient 4.1.1
fba3924 Bump neutron-lib to 0.0.3 minimum
0cb0425 Precisions on the licensing requirements
fe7db35 Bump zaqarclient and barbicanclient versions
f9a9d4a Updated magnum client version to 2.0.0
9f94b89 oslo.config>=3.9.0
7eee41d Bump python-cinderclient to 1.6.0
b5c3af9 Bump oslo.messaging to >=4.5.0
6f01bcf Blacklist cryptography 1.3.0
f8cf7eb Raise manilaclienet u-c to 1.8.1
5218d26 uc: openstackdocstheme==1.3.0
983af4a prevent installing old releases of congressclient
f6578c5 bump uc for congressclient to 1.2.3
8272960 Update to oslo.messaging 4.5.1
f247d93 Revert "Tolerate both new and old setuptools"
9cc1af5 Ignore more build temp dirs
e32dece Require iso8601>=0.1.11
43c7cf4 Update upper-constraints for fairy-slipper 0.2.0
537fd49 Exclude python-troveclient 2.1.0
e689332 Block pymongo version 3.1
8bc2b01 Add magnum-ui to projects.txt
25b7781 Fixup case sensitive names in upper-constraints
e19caa9 Comment other-requirements.txt
e8f3f68 Bump python-neutronclient to 4.1.1
eec35a7 Add heat-translator>=0.4.0
a9b887b Fix other-requirements
9eec635 Need a new minimum for oslo.cache in Mitaka
fa0684d Bump Castellan to 0.4.0
f0f6f5c Bumps os-win version to 0.2.3
7953162 Updated from generate-constraints
99a548d Bump dogpile.cache to 0.5.7
edb03a3 Updates for Mitaka 3 releases
bb07690 Update upper-constraints.txt for python-troveclient v 2.1.0
8da686b Bump upper-constraints for python-neutronclient 4.1.0
b10ef96 bump upper constraints of openstackclient
3b6d957 Raise manilaclient upper to 1.8.0
3954a21 Raise upper-constraint on python-congressclient
e9bef28 Bump upper constraint djangoopenstackauth
59e26f6 Update upper-constraints for barbianclient 4.0.0
3dec35d Bump ironic-lib to 1.1.0
6ec5270 Bump openstacksdk version to 0.8.1
c47a619 Bump upper-constraint for heatclient to 1.0.0
7b7d1b3 Add python-searchlightclient>=0.2.0
8cdb691 Bump of glance-store to 0.13.0
0700f01 bump ceilometermiddleware upper constraints
af52a27 Adding python-solumclient
e40d856 Bump upper constraint on python-novaclient to 3.3.0
94a0019 Bump django-compressor to 2.0
df2808f Raise upper-constraint on python-cinderclient to 1.6.0
20e8c66 Updated from generate-constraints
44c142b Add couchdb to global requirements
fec995f Add Freezer modules and projects for Mitaka release
ff38fb7 Bump to final Mitaka python-saharaclient
366cca8 Bump up glancestore to 0.12.0
6a1d948 bump aodhclient upper-constraints
3d543bc Bump python-ironic-inspector-client to 1.5.0
d40a929 Updated from generate-constraints
0cf3c06 Tolerate both new and old setuptools
4a13ed7 Bump python-mistralclient to 2.0.0
f7f6d31 Updated from generate-constraints
d83f02b Add pymi to UNCONSTRAINABLE list
7bca319 Add Windows as supported operating system
0a01af9 bump upper constraints for keystoneclient to 2.3.0
6d2d0d0 Add oauth2client to requirements
a27ffe8 Updated from generate-constraints
2c06540 Updated oslo.config to 3.7.0
5361ba8 Bump upper-constraont on os-brick to 1.1.0
62f8f2f Add python-pytun
08961c4 Updated from generate-constraints
c6ed7a2 Bump oslo.privsep to 1.3.0
89616bd Change osprofiler version to osprofiler>=1.1.0
9d3339b Bump tooz to 1.33.0
0ad86c4 Change global requirements forcing cliff!=1.17.0
d1c3de5 Update python-saharaclient to the 0.12.0
33b2a0d bump upper-constraints for aodhclient
144a04a Add kingbird to the list of projects
2901229 Bump upper-constraints for ironic-lib to 1.0.0
764a8b4 Bump upper-constraints for Futurist to 0.13.0
3a983af Bump oslo.concurrency to >= 3.5.0
190a844 Updated from generate-constraints
13b92e0 Bump upper constraint for os-client-config
a45c700 Adds PyMI as a global-requirement
a579ab8 update oslo constraints for releases Feb 22
4864258 update constraints for cliff 2.0.0
f02596e Updated from generate-constraints
859f9c4 Bumps os-win to 0.2.1
5aa6fd5 Use working Kafka version
fe981fa Bump oslo.utils to >= 3.5 to get to
4051bb9 bump upper constraint for keystonemiddleware
e3159cc Constrain eventlet to 0.18.2 for now
80024b3 Bump python-muranoclient to a 0.8.2 mitaka version
b26c37b Update to os-brick 1.0.0
5f49df7 Updated from generate-constraints
6d42646 bump upper constraint for keystoneclient
eb7b8c9 bump upper constraint for keystoneauth
5db500b bump upper constraint for pycadf
6adbe01 Upperbound on pysaml2 to avoid pycryptodome
092e2d0 glance-store 0.11.0
6ab47d0 Bump PyECLib global-requirement to >= 1.2.0
3353608 update constraints to cliff 1.17.0
6cea726 Updated from generate-constraints
07c8377 update docker-py to 1.6.0
252c0a0 Reference TC doc on licensing
341f9fb Add networking-nec to projects.txt
2f722d7 Updated from generate-constraints
f34769e Require kombu>=3.0.25
1d7bfa3 Bump yaql version to 1.1.0
ac4b7bf Try to avoid future attempts to 'fix' usage of mock
d027383 Update flake8 constraints
b2d1da8 Change project name from sahara-scenario to sahara-tests
95109dc Update Oslo VersionedObjects to version 1.5.0
aece18f Updated from generate-constraints
74f94be Revert "Only install mock on Python < 3.3"
6645c0d Bump python-openstackclient version to 2.1.0
657871d Bump futurist to 0.11.0
0fe6420 Add watcher and python-watcherclient to projects.txt
d97b280 Change global requirements forcing cliff!=1.16.0
57a3032 Remove version exclusions for selenium
1a68671 bump eventlet version from 0.18.1 to 0.18.2
05954e7 Make osprofiler requirements >1.0.0
50b8b06 Add pylxd library
f1e1b17 Add neutron-lib to projects.txt
7b6ee65 Updated from generate-constraints
d714999 Octavia requires fixes in taskflow 1.26.0 to function
da7cffb Add overtest to global-req
f9d5934 Add netmiko to requirements
981bdd3 Updated from generate-constraints
5876db2 Block osprofiler 1.0.0 release
7ec297a Updated from generate-constraints
6b800db Restore Octavia to the requirements sync list
a38ce22 remove octavia from requirements sync list
dcff153 bump openstackclient in u-c to 2.1.0
5fef1da Bump minimum tempest-lib version
49bcf6b Bump monotonic to >= 0.6
3ce8dad Update to recent release of tosca-parser 0.4.0
33448f7 Raise manilaclient upper to 1.7.0
961897d bump keystoneclient in u-c to 2.1.2
e26f1c3 Updated from generate-constraints
ff4bb8a Bump ryu to 3.30
bb587d5 Revert "Exclude xvfbwrapper 0.2.8 from global requirements"
045d455 Updated from generate-constraints
db030f8 Bump up eventlet to at least 0.18.1
13b1dee Change OSprofiler constraints to >=1.0.0
7516fa5 Bump PyECLib version to 1.0.8
ab7f297 Add neutron-lbaas-dashboard to projects.txt
c2a17c9 Exclude xvfbwrapper 0.2.8 from global requirements
c7d30c2 Bump Bandit from 0.13.2 to 0.17.3
21c59a3 bump python-designateclient to 2.0.0
bc13125 Bump oslo.concurrency to 3.4.0 in upper constraint
8303008 Bump oslo.context to 2.0 in upper constraints
a712022 python-ironicclient 1.1.0
e005424 Add kuryr to projects.txt
950b503 Cap Selenium package to not exceed version 2.49
fbeeaec Add manila-image-elements to project list
5c8fb3f Updated from generate-constraints
c5942de Add os-testr to projects.txt
f00ed42 tuskar is no longer maintained
cf4a886 Bump upper constraint of futurist to 0.10.0
ce66ac2 Updated from generate-constraints
918e01a Bump openstacksdk to 0.7.4
0520b3a update to oslo.config 3.4.0
74cf5bf add aodhclient to requirements
4b50c79 Updated from generate-constraints
756bc2c Add openstack/bifrost to projects.txt
7725f93 bump keystonemiddleware in upper constraints
54bfa11 bump to ceilometerclient 2.3.0
68df2ff Bump upper-constraints for python-ironic-inspector-client to 1.4.0
06c100f Enforce compatibility job for tacker-horizon
349179b Updated from generate-constraints
fccde85 Blacklist eventlet 0.18.0
f23c040 Bump oslo.i18n to 2.1.0
1d8fe6e Update to os-brick 0.8.0
4126156 Bump upper-constraints on oslo.db to 4.3.1
a763dbe bump troveclient to 2.0.0
c7ae40e For API reference doc builds, fairy-slipper 0.1.0
cf69541 Bump minimum python-ironicclient version to 0.9.0
27d949d Add sahara-scenario to projects list
b2c14e0 Bump oslo.versionedobjects minimum to 1.4.0
7c305a8 Update flake8 constraint for the off-by-default feature
37ae28b Cap keystonemiddleware version
edc366c remove argparse from requirements list
645b4dc Bump version of debtcollector to 1.2.0
a7c3961 Fix voluptuous version
bb9f4ac Add oslo.privsep to global-requirements.txt
84982e2 Pin more broken DIB versions: 1.6.0-1.7.1
a774de5 Add "positional" package to g-r
2487312 Only install mock on Python < 3.3
1a37c17 bump versions for each keystone library
4b3e83c Bump oslo.messaging version to 4.0.0
ef2a80b Bump paramiko from 1.13.0 to 1.16.0
ac412a3 Update global-requirements.txt
5c14a7b Updated from global requirements
0ce9ca9 Blacklist DIB 1.7.0
332278d Bump ceilometerclient version
46f4a5d Add neutron-lib to global requirements
05c2bce Add missing license information
c8b9ff1 Updated from generate-constraints
efe5762 Update constraint for os-client-config
a2ae6dc Add google api python client
3657be9 Change OSprofiler constraints to >=0.4.0
941cf0d Bump neutronclient in upper-constraints to 4.0.0
50a9310 Add ekko to projects.txt
63a24bc Avoid diskimage-builder 1.6.0
d639352 Updated from generate-constraints
6997470 Updated from generate-constraints
3e597e2 Updated from generate-constraints
40e5e13 Bump minimum tempest-lib version
798f244 Bump upper constraint on python-novaclient to 3.2.0
b166a72 ryu 3.29 incompatible with oslo.config
423c9f6 Add mimic to global requirements to use in tests
3cdcf14 Bump futurist g-r to 0.6.0
533afe3 Keep py3.X compatibility for urllib
fe3dd27 Add kosmos to projects.txt
2b3780c Updated from generate-constraints
dd43d2c Updated from generate-constraints
75dbdb1 Bump os-client-config constraint and minimum
610d575 Updated from generate-constraints
35ee57a remove keystoneauth-saml2
252b2d4 Remove oslo-incubator from projects.txt
f4d3fcf Bump minimum oslo.config version
87b8d32 Bump oslo.log to 1.14.0
b3bd331 Bump taskflow minimum version to 1.25.0
a72fb0c Updated gabbi to 1.11.0
b5e167d Add openstack/murano-agent to projects.txt
b6e131c Updated from generate-constraints
017bc82 Bump minimum tempest-lib version
432a795 Updated from generate-constraints
8ab6428 Updated from generate-constraints
feea285 Add voluptuous for libraries/applications data validation
8420134 Bump SQLAlchemy version to 1.0.10
054ba9c Updated from generate-constraints
706dfb5 Ensure python 3.3 is also listed for enum34
9017d77 Adds networking-hyperv to projects.txt
e290ab5 Bump the lower boundary of pysnmp to 4.2.3
2407515 Updated from generate-constraints
316cc26 Bump notifier up to 1.0.3
f3eb20e Block requests 2.9.0
b52b814 Updated from generate-constraints
6b0a7f5 Bump glanceclient to use the newest version
bbddc5f Bump tooz version to 1.28.0
6ed188d Bump oslo.utils to 3.2.0
4a80034 Add openstackdocstheme to projects
db319f1 Updated from generate-constraints
df87718 Updated from generate-constraints
8bd14d5 Add i18n to the projects list
ee316ee Drop py26 and add py34
3abda1e Fix a little spelling typo in README and error message
b72dd8c Updated oslo.db to 4.1.0
1d2d925 Updated from generate-constraints
934e625 Add tap-as-a-service to projects.txt
eebb07f Block oslo.utils 3.1.0
c5101bb Updated from generate-constraints
61f8de5 Bump inspectorclient to 1.3.0 to support getdata
14263ac Block oslo.messaging 3.1.0 since it breaks Ironic
6f6bf9b Add networking-midonet to projects.txt
bd520da Bumps os-win version to 0.0.7
7745fd7 Updated from generate-constraints
4e352cd Bump python-mistralclient to 1.2.0
e28b98e bump oslo.utils to 3.2.0
5b95c4f add graphviz library
b0d1438 Updated from generate-constraints
9be6210 Bump the keystonemiddleware minimum
f35fa8b Bump the requirements for keystoneauth
d650c95 Updated from generate-constraints
60e4d59 Bump Keystoneauth minimum
09a4847 Remove redundant space in the README.rst
2159a7a Update tosca-parser minimum version to 0.3.0
8106fcc Bump python-openstackclient version to 2.0.0
f283bf2 Cap elasticsearch client <2.0
5e4f73b Updated from generate-constraints
3dd1610 Bump oslo.service version to 1.0.0
addce10 Tweak "OpenStack clients" section
3a218dd Remove a stale comment
9c8d903 Fix typos in comments
90f9b80 bump upper constraints for openstackclient
e1234c5 Raise Gnocchiclient version to 2.1.0
0ac035e Bump minimum tempest-lib version
8ebc2fd Update to pylint 1.4.5.
6931d05 Bump Castellan version to 0.3.1
2500c2e Raise upper-constraint for os-brick to 0.6.0
63287d2 bump uppper constraints of pycadf and block 2.0.0
76d4164 Bump ironic-lib to 0.5.0
6e29441 Updated from generate-constraints
63905f7 Bump ddt version to >=1.0.1
e3f299e Cap astroid to unbreak pylint.
3b8715e Add kolla-mesos to the projects list
12f3a05 Add searchlight to projects.txt
0c8cc9e Updated from generate-constraints
faecab8 bump minimum version of cliff
46f9d36 bump requests to 2.8.1
070629a Add BetaMax to global requirements
d60311b Add dcos library
e6a894f Add global requirement update on tacker related projects
59504e8 Bump senlinclient version to 0.1.7
21f2b19 Bump upper-constraint for os-client-config
377fd8b Updated from generate-constraints
dd3f9de Revert "Rename semantic-version dep to semantic
2a4f92a Add ipaddress to global-requirements.txt
6036d87 Add '.venv' to .gitignore
5ba9a9f Drop python-openstacksdk from requirements
83b1c39 Updates pika-pool library
686d800 Add python consul client
6dc579a Update oslo.middleware to 3.0.0
6d3fa58 Remove networking-bgpvpn from projects.txt
3d4b27f Rename semantic-version dep to semanticversion
9959903 Updated from generate-constraints
e095497 Bump version of requests-mock
249cda0 Add tosca-parser to the global requirments projects
c0f3aa0 Bump ironic-lib to 0.4.0
9a730ac swauth added to projects list
cde19ec Updated from generate-constraints
a8ac07c Updated from global requirements
9e3ca3a keyring older then 5.5.1 may print warning
a1bacf7 Updated from generate-constraints
abe6127 Bump oslo.versionedobjects>=0.13.0
7aa445d Updated oslo.db to 3.2.0
b03be7f Bump oslo.utils to 2.8.0
1dcbb6a Bump oslo.config >=2.7.0
cc0a9fe Updated from generate-constraints
05f2db1 Add gnocchiclient to requirements
57500b4 Bump ceilometerclient to 2.0.0
6264868 Bump senlinclient to 0.1.5
0b759cd ignore oslosphinx 3.4.0 and use 3.4.1
1b82c57 bump upper-constraints for openstackclient to 1.9.0
7a25a45 Add funcsigs into global-requirements.txt
23ed3d0 bump zaqarclient version to 0.3.0
8d49899 Adds astara projects to projects.txt
3a8bcda Rename networking-bagpipe-l2 to networking-bagpipe
5ee0099 Updated from generate-constraints
aafd287 Make osprofiler>=0.3.1 required
917d4ef Raise minimum oslo.messaging requirement
6bbb82e Raise upper-constraints on python-novaclient to 2.35.0
a63372e Updated from generate-constraints
39ea30c Bumps os-win version to 0.0.6
9a8621d Bump oslo.log to 1.12.0
639166b Bump oslo.service to latest version
9285a06 Update oslo.middleware to 2.9.0
2a485fd Updated from generate-constraints
7ee4553 Block oslo.messaging 2.8.0
3ed94a9 Updated from generate-constraints
c834b7e Bump PyECLib version to >=1.0.7
84720f7 Add requestsexceptions to global requirements
d85f4cf Increase minimal Jinja2 version from 2.6 to 2.8
6bb1357 Updated from generate-constraints
47fdbc1 Deal with underscores in blacklist during generate-constraints
1ab7f1e Bump upper-constraint for os-client-config
d37a996 Add notifier taskflow extraction library
9b1dcac Block python-novaclient 2.33.0
16f6a3e Bump minimum Django version
70d948d Add oslo.privsep to projects.txt
33636c1 Expose extras information in requirements
2178824 Bump WSME to >= 0.8
140fcfe Add kolla to requirements family
74e0c50 bump openstackclient version in upper-constraints
5ef2cef Updated from generate-constraints
dba7f9a Remove upper cap on Pillow
7eab32a Document the blacklist intent for reviewers.
e41c5b1 Exclude version 2.6.0 of oslo.util
dffbdea Add freezegun to global requirements
7522c2d Updated from generate-constraints
ae01b83 bump keystoneauth upper constraint to 1.2.0
e2e20b4 Add python-scciclient into projects.txt
2c9af83 Add python-senlinclient to global requirements
951ef32 Update oslo.serialization to 1.10.0
dc6290c global-requirements.txt: Bump min. version of oslo.reports
05cc90b Updated oslo.db to 3.0.0
735e933 Updated from generate-constraints
cd88f6c do not commit requirements syncs
0ff220f Bump oslo.service version
a20418b Change paths for renamed projects
5e8155e python-heatclient>=0.6.0
7fe60b6 Stop special casing jeepyb and pypi-mirror in test
5b6a051 Add pep257 as a requirement
eb0c3cd Bump g-r for python-ironic-inspector-client
71e57cd Block oslo.messaging 2.6.1 release
b7e5d66 Require diskimage-builder 1.1.2
2060414 Bump oslo.utils to 2.4.0
f64e0eb Remove sphinxcontrib-docbookrestapi
caf2bc0 Add manila-ui project to project list
3d36502 Block keystonemiddleware 2.4.0 and keystoneclient 1.8.0
9736328 bump upper constraints of keystonemiddleware and keystoneclient
5f8f4fa remove pyinotify requirement for solaris
b750d19 Bump ironic-lib to the latest release for Mitaka
71bd3d6 Raise jsonpath-rw-ext version
41aa8d0 Revert "Temporarily cap webob<1.5.0 in g-r to unblock nova"
eb8179b Adds os-win in projects.txt
d0d0fec Bump minimum django-babel version
cda1924 Adds pika RabbitMQ client library
4babd8e Bump oslo.reports version
fcc5bfb Bump minimum tempest-lib version
07c41f2 Modifide version of oslo
32f66ee pyinotify does not work on windows or osx
29b59f7 Temporarily cap webob<1.5.0 in g-r to unblock nova
2327cf1 Require oslo.cache 0.8.0
5602902 Block oslo.messaging 2.6.0 release
74e1313 Update Python client for Docker
9041197 requests 2.8.0 broke some gates
4c5b96d Block jsonrpclib 0.1.4
8cd1b2e Bump upper constraints for keystoneclient and keystonemiddleware
083290a Adds os-win in global-requirements.txt
bab7fd9 Update constraints for openstack-doc-tools 0.31.0
dc46305 Add websocket-client to requirements
9b9e5e6 Update constraints for openstackdocstheme 1.2.3
cf2374a Use oslosphinx for doc build
1cea9a4 Updated from generate-constraints
821f488 Update python-muranoclient to 0.7.1
9e155c5 Update constraints for openstackdocstheme 1.2.2
d8451f9 Require ovs >= 2.4.0.
b82a465 Update pyngus to 2.0, now supports Python 3
95ec815 Pin Pillow as the latest release is not building
12e36da Raise upper-constraints on python-novaclient to 2.31.0
b7d0531 Bump minimum os-testr version to 0.4.1
ef78a96 Update oslo.service version to 0.9.0
e5708f9 Add weakmethod backport library (for 2.7 and 2.6 only)
cac04e0 Add simple doc publisher target
1b7b49d Updated oslo.cache to 0.7.0
33d69fd Update python-designateclient requirements
d7dfd91 Bump minimum tempest-lib version
f3ebe83 Bump djangoopenstackauth to 2.0.0
d6574d7 Update python-novaclient for new release 2.30.0
9e8b8d7 Update os-brick for new release 0.5.0
fed1805 Add reno for release notes
9e44d58 Bump os-client-config upper-constraint to 1.7.5
835e4dd update designateclient to 1.5.0
840d85e Update neutron and openstack client constraints for liberty
bd92e79 Fixing code-blocks in README.rst
532f5f6 Updated from generate-constraints
6fcbd79 Update falcon requirement
77b6302 Update python-zaqarclient for new release 0.2.0
c5dbede Update novaclient version
70f9428 Bump diskimage-builder upper constraint to 1.1.2
2d8eb1b Update python-mistralclient version in upper-constraints.txt
0a48e57 Update constraints for liberty libs
57a6da0 Require manilaclient 1.3 for Liberty
baa8b6e Updated from global requirements
e1d08b1 Bump upper-constraint for python-ironic-inspector-client to 1.2.0
6b619d4 Update djangoopenstackauth for new release 2.0.0
91b8c70 Set upper limit for manilaclient to 1.4.0
d9d6c74 Update ceilometermiddleware for new release 0.3.0
4a2772f Update cliff for new release 1.15.0
e0674e5 Remove workaround for pypy
b95d747 Update our handling of pbr.
3ebedf8 Deal with underscores in names in edit-constraints
ab17d70 Bump pbr to 1.8
596fe80 Add tempest-lib version cap at 0.8.0
483ff5f Raise minimum required python-ceilometerclient to 1.5.0
4150138 Bump ironicclient to 0.8.1 in upper-constraints
4f59c39 Update Congress client to most recent version
a32a2ac Move python-solumclient to openstack namespace
3816432 The keystoneauth1 should be floored at 1.0.0
0d9f299 Add tripeloclient and tripleo-common
6dd55d4 Remove the cap for python-neutronclient
ff933bf Bump minimum tempest-lib version
b06740a Set minimum version for passlib
0369dfd Updated from generate-constraints
d6b287f Block glance-store 0.9.0
22b0562 Fix glancestore constraint
23657e1 Bump minimum python-novaclient>=2.28.1
1a9fd7f Bump the version of python-muranoclient to 0.7.0
f4ddfb2 Bumping django
37fa433 Bump python-ironicclient version to 0.8.0
8b2e84b Bump os-brick version to 0.4.0
b895d43 Upgrade to Bootswatch
10d646a Add ironic-lib at initial release
d4388e7 Fix some mistakes in README.rst
bfc8a52 Updating pycadf to use recent taxonomy changes
e03b9ee tooz needs psycopg2>=2.5
be46721 Add networking-vsphere to the list
0589e15 Add Castellan to global requirements
9692ec5 Add django-formtools to global requirements
2cf8b1e Updated from generate-constraints
3b26f29 Changing the bounds for Django
775caab Bump oslo.versionedobjects version to 0.9.0
f8118dc netaddr!=0.7.16 due to MAC validation regression
99c99ac Updated from generate-constraints
80a8f41 Add tosca-parser to global requirements
efee994 Add keystoneauth to global requirements
49b6311 Updated oslo
middleware to 2.8.0
ab2c45e Add senlin-dashboard to project list
70be3cd Update pbr to 1.6.0
ca68caa Raise minimum version of oslo.config to 2.3.0
67e5eaf Updated from generate-constraints
e68c38a Use requests-kerberos for python 2.6 as well
f8d5964 require SQLAlchemy >=0.9.9
3123d7a Bump python-barbicanclient to 3.3.0
4b9276f Updated oslo middleware to 2.6.1
1f5d56a Updates oslo.service global requirement
93225c9 Add jsonpath-rw-ext to global requirements
6635530 Adding mistral subprojects to the project list
d46ccfd Updated from generate-constraints
75b29a7 Increase PyKMIP version to 0.4.0
8442743 Block o.middleware 2.6.0
fd50071 Updated from generate-constraints
948d1ba Revert "Drop PuLP from g-r"
9deee96 Bump yaql to version 1.0
3283f9b Bump oslo.db to 2.4.1 for backward compat fixes
ad1bda0 Bump oslo.db to version 2.4
f898032 Updated from generate-constraints
61b2479 Bump cryptography version for Nova Bug 1481084
aca1a74 Restrict PyECLib version to 1.0.7
5230675 Version bump for hacking
f9d8897 Add networking-ofagent to projects.txt
5539f5f Bump version of bandit to 0.13.2
3ec4314 Updated from generate-constraints
e90c242 Add pyinotify to global-requirements.txt
d8a9d65 README.rst: generate-constraints requires -r option
1b55722 Bump pecan to 1.0.0
74e560f Bumg python-manilaclient version to 1.2.0
7549abc Updated from generate-constraints
4181931 Bump the version of oslo.service to 0.6.0
43d00f8 Update review policy for our libraries
44792f3 Update Alembic to 0.8.0
19c46e8 Updated oslo.cache to 0.4.0
f23064f Exclude os-client-config 1.6.2
c6516c0 Bump saharaclient to the latest version
83de471 Updated from generate-constraints
7adb105 Bump oslo.utils to 2.0.0
ec5a722 Include latest oslo.config in requirements.txt
9d99471 update cliff to 1.14.0
a2d0857 Bump websockify to 0.6.1
ff28174 Updated from generate-constraints
e35aa59 Allow new XStatic Libraries for alternate Horizon theme
4c5ea7f Bump monotonic to 0.3
54430bd Bump the minimum version of XStatic-JQuery.TableSorter
e45b270 Fix url regexp to proceed oslo-specific url's properly
b21b711 Bump osloversionedobjects to 6.0
0dc071f Add cue and python-cueclient to projects.txt
2afcaea Add networking-sfc repository to the project library list
0fabc23 Add networking-onos to the project list
d116cd7 Require pbr>1.4.0
c540e84 Add pyroute2 (python netlink bindings)
574736a Add networking-l2gw to the list
0617e66 Use networkx 1.10
7ec34d5 Bump oslo
db to 2.0
2dbf392 Move data validation out of the unit tests and strengthen
f0619c0 Bump oslo.log to 1.8.0
801f4db Bump oslotest to 1.10.0
a602dae Bump some python-client to avoid oslo.utils
eb1d674 Updated from generate-constraints
e00d2ff Use automaton 0.5.0
457cce2 Updated from generate-constraints
a1c9a11 Add openstacksdk to the global requirements
60a2916 Updated from generate-constraints
4fed062 Synchronize bandit's requirements with global-requirements
464cc73 Bump tooz to version 1.19.0
ba0f0e0 Bump gabbi to version 1.1.4
faa2b41 Updated from generate-constraints
a9759b8 Minimal setuptools required for tests
23fd686 Document current constraints status.
d15c038 Add dnspython3 to global-requirements.txt
6239e58 ldappool is only python-2.7
775235a Allow new python-memcached version - 1.56
cf8ee8b Adds python-magnumclient>=0.2.1
0297b99 Block the pymemcache 1.3.0 release
914f9dd Drop PuLP from g-r
3f26a14 adding unicodecsv for writing and reading unicode csv.
7f78751 Bump Websockify version
2d4bfce Add murano and its client to projects list
43a876b Fix constraint integration test
ce72e39 Bump minimum os-brick>=0.3.2
1acf5b1 Bump glancestore to 0.7.1 for py34 compatibility
d1cc1bf block oslo.messaging 1.17.x due to memory leak
38499e5 Add ryu
e516150 Update Magic Search version
6c3bdf9 List 'singledispatch' in global-requirements
9f9cf1a Nova requires concurrency 2.3.0 or better
503a989 Bump taskflow version to 1.16.0
f0ad32b Update requirements for Anchor
b1122a5 No-python3 classifier for python-memcached
b2e76a4 Bump lower/upper constraint of futurist to newly released 0.1.2
4c028db Move integration test dependencies into bindep
567cf07 Add keystoneauth to projects.txt
f236298 Revert "Move integration test dependencies into bindep"
f94dd78 Exclude glance
store 0.7.0 due to gate blocking regression
5fba12c mock 1.2 has the 1.1.4 regression fixed and is 2.6 compatible
c16ddd0 Bumping Cinder client to 1.3.1
02c2e24 Block mock 1.1.4
772fba8 Bump glancestore to 0.7.0 for py34 compatibility
6a77e06 bump keystonemiddleware to g-r compatible version
ce6ef0f Move integration test dependencies into bindep
716306f Use oslotest 1.9.0
769b30a Bump oslo.vmware to 1.16.0
3aca8c2 Bump oslo.cache version to 0.3.0
47f577f Increase dogpile.cache versio to support NullBackend
97ddc98 Add checks for setup.cfg existence in project dictionary
64b5f1f Bump oslo.log to 1.6.0 version
c37a5c6 Updated oslo.middleware to >=2.4.0
609ad92 Bump upper constraint of taskflow to newly released 1.15.0
381a07d Adding openstack/anchor to projects.txt
56aaf48 Bump 1.9.0 to oslo.utils
514ded4 Adding angular-gettext to global requirements
281168e Fix Routes version problem for py3
649c10c Rename python-keystoneclient-saml2 to keystoneauth-saml2
0937f0d Place an accurate lower bound on pbr
407e3b2 Make mock 1.1 the minimum version.
6e6a5b1 Be consistent with quotes in environment markers
adb4666 Pin mock for python 2.6
c7136bc fix what-broke to strip environment markers
931defb Stop adding extra newline after unparseable lines.
8345445 Add networking-bagpipe-l2 to projects.txt
7f192f6 Bump YAQL version to 0.2.7
ce1621e Updated from generate-constraints
6b06c5d Don't permit embedded #'s in URLs.
d012efa Use the 1.16.0 version of the oslo.messaging library
d3adcd2 Adjust yaql version in upper-constraints
63e5747 Fix editing constraints files with urls in them.
089c0e0 Add networking-bgpvpn to projects.txt
b0eddd7 Exclude yaql 0.3.0 from requirements
b838ab1 Add location to requirement.Requirement
eca7c54 Bump version of pyOpenSSL to >= 0.14
ab2e96f Updated from global requirements
2f03ceb tooz 0.16.0 or better required
9f42e92 Add openstack/designate-dashboard to projects
96e2389 Update upper-constraints.txt
f046736 Update pylint pin to 1.4.4
d2cfc4d Require fixtures 1.3.1.
19b6a41 Cap Routes at below 2.0 as 2.1 breaks Nova
022293d Exclude oslo.versionedobjects 0.5.0 from global requirements
72f3afe Adding python-mistralclient to the global-requirements
5f0c7a4 Bump python-ironicclient minimal version to 0.6.0
893490c Add edit-constraints command.
3aa37f7 Move commands into cmds subdir.
50eee6f Split project and requirement types out.
d5b48a7 Add oslo.cache and oslo.reports to global requirements
f83dc9d Add new oslo futurist library to requirements
3134b01 Bump oslo.db to 1.12
24fe404 Prevent incompatible version bumps.
5e4ca1b Test that changes to requirements are freezable.
8e04f4a Remove swift from global-requirements.txt.
aa8da94 Bump tempest-lib version
c85fcb7 Enable 'python
version=='2.6' for futures and enum34
1823dbd Nova requires concurrency 2.1.0 or better
4031d63 Manual update run to get things aligned.
c9bb10f Remove unused test requirement toposort.
8bfdcc5 Show not-in-global errors again.
cb8f606 Add upper-constraints.txt.
5cd10eb Teach the constraints generator about excludes.
1c16da2 Remove marconiclient from global requirements
cf089d7 bump python-openstack client to 1.5.0
5dc3436 Add botocore to requirements
5d61ded Add yaql
0fa5a87 Mark as Python2.7 only the dependencies that are.
af7d6e8 Bump oslotest to 1.6.1 for functional tests
1546490 Add convenience tox environments
a85286e Report bad package when found
77e2598 Bump minimum requirement for os-client-config
25c8099 Participate in requirements syncing
4273910 Add upper-constraints.txt generator.
9436d30 Remove the shebang from generated's.
7fb4566 Remove spurious output in test suite.
4b22b94 Also update extras in setup.cfg.
f4105b0 New oslo library - oslo.service
a848fdc Handle : as well as ; for markers.
91f2422 Pull serialisation out of syncrequirementsfile.
ba03fb3 Fix setup.cfg.
3caf211 Add python-ironic-inspector-client to global-requirements
ea7af7e Add python-ironic-inspector-client to projects.txt
9d6fa32 Bump cliff to 1.13.0
2479b69 Rename stackforge/octavia -> openstack/octavia
74e2456 Increase testtools version to support unittest2
937d378 Pull parsing out of sync
dbfab46 Add windows requirements.
65be262 Add senlin and its client to project list
ff6bba0 Updating taskflow to >= 0.11.0
9414f91 Document the global requirements format.
a3a3f7f Support multiple marked reqs for the same package
32fed9a Support environment markers in requirements.
7540853 Move to a single unified parser for requirements.
a26f9e1 Simplify requirement comparisons.
74cdbd9 Make requirements parsing testable.
02f7933 Ignore the dist directory.
81c6d1a Reduce dataloss window through interrupted writes.
4c5bd8e Move test
update to be unit tests.
81522c1 Convert testpbr to unit tests.
8441666 Convert test
updatesuffix to unit tests.
7428cd9 Use pyngus>=1.3.1
71c4182 Bump kazoo to greater than or equal to 2.2
1724343 Switch on requirements check for nova-docker
e9a55ac Revert "Revert "Add heat-translator to global requirments projects""
380eb67 Add basic testing of options -> parameters.
3b4e522 Split main out a little for testing.
847df92 Make _copy
requires pure.
7cf29aa Remove VERBOSE global state.
1d80fea Don't write partial requirements files.
fb956e4 Make writesetuppy pure.
e8ee189 Bump python-troveclient version to 1.0.9
487abfc Bump oslo.utils version
bcf75ce Add python
dateutil to global requirements
2fc1f52 Add vmware-nsx to the tracked project list
367202b Add congress-pythonclient
740688d Add ironic-inspector to projects.txt
f0cf095 Group pure and IO functions in
21fa543 Move into the python package.
9c95eee Remove suds package from global-requirements
dc04e99 Add oslo automaton library to g-r
ad10bfe sync requirements to mox3
c272bb4 Require pymongo>=3.0.2
08c2efe Formatting nits in
e202de5 Subscribe new oslo projects to g-r process
35d1134 Adding django-babel plugin to Horizon
e59efee Bump SQLAlchemy upper bound.
fd01a06 Block oslo.messaging 1.12.0
66b19d2 Bump python-glanceclient
804a6b4 Raise minimums for oslo libs without namespace packages
f3fa4f7 Bumping CinderClient to 1.2.2
41abe54 Move tests into openstackrequirements.
23ce13f Replace coinor.pulp with pulp.
1635225 Exclude jsonschema 2.5.0.
fc4ce03 Add dragonflow to requirements
c8f5860 Reflect networking-ovn move from stackforge to openstack
43631f4 Bump fasteners up to 0.7
f201465 bump os-client-config to 1.2.0
dafb134 Add monotonic as a requirement.
63bc3cb Bump keystoneclient version
99e1def Revert "Add heat-translator to global requirments projects"
4f76ab5 Raise min version of stevedore to 1.5.0
f0fddb4 Introduce upper-constraints to requirements.
d096302 Consolidating redundant code in the tests
673e88e Stop using subprocess in tests.
71c1018 Remove dev-requirements.txt
3d1209e Bump oslo.db to 0.10.0
b04bf27 Bumps oslo.versionedobjects to >= 0.3.0
38a4479 Bump oslo.policy to 0.5.0
16f6b14 Bump WSME to >= 0.7
67e8ecf Add oslo.service to projects.txt
c4990e9 Add openstack/futurist to projects.txt
b1e2fbb Bump up to oslo.log 1.2.0 for versionutils
1cfa8c1 Add sqlalchemy-utils to requirements
03aec84 Bumps pysaml2 to 2.4.0
c1411b5 update openstackclient requirement to 1.0.3
87f9599 Add networking-odl to tracked projects list
d251e3d Update sqlalchemy-migrate to 0.9.6
c32b3e0 Bump oslo.vmware version to 0.13.1
b9b32c6 Bump zaqarclient
babf7a8 Remove blazar from projects.txt
607a3c6 Add 'fasteners' package
988e241 Block oslo.vmware 0.13.0 due to a backwards incompatible change
e562a7f Kazoo 2.1 has a bug which is breaking tooz gate
27d4afc Bump ddt to min version 0.7.0
1298842 Add ovn-networking to tracked projects list
101236f Add pbr to synchronised projects.
be5f0f4 Fix requirement conflict with flake8.
6aa6ddb Pin pyngus version as python-qpid-proton is not in pypi
e9e65e8 Remove httpretty from requirements
a20f362 Add os-testr to global requirements list
e58494e Add sphinxcontrib-blockdiag
7bbb4a5 Use httpretty < 0.8.7 to avoid broken unittests
6409186 Add glance
store to projects.txt
7578f91 Fix the empty string issue for pip
762ee16 Allow Magnum to conform to global requirements process
a7fc082 Add InfluxDB
ac12c5e Add appdirs requirement
9a6f9ff global-requirements: Add ovs
db78d5e Bump eventlet version to 0.17.4
020073f Allow testing with specific pips
b3ad079 Update python-cinderclient to 1.2.1
2c872b4 Bump pbr versions.
65c8ed6 Bump futures up to 3.0 or greater
11c825b Remove lockfile from requirements
f0484e7 Updated oslomiddleware to 1.2.0
2838ad7 Adding os-brick for managing initiators
cdbbd86 Update PyKMIP version in requirements
79f0215 Follow project renames
d99c47f Add Bandit as a global test requirement
8b4abfd Add cachetools requirement
da9559a Update pyScss and django-pyscss
ed4080d Add virtualenv to global requirements
724969f Bump python-openstacksdk version to 0.4.1
c3171e5 Add python-manilaclient to global requirements.
c1418bd Require flake8 2.4.0
b076c2a Bump tempest-lib min version
1bfdc75 Add python-muranoclient to requirements
6c7f929 Updated oslo.config to 1.11.0
843eb4e Add heat-translator to global requirments projects
97723d1 Uncap pymongo
018cc83 Update python-cinderclient to 1.2.0
b2dbb48 relax final pins
dbe2abb create a separate section for pinned requirements
c7f69af Bump kombu version and add amqp version
8c9cd8c Remove doc repositories from projects.txt
9d00867 Removing unused irdragdrop from requirements
7da0b68 Cap django-pyscss <2.0.0
e80bb94 Add python-tuskarclient to requirements
ccafa43 Bump python-saharaclient to 0.9.0
4d7d610 Add ironic-discoverd
6829f37 Bump requests version support
8c0ff91 Skip django-pyscss 2.0.0
0e8ef07 Remove OpenStack library caps for liberty
8fae8b1 add pycparser tracking to what-broke
e586a0a Update the minimum glanceclient version
5e02226 Bump pymemcache to >= 1.2.9
1ef3704 Revert "Disable syncs to libs to unjam master requirements changes"
517f217 Disable syncs to libs to unjam master requirements changes
e5004bb Bump PyECLib version from 1.0.3 to 1.0.7
f0bbc6b Bump cryptography to 0.8.2 for thread safety fix
05d010e Add pyngus to requirements
3e88056 Bump eventlet version to 0.17.3
56ab196 add ceilometermiddleware to requirements
9de6085 Cap pymongo < 3.0
0c2eef0 add analayzer
afa872e attempt to stop using pip internals
5a108c7 Change install
requires to use link instead of url
3eb42fe Add flag to include hacking
88c2f0b Bump last version of ceilometer-client
320ba62 Updated incorrect name for angular lrdragndrop
a186460 Update keystoneclient requirement
44d96aa Bump cryptography version to latest
f4e185b Remove pipmissingreqs
be120f6 Fix oslo caps for kilo
d72c1ac Bump sahara client version
f821472 Raise cap for Django to allow 1.7
e0cf86f Update gabbi to 0.12.0
1c98180 Bump tempest-lib min version
fdfcdc4 Relax pysendfile requirement
289d736 Cap Oslo libraries for kilo
c6d88f2 Bump keystonemiddleware requirement
a61485d Add contextlib2 lib to aid in py2/py3 compatability
05456db Bump PyECLib version to 1.0.3
d6c8439 Avoid httpretty 0.8.8 as it can break unittests
b4150d0 Bump glancestore to latest version
72e9faa Bump requests-mock version
31c10c9 Bump novaclient version
04bbd08 Add ironic-lib to project.txt
8cb4f0b Bump glance
store to 0.2.0
f8d5f3e Bump oslo.vmware to latest release
8f43044 Bump oslo.context version to 0.2.0
e34e6ae Add oslo.policy to global requirements
eb0c873 Bump rtslib version to have config persistence
4716878 Update pip and pip-missing-reqs
01bdc26 Bump oslo.config to latest release
1665a11 Adds Autobahn to global requirements
97e12d1 Update Magic Search version
6ebd6ec Add python-openstackclient
aa2f60c Bump oslo.db version to 1.5.0
6f08ccf Bump oslo.log for critical nova regression
b15d193 Update xstatic-font-awesome to 4.3.0
dcf478b Require openstack-doc-tools 0.23
95b3814 Oslo.versionedobjects requirement
10986cd Pin sqlalchemy-migrate >= 0.9.5
092e9f8 Avoid httpretty 0.8.7 as it can break unittests
bc53f2d Bump tempest-lib min version to 0.3.0
c3e2a8f Block eventlet 0.17.0
8c2ad8c Do not sync requirements to possibly capped library's master branch
7e7d63b Update openstackdocstheme
e1b3c1f Don't use git diff --quiet to detect local change
106cde2 Update version of neutronclient
ed868f3 Import tool to cap explicit dependencies
035a86f Remove hardware-specific proliantutils module
ecee192 Block novaclient 2.21
45c4009 Add openstack/debtcollector to projects.txt
7bd6300 Add setuptools to global requirements
665be69 add ceilometermiddleware
6c02113 Add toposort test requirement
569483f Do not break on projects without setup.cfg
b49aee7 Remove failing project nova-docker
1c484fc Bump pycadf to 0.8.0
01605ea remove python-openstackclient
000463c Add new angular deps to global-requirements.txt for Horizon
8fcbd1f Remove wsgiref
79387c1 also install a new pbr into the venvs
c40540c Add Magic Search for filtering in Horizon
f4cb84e Bump six up to 1.9.0
a16718e Bump debtcollector minimum to 0.2.0
daf616e update python-heatclient>=0.3.0
6662508 Adds Sphinx theme, openstackdocstheme, for
cc9e20a Cleanup code related to pbr wheel installation from git
e6a8956 Bump the version of keystoneclient
0275f5f don't install pbr from upstream source
77ca6cb README.rst: Fix a typo
dfaa858 Add oslo.policy to projects.txt
bd978bc Ceilometer ceph storage meters need requests-aws
1d8260d Bump tempest-lib min version to 0.2.0
4900427 Bump cassandra-driver to 2.1.4
bac6b11 Add newly released oslo debtcollector library
bfd9523 Update gabbi to 0.6.0
c8279d1 Remove retired projects
17e9e9c Uncap boto now that nova commit f7b1af9e1 is merged
3b3bb9a Add semanticversion to global-requirements
e06768b Add new angular deps to global-requirements.txt for Horizon
2134bd3 oslo.messaging & oslo.vmware without namespace pkg
c41408f Add aioeventlet dependency
70558e7 Use oslo.rootwrap without namespace package
992dcf6 Bump alembic to 0.7.2
2f7f321 Add kafka-python dependency needed for ceilometer kafka publisher
3758b31 Avoid django
3e98b47 Bump gabbi to 0.5.0
050a4c3 Bump oslo.concurrency to >= 1.4.1
00d2543 Updating XStatic-Jasmine to
f82b1f4 Update the version dependency for tempest-lib
9f3770c Add a script to find cruft global requirements
b380f04 attempt to install all of global requirements
bfb216d remove seamicroclient
65d9015 Update Oslo libs to drop namespace packages
9d7fdb1 remove gear from g-r
f1c40d1 only do package installation once
5778c9c Add oslo.log
5269792 add elasticsearch python client
572f857 Bump eventlet version to 0.16.1
82cf7d5 update tools/ to latest version from pbr
53c356d Block oslo.concurrency 0.4.0
1f7d42c Add term.js to global requirements
f35395e Add gabbi requirement for API testing in Ceilometer
11fc0ec Update barbicanclient requirement to 3.x
c522b83 Update to latest hacking (0.10.0)
0809b01 Limit boto version to <2.35.0
a003a9d Remove old deprecated xstatic angular packages
42e2271 Use oslo.serialization without the namespace package
80cb7c9 update test-requirements to current
38b7490 provide more meaningful output on
92bd3d9 Use oslo.utils without namespace package
bd1da05 Add new angular deps to global-requirements.txt for Horizon
b4201a3 Update oslo.middleware to 0.3.0
e59e9e1 Update zake to 0.1.6
dbd1c74 global-requirements: Update oslo.db to 1.3.0
6493a66 Angular xstatic for Version 1.3.7
b625648 Update oslo.config to 1.6.0
bfd194f Avoid using pexpect version 3.3
2b588ae Update only if version requirement has changed
ff30630 Up pymongo version to avoid memory leak
5d50032 Remove configobj
8f9fa49 Bump up taskflow to >=0.6
b32d1a3 Update keystoneclient to 1.0.0
a02af04 Bumping PyKMIP version from 0.1.0 to 0.2.0
973b378 Add developer script to build wheels
acca104 Bump version of openstack-doc-tools >= 0.21.1
051dfe9 Ensure we have a PEP 440 compatible version of pytz
bf77e53 Remove requirements overlap check
7508131 pymemcache and sysv
ipc for tooz
c6d382f Add Octavia to project list
1d545ed Add new neutron service repos to projects list
68920d1 Updating python-glanceclient to 0.15.0 release
aface52 Upgrade oslo.vmware>=0.8.0
cc7770e Bump up oslo.utils to 1.1.0
0dcfd74 Add tooz to project list to update
099e60c Set alembic>=0.7.1
54a311d Add oslo.context
0d2c2d6 Bump the minimum required version of retrying
bcd1c6f Add in python-openstacksdk to requirements.txt
f02eb22 Depend on any 0.9.x SQLAlchemy that is >= 0.9.7
ad9d7a1 Update urllib>=1.8.3
0508c88 Add nova-docker to tracked project list
fdceb99 Update xstatic-font-awesome to 4.2.0
2542776 Avoid oslo.messaging 1.5.0
223ada2 Update python-saharaclient to 0.7.6 version
26f731a Bump oslo.concurrency, as keystone is now importing osloconcurrency
3704f5c Drop greenio dependency
4594cdc Update to latest hacking
29c2e20 Update glance
store dependency
0ec4255 Upgrade oslo.vmware>=0.7.0
a1310f3 Upgrade oslo.db>=1.1.0
a4006aa Revert "Exclude testtools 1.4.0"
4a5b848 Add oslo.context to projects.txt
d66f8fc Exclude testtools 1.4.0
81d479c block testtools 1.2.0
0619d1d Add Werkzeug>=0.7 to global-requirements.txt
adefc2c Require dnspython>=1.12.0
fae5590 bump pecan minimum version number to 0.8.0
08245ca Upgrade to pylint >=1.3.0
99e31d4 Bump glance_store to 0.1.9
585817f Gate python-keystoneclient-federation on global reqs
076b0b3 Add os-client-config
0e76747 Add cassandra-driver>=2.1.1 requirement
d13b5c3 suds-jurko - Alternative to suds library for py 3.x support
37404dc Upgrade to avoid vulnerable requests-kerberos versions
8e93a38 Add barbican and python-barbicanclient to projects
76f294a Disable python-barbicanclient 3.0.0 version
1b50e71 Bump testtools version to support message parameter in assertIn
90ef922 Update redis library to >=2.10.0
f538629 Add os-net-config dependency
4f40f7b Update python-saharaclient to 0.7.5 version
8cc0889 Allow newer versions of pylint
1365400 implement -s / --soft-update flag
b183c78 Add keystoneclient-kerberos repository to projects
2f648bb Update to newer requests-mock
e040486 New oslo library - oslo.concurrency
dd8584b Update stevedore base version to 1.1.0
abc95c2 Fix casing of xstatic-

026455c Freeze mccabe's version for hacking
079f0c9 Bump oslotest minimum requirements to 1.2.0
bab4e13 Add manila to projects.txt
312029d Update python-ldap version for Keystone
648ba65 Add proliantutils dependency for Ironic
7d8570a Drop flake8 2.2.3
fde2213 Add flake8 2.2.4
9f02d9d Add enum34 requirement
aca4d6c Update openstack-doc-tools to 0.20
1935f49 Ignore sphinx 1.3b1
168c230 Add PyMySQL to global requirements
510f0ac Bump eventlet dependency to 0.15.2.
d073673 Require Jinja2>=2.6
7d8b2bd Bump requests to 2.2.0
a168d79 Using django-nose>=1.2 needed by murano-dashboard
925d890 block retrying 1.3.0
4cdcc24 Revert "Add a version to pytz."
8a3a3ca Update python-keystoneclient
0b6b91c Fix nits in README.rst
0e0504e Correcting case of pyscss to match pypi
95615d5 Require kombu 2.5.0 or newer for switch to py-amqp
12d999e updated requirements repo readme
d1a1b53 Bump websockify to >=0.6.0 which fixes bug causing zombie processes
a1e6378 Remove lesscpy
27b3f51 Upgrade djangoopenstackauth to version 1.1.7 for Horizon
2ab32c6 Upgrade django-pyscss to 1.0.3 for Horizon
24fd97e Allow documentation to create sequence diagrams
c39f501 Add urllib3
2980770 Add ha-guide to projects
040c6a9 Ensure requirements-py2 is synced
ae4c197 add oslo.middleware
c22be3f Remove keystone-specs from the projects.txt
ed11267 Add tempest-lib as a global requirement and a tracked project
c2372ca Remaining Oslo version updates for Juno
b8cb430 Upgrade PyScss to version 1.2.1 and pin it <1.3 for Horizon
cf076ed Final juno release cliff, oslosphinx, stevedore
504264f Bump sahara client to 0.7.3
01017e0 Bump python-cinderclient version to 1.1.0.
a8eb02c Update xstatic-jquery-ui for Horizon
92774e8 Update to latest oslo.vmware
70b10ed block sqlalchemy migrate 0.9.2 as it breaks all of nova
de2d43e Bump up taskflow to its newest version
28cc193 Update python-troveclient for Horizon
a679f9c Update oslo.i18n to latest version
7ec7fd8 Update oslo.utils to latest version
cda89fe Rally needs bumping python-novaclient
e6c873d add header warning against sorting requirements
a06f65c Bump glanceclient version to 0.14.0
7cfa7c3 Update oslotest to our juno rc1 version
46b3f73 restrict requests version with !=2.4.0
8e07373 add integration test script from pbr
be07106 Update netaddr to 0.7.12 version for IPv6
dc14c14 Bump boto to 2.32.1
5988b76 Rename into glancestore
1d71fff Add missing oslo libs to projects list
0fca87c Remove docutils-pin
e7fe30c Bump eventlet >= 0.15.1
e9d6f29 Add pykmip
2ce3f82 Add oslo.serialization
ab1791d Bump futures to 2.1.6 for swiftclient
269e1d7 Revert "Remove docutils pin"
78d425e Remove devstack/devstack-gate from projects
54cd41c Update bootstrap-datepicker to
6431094 Drop flake8 2.2.2
435f0ea Add flake8 2.2.3
f312760 Add a tox env to check requirements overlap
0b2602b Bump minimum required version for simplejson to 2.2.0
8d594a5 Bump zake up to 0.1
c921819 bump pycadf to 0.6.0
97316fa Add dib-utils
8047f5c Add a lower limit to oslosphinx
41fdf6e Bump oslo.db to >= 0.4.0
fa9b081 Fixed oslotest version pin
b6a983a Bump oslo.utils version
22ef5f2 Add the tuskar and python-tuskarclient projects
1760005 Add python-zaqarclient to global-requirements
7c25bfe upgrade to newer oslo.i18n
8970fff Update xstatic-rickshaw to >= 1.5.0
b4f0af0 Add xstatic-font-awesome for Horizon
8d1159e Fix ordering of requests
mock package
e2b4dcc Bump oslotest version
13ea810 Add demjson to requirements
0800f87 Rename marconi to zaqar
a9e4bb1 Require openstack-doc-tools >= 0.18.1
e3faf2b Add congress and python-congressclient to tracked projects list
af88c2a Bump min saharaclient version
e5cb0b0 Add tooz to requirements
aa5fe08 Add pipmissingreqs package
9ad4a04 Rename bash8 to bashate (part 2)
f67f969 Rename bash8 to bashate (part 1)
3743c37 Add to global requirements
c2d70bb Add oslo.serialization to projects.txt
d1978a3 Set a minimum version for python-ironicclient
f6a72a1 Add pysaml2 to global requirements
bc5987d Avoid httpretty version 0.8.3
3736490 Add new requirement beautifulsoup4
d9610cd Bump osprofiler version to >=0.3.0
276385a Update requests to version 1.2.1
7e0b000 Updated an explanation to the sqla requirement
fd6027a graduate oslo middleware
effe205 Add Pint for Horizon
9060a03 Update oslo.vmware to version 0.5
c685f92 Updated version requirement for websockify
86af6b1 Upgrade django-pyscss to version 1.0.2
3cc1af1 Adding new global requirement for pyasn1modules
73a20a8 Update builds of xstatic-qunit and xstatic-jsencrypt
fbe7b3a Remove unneeded definitions of Python Source Code Encoding
8e52c0e Upgrade xstatic-bootstrap-scss to at least version 3
c3720fb Bump keystoneclient to 0.10
15a3c29 Update python-swiftclient to >=2.2.0 for Heat
abb5efe Don't use Django 1.4.0 nor 1.4.1
c73cc3b Update to python-neutronclient 2.3.6
10d2dfd Add new library oslo.utils
64f766e Unbind version of pyzmq
1ca1fc2 Add xstatic-packaged JavaScript libraries for Horizon
02ab37d Update openstack-doc-tools to at least 0.17
3765966 Don't use SQLAlchemy 9 version < 0.9.7
221a6a7 Update oslo requirements to use juno dev versions
994f835 Include tempurls in python-swiftclient
be0997f Add greenio dependency
4614fe2 Bump up the zake requirement to 0.0.26
5ab09ed Revert oslo.messaging and oslo.config
3e68248 Bump pecan to >=0.5.0
0ba3e28 Update django
openstackauth to 1.1.6
df1a6aa Explicitly states the keystonemiddleware version
327e31c Bump alembic to 0.6.4 for Neutron
7b9fda0 Update retrying to 1.2.2
83843c4 Bump hacking to version 0.9.2
0cad2ba Drop flake8 2.1.0
531fe27 Add flake8 2.2.2
7c6ea39 Update oslo.config to
7916d6c Update oslo.messaging to
facf2fe Add python-barbicanclient
de76fbd Fix the requirements for a django library
42e3d58 Add new keystone projects to projects.txt
c89fc51 Remove docutils pin
a0af4fa Add requests-mock package to global requirements
ab925b2 Add libvirt-python for nova.
5b8835b Relunctantly removing stackforge/solum from projects.txt
8f1842d Update the version of keyring to avoid bug
9a9cb27 Update oslo.vmware to version 0.4
406d158 Add rfc3986 for Nova URI validations
977e7fc Add new library oslo.i18n
388dff2 Update openstack-doc-tools
bc38be7 Update glanceclient to 0.13.1
80366fe Exclude Routes 2.0
e7077b4 Add tuskar-ui to projects.txt
649aa80 Add Designate to projects.txt
f5b37fd Update alembic and SQLAlchemy versions
2403d58 Update python-cinderclient>=1.0.7
9e73394 Move pep8 to just 1.5.7
c6f0e03 Update python-neutronclient>=2.3.5,<3 d222506 Add python-marconiclient 51e71a4 Add osprofiler to global requirements 56fcc47 Add keystonemiddleware af8ffaf block problematic sqla 0.9.5 3eaf108 Bump up minimum cliff version to 1.6.0 2a5e0b1 Pin httpretty's precise version. 1b20d27 Add retrying to global-requirements 01c436b Add oslo.db library d4460c7 Make sure pymongo version >= 2.5 0ca3309 Make sure msgpack-python version >= 0.4.0 9cc0bcf Add the Openstack SDK project to projects.txt 9ee5d59 Update skip pep8 clause to use hacking ef960f9 Bump minimum oslo.config version to 1.2.1 0326f67 Fix whitespace that occurs after comma 387d0dd Set version bounds for diskimage-builder 4b2a1c7 Add xstatic and xstatic-jquery for Horizon 6655cab Bump minimum hacking version to 0.9.2 976df8a Bump up to the six 1.7.x series 1978bb2 Fix sphinx requirement to add overlap 080f6e9 Updated taskflow now that 0.3.x is released 4975fc8 Update hacking version to align with what projects should use b1d8ad6 Add hacking 0.9.0 series 9edcd47 Updated zake now that zake 0.0.20 is released a6d7802 Bump pep8 from 1.5.6 to 1.5.7 21ec6a8 Adding ldappool module dependency as needed by keystone bug #1320997. ebb8df6 Add nodeenv for horizon 171db95 Require django-pyscss 1.0.1 for django-compressor 1.4 support acffb1d Add bash8 to global-requirements 83b3a59 Add doc8 a documentation style checking package a7e8fa9 Updated version requirement for pyghmi 689ac4f Remove amqplib from global-requirements f01f114 Move oslotest to test catalog b70890d Bump keystoneclient minimum version 4daf80f bump heatclient to latest version 5c0fce0 Remove hplefthandclient from global-requirements 9418f80 Update projects list for oslo.test renaming 0788d52 Rename climate -> blazar 01ceffe Remove hp3parclient from global-requirements fcff365 Update openstack-doc-tools to at least 0.15 0702b7f update pycadf req to 0.5.1 f4e4141 request-kerberos 7e56fbe Add pyscss and django_pyscss for Horizon 13f65ba Remove openstack/database-api from list of projects 2ae3739 Netifaces: bump to 0.10.4 36be676 django_compressor: bump to 1.4 178a1a0 Add pyca/cryptography to global requirements 29cf539 Add os-cloud-config to global requirements 0e7a7bf Add oslo.db and oslo.i18n to project list e6ef1ff Add xvfbwrapper package for running Selenium tests headless 3e62e9d Bump sqlalchemy-migrate version to 0.9.1 bc8fd3b Exclude netifaces versions 0.10.0, 0.10.1 2cdab06 Update openstack-doc-tools for translation of api-site e48c7ed Move to newer version of python-swiftclient 6256dca Update sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme to 0.8 e1ac9c1 Add wrapt library f524725 Bump python-keystoneclient to >= 0.8.0 a2cc842 troveclient 1.0.4 released 5a6235a Add notes about packaging of external libraries 9cbc56e Work around atexit bug in python < 2.7.4 87674ae Added argcomplete requirement 1fa6266 Add PyECLib as a requirement a78540b Increase sphinx pin now that 1.2.1 is out 794915d Upgrade six requirement to 1.6.0 e2fd4bf Update openstack-doc-tools for Documentation repos 41a801f require new setuptools 9fe539b Remove old pep8, pyflakes and flake8 versions 96ae691 Zake 0.0.15 released e1af974 Don't use flake8: noqa e8d2ee9 Bump pep8, pyflakes and flake8 versions 8078ba7 Revert "add mirror requirements list" b110162 add mirror requirements list 19e570c Paramiko: bump to 1.13.0 8d679d0 Trollius: allow version 0.2 and later 1ce81d5 Taskflow 0.2 released c6d3053 Work around atexit bug in python < 2.7.4 48284a6 Raise oslo.messaging to 1.3.0 7e221a2 allow for NON_STANDARD_REQS override b16dd47 Remove pam a0b3141 Add Pillow for stevedore doc build e9d988c Update oslo.vmware to be >= 0.3
43adc21 Bump minimum requirement for dogpile.cache
c5971bf Using happybase >=0.5,!=0.7
f3a3d62 Upgrades Pbr to exclude 0.7 due to Windows issue
25d1ec3 Add ironic-python-agent to projects.txt
65a913e Update python-keystoneclient to 0.7.0
6055c07 Remove obsolete python-savannaclient
e4ed279 Limit psutil to <2.0.0
ccfc70e Do not sync requirements to pbr
10fb194 Add a file that can detail the requirements files
1b725bd If dependency not in global reqs exit with a 1
53abbb6 Removed openstacksdk from projects.txt
1c66ed6 Add wsgi
intercept to globalrequirements
b9eb21d Add pexpect to global
eb52e76 workaround pypy in requirements
cc835d0 Add saharaclient to global requirements
c0f9850 Updated oslo.messaging requirement
b95de95 Kazoo has moved onto 1.3.1
297b22d Rename Savanna to Sahara
2e53622 Update the keyring dependency
8b6e0f8 allow sqla 0.9.x
f1e042a Revert "Switch to SQLAlchemy 0.9"
fde324e Switch to SQLAlchemy 0.9
f8fe09b Sets the minimum python-novaclient version to 2.17.0
3bbb6ce Adding support for Django 1.6
2d9c3c9 Sets the min python-novaclient version to 2.16.0
13e9f52 Update oslo.vmware to be >= 0.2
6393008 migrate 0.8.4 is bad, block it
834ded0 Correct iso8601 parseing invalid year num
1f8ba5c Add croniter dependency
b10cb2f Allow projects to use oslo.vmware
8d733d1 Bump python-savannaclient to 0.5.0
02ddd0d Require openstack-doc-tools 0.8.2
5db4042 Upgrade six to 1.5.2
648f2dd Remove vim header
6f854e4 bump pycadf requirement to 0.4.1
ab0b4b5 Add oslotest library
836aead Add posixipc as requirement
76dd2c3 Remove oslo.sphinx from global requirements
d316358 Update pecan >= 0.4.5 in global requirements.
4065766 Update openstack-doc-tools to 0.7.1
c17f721 Update neutron-client minimum to 2.3.4
bf8eafb Sync requirements to oslo.vmware
54d484a python-keystoneclient: Bump to 0.6.0
b0ef374 Sync requirements to oslo.test
77c6938 Standardize read ops to 'with open' construction
fbe30c4 Don't update pbr's
d718f87 Update hp3parclient low version number
42b1057 Adding Mako>=0.4.0 to global requirements
89d760a Add cmd2 for cliff
4dc3efd Add requirements for taskflow
6e96de2 Oslo program has adopted cliff, pycadf, stevedore, and taskflow
6a58162 Use >=, not >, for the lower bound of a requirement
669056d Update to new hp3parclient
00a4fd9 Use OS's pypi mirror for Marconi
6fc303d Sort global-requirements
db728cb Fix happybase version
58b34fc Remove tox locale overrides
ef82860 Adds python-seamicroclient dependency for Ironic
e31f8f3 Update openstack-doc-tools to 0.6
fe5b795 Update README with rationale and internal mirror
ae26637 Add oslo.version to the list of projects
4f82470 WSME: update to 0.6
bcda212 Add a new dependency: trollius
81c5199 Add pbr to projects.txt
e9ef92a Taskflow 0.1.3 was released
661e6ba Start renaming oslo.sphinx to oslosphinx
d34a7b1 Add climate-nova to tracked projects list
3103566 Add rally to tracked projects list
e251ba5 Sort tracked projects list
d906674 pbr: update to 0.6
3b1602e Depending on python-swiftclient>=1.6
188e9c0 Update python-keystoneclient to 0.5.0
e8db731 Allow webob 1.3
7bee690 HTTPretty: bump to 0.8.0
9fdf7e2 Unpin kazoo
980608c Fix testtools version and bump subunit to >=0.0.18
4f89713 Temporary fix testtols version to unblock gate
4e9d10e Update python-openstacksdk from the global-requirements file
f51a518 Add futures library to global requirements
9493568 Bump stevedore to 0.14
7e0b619 Add support for Python 3 requirements
7a57027 Add decorator to the global requirements
a9440f5 Mirror gear - it's needed by tripleo-ci.
d783e69 psutil >= 1.1.0 is actually on PyPI
2c913b3 Add python-openstackclient
73c0f6f Update oauthlib requirement to at least 0.6
52b26bd nova api validation fw requires jsonschema >= 2.0.0
bf3e502 Ignore egg-info directory
29ebbbf Remove oauth2 requirement
0d78dee Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.3.0a4 from pypi
8f2384b Add XenAPI to OpenStack dependencies
1e1bb51 Bump paramiko version to 1.9.0
be914e6 Update python-neutronclient version to 2.3.3
6538f16 Have tox install via develop
66afb5b Require testrepository>=0.0.18
5834361 Add openstack-doc-tools
b7bc90e glance requires pyOpenSSL>=0.11
243f4e1 Bump python-savannaclient version to >=0.4.1
6b28550 Update python-keystoneclient to 0.4.2
4be900e Require httplib2>=0.7.5
57dd573 Allow for sqla 0.8... finally
43408f2 Bump version of sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme
b2090ae Use new hplefthandclient
9fad52b Ironic requires pyghmi>=0.5.8
5764dfb Allow Falcon versions <0.2.0
2eeea46 Unpin keyring, just skip keyring 2.0
6cbf910 HTTPretty: update to 0.7.1
dd43194 Add oslo.rootwrap to global requirements
8bb699b Add oauthlib library to replace oauth2
0e8862e Pin Sphinx to <1.2
3c3e44a Add django
openstackauth to projects
b48bec1 Add python-ironicclient to global requirements
03ab8f4 Update python-troveclient version
7945ab4 Revert "Allow Django 1.5 and 1.6"
50c8c04 Allow Django 1.5 and 1.6
9c4314c Added a requirement to COIN PULP LP Modeler module
6607a17 Bump python-savannaclient version to >= 0.4.0
cc7031c Align projects list with mirror-needing projects
f30dbd6 Add oslo-incubator to automatic update
abcd68a Add both climate repos for auto reqs update
9d67e81 Add solum for auto requirements updates.
90245c2 Add sphinxcontrib-docbookrestapi
e35633f Bump to using SQLAlchemy migrate 0.8.2.
45b937a Get better format for long lines with PrettyTable
e6c6b19 Update python-troveclient version
3c77e71 Released 0.1.1 for taskflow (bug fixes)
1ae6578 Updated from global requirements
c0c785b Add taskflow (used by cinder + others) to requirements
4d7e2b8 Update stevedore
ffec4bf Add designate dns client (python-designateclient) to requirements
97f50c9 Updated from global requirements
b966cb2 Switch to Hacking 0.8.0
d25de50 Add Proboscis to keep Trove tests passing.
c6cf12a Adopt 0.1.8 as iso8601 minimum version
46a6f06 Add django-bootstrap-form to requirements
8560ddb Exclude iso8601 version 0.1.7
d3ea49e Set a floor on the python-memcache library
27cd9c8 Unpin iso8601 but skip bad versions
c04145d Pin iso8601 to 0.1.4
1a0f89f Require python-cinderclient>=1.0.6
09e129d Allow use of python-savannaclient>=0.3
fa97a3a Bump keystoneclient requirement to 0.4.1
30be21b Update WSME deps to 0.5b6
1bd04da Wrap map() to return list()
7b4f5f5 Set boto minimum version
c65b82c Added lower version boundary for netaddr
18b8ce4 Add rtslib-fb to requirements
f064bf2 temporarily cap python-troveclient version
387793b Set python-six minimum version
b5faa4b bumping django
openstackauth version
e32a81b Add hacking to the projects list
15ef59f Update python-ceilometerclient lower bound to 1.0.6
f06b41c Update sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme
e6ba071 Add savanna to tracked projects list
726db36 Add tempest to projects list
bfd2fb9 Raise Babel requirements to >= 1.3
7b3dce8 os/requirements should be in sync with itself
25e9655 Align our with ourselves
cecc884 Raise/Relax WebTest requirement to match Keystone
7e0f31a add an explanation to the sqla requirement
3fcde54 Revert "Describe SQLAlchemy constraint more clearly."
d3c8bb4 Removed a reference to quantum and removed a dead file
3e260b2 Revert "Update Ceilometer alembic requirement to 0.6.0 version"
2c1eca8 change pyparsing to >= 2.0.1
2ac3211 Use oslo.config 1.2.0
e1602e8 Bump ceilometerclient dependency
14a4c05 Added pypy env to tox
59464d2 Replace OpenStack LLC with OpenStack Foundation
45dc93d pycadf 0.1.8 broke oslo
c277016 Require python-novaclient>=2.15.0
c32638e Update WSME to allow six to be unpined
7d19c08 Add ordereddict for python 2.6 compatibility
30396b7 Add missing requirement for tests
5e5b80a Update sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme to 0.3
d6be1d3 Remove quantumclient from global requirements
c456ab2 Update boto not use the version 2.13.0
dac35d2 Update the version of cliff in global-requirements.txt
b66f09b Add a list of projects that we want to sync to
908c5b9 Add diskimage-builder and tripleo-image-elements
0b3819b Update Ceilometer alembic requirement to 0.6.0 version
b6cbf93 Add TripleO for-heat modules.
2dc005e Describe SQLAlchemy constraint more clearly.
79f81b0 Remove version pins from setup
99734bc Add falcon to global-requirements
88ef310 update min version for neutronclient
cca4626 Added upper version boundry for six to <1.4.0
f55060f Bump python-cinderclient requirement to >=1.0.5
04151b4 Add jsonpatch
c0701b8 bump keystoneclient to 0.3.2
88ab6d0 Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.2.0a11
d1c6021 pin keyring to < 2.0
26619e4 Revert "Pin python-subunit to 0.0.13"
9e98c31 Pin python-subunit to 0.0.13
6699a8b Add jsonpath-rw
09fae0e Update Flask dependency
0f0d108 Allow use of hp3parclient 2.0
f73034b Bump python-ceilometerclient to 1.0.3
202d538 Add some more filters to the .gitignore
a8fee0b Bump python-swiftclient requirement to >=1.5
281b9e0 Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.2.0a10
cc1d8e6 assign a min version to pycadf
dca7f1c Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.2.0a9
773050d Remove upper bounds on lifeless test libraries
998dda2 python3: Add mox3 dependency
aeb2e66 Ignore common files that should never be added.
1224c35 Add pystache
a392309 New fixtures release.
91ca97c Uncap testscenarios.
3f093a2 Ignore the ending of commit messages.
b5c8d73 Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.2.0a6
1c05306 Add dogpile.cache>=0.5.0 to requirements
5f843ca Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.2.0a5
d297e3d Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.2.0a4
7727b05 Add note to test-requirements saying its local only
889beaf Bump hacking to 0.7 globally
4447002 Allow use of oslo.messaging 1.2.0a2
01d19bd Bump hacking to 0.7
d509c40 Bump the pip version and add wheel
b526be5 update mock minimum to 1.0
a28885e Add pyghmi
a9136d8 add option for adding a suffix to output files
63322c9 use dev-requirements for global sync
5d0c850 add pycadf library
cbf8d6d Require lesscpy>=0.9j
ec04894 Remove unneeded tests dir reference
6f3ca19 Update ourselves to ourselves
36ca418 Add pep8 checks
170caae Revert "remove netifaces as a requirement"
b6573a4 Always specify a lower bound on packages
ba70d3c remove netifaces as a requirement
5a626f0 Raise psutil requirement
7df53aa Update keyring minimum version
e3e2711 Add pysnmp needed for Ceilometer/HardwareAgent/SNMPInspector
5c78d6b Raise eventlet to 0.13.0
6a31ae3 Bump pbr requirment to 0.5.21
b5a85e7 Raise warlock requirement
6c43f97 removal invalid pin of python-requests<=1.2.2
bb8f26c Add support for Keystone V3 Auth in Horizon.
3af5517 Drop Cheetah global requirement
941412d Allow pyflakes 0.7.3
3b7afbe Add an exclusion for projects not on pbr
11aa4b3 Update to also write a stock
f7fbf48 one global-requirements.txt to rule them all
005fd50 update jsonschema requirements to match reality
1c45c46 make sqla requirements safe for nova
9fc032a Remove d2to1 from list
5f99f18 Revert "Pin Babel to <1.0 since it doesn't play well with pip 1.4"
adf074b Pin Babel to <1.0 since it doesn't play well with pip 1.4
4ccf47a update global requires on clients for keystone fix
9223cbf Added cffi as a requirement.
c964bc5 Updated minimal version of pymongo to 2.4.
695d9a7 Add sockjs-tornado requirement
42c2033 Add python-troveclient to requirements
c568120 Allow hacking 0.6.x
936e892 Update pip depend to >= 1.0
0305e59 Update capitalization on all of our requirements
479cf1d Add lesscpy>=0.9h
c8f3e4b Upgrade testrepository version dependency
d5e21fb Add support for Keystone V3 Auth in Horizon.
25aa49e Add lower bound for all dependencies with upper bound
126c30a Remove Ming and SpiderMonkey
af8138c Require later version of stevedore
e977e40 remove python-fooclient version caps
af27880 Raise testrepository requirement to >= 0.0.15
00e06ce Temporary change the djangoopenstackauth requirement
eec5d93 Add HTTPretty to test requirements.
e6314a0 Allow use of oslo.config-1.2.0a3
4fec3a0 Clean up pass-through logic in
09fd1dc Add direct depend on hgtools.
09ab86a Add a version to pytz.
96f3836 Adding jinja2 for templating config files.
2438284 Add oslo.sphinx
0b8794a Make openstack.requirements installable.
90f4841 add requirement for python-neutronclient
872dd78 Allow Keystoneclient 0.3.x
1ea28eb Add requirement on pip.
ec9cf61 Rename pip-requires to requirements.txt.
f10ee55 Change requirement for hacking to >=0.5.6
1b10f40 Bump requests to 1.2.3
c5df1aa Preserve order and comments when updating
e58eb6d Adding python-ceilometerclient to requires.
eb08796 Avoid jsonschema 1.4.0 - Release was pulled.
48825a3 Update pycrypto to 2.6 or later.
71d0600 Require eventlet >= 0.12.0
4f81f41 Update WebOb version dependency
a2acf94 Update testtools to 0.9.32
409cec2 Update pyparsing to 1.5.7
5c38d13 Require greenlet 0.3.2 (or later)
70f2385 Update anyjson to 0.3.3
0dd9ff4 update pbr to latest version 0.5.16
e154cad Update stevedore to 0.9
102b02c Remove distribute from the requires list.
7a81434 Update cliff requirement to 1.4
4218dcd Bump kombu requirements
0e67f3d Restrict jsonschema to <2 for now a63c029 Bump django-openstack-auth version 0635403 Add sphinxcontrib-httpdomain 4d3bea5 Bump version of PBR. 7c62ae5 Avoid duplicate pep8 generation 398574c Specify django_compressor version to 1.3 and higher 1e5f2fa Update requirements.txt/test-requirements.txt e60166e Restrict python-cinderclient to <2 for now 40fdc88 Add oauth2 to tools/pip-requires 99ddaf2 Bump openstack-auth version c2b99a1 Cap requests <1.2.1. e2eb280 Add requirement for PBR level >=0.5.10,<0.6
87ae7aa Add python-heatclient to pip-requires
33364fc Add psutil
c5b98e8 Add msgpack as a dependency
4fe6d65 Adding kazoo (Zookeeper driver)
651f3b0 Add sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme
1c95fc1 Add ming as a test requirement
a931461 Run the dnspython dependency back.
9c96e0b bump cinderclient version to 1.0.4
765f4a6 Raise jsonschema requirement to 1.0.0+
30ae319 Remove AGPL rtslib from pip-requires
9a6c7ba Tie the pep8/pyflakes/flake8 versions.
3394b92 Bump the testtools lower bound.
f232a28 Add jsonrpclib needed for Arista Driver/Plugin
0ce1b5e Add Django 1.5 support and bump openstackauth.
9490c88 Add python-six dependency
d77553d Update wsme to version 0.5b2 for upstream bug fixes
4b6c62e Update requests version
ea1666c Update d2to1 to 0.2.10.
c5b703a Bump python-glanceclient to 0.9.0.
c4177ff Add dnspython as a requirement.
aea036d Add d2to1 and pbr.
44ec244 Add testresources and testscenarios.
a1f3c5a Add hacking to requirements.
59daba8 Bump python-novaclient to 2.12.0 for fixed
ips quotas support
de5cc39 Remove merciless git link.
c07450a Add flake8.
3c2ebd4 pin pep8 to an exact version
f8577dc Revert "Add importlib."
ec00b86 Add importlib.
b1fc023 Add pytest-runner.
07257cc Pin websockify to <0.4.
71f20fe Allow for prettytable 0.7.x as well
bd7fab2 Require paramiko >= 1.8.0
9037db5 Switch to final 1.1.0 oslo.config release
c3b46c8 Raise stevedore requirement to 0.7
fa03e4a Pin SQLAlchemy to 0.7.x
f3af76a Update to Quantum Client 2.2.0
edaf0c4 Add script for updating requirements
9b6a2b9 Build a new requirements list
4e1eb0a Correct typo for prettytable version cap.
21d04e1 Added .gitreview

Requirements updates

diff --git a/global-requirements.txt b/global-requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..48ca2f1
--- /dev/null
+++ b/global-requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,402 @@
+abclient>=0.2.3 # Apache-2.0
+alembic>=0.8.4 # MIT
+amqp>=1.4.0,<2.0 # LGPL
+anyjson>=0.3.3 # BSD
+appdirs>=1.3.0 # MIT License
+apscheduler # MIT License
+astroid<1.4.0 # LGPLv2.1 # breaks pylint 1.4.4
+autobahn>=0.10.1 # MIT License
+automaton>=0.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+beautifulsoup4 # MIT
+Babel>=2.3.4 # BSD
+betamax>=0.7.0 # Apache-2.0
+boto>=2.32.1 # MIT
+botocore>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+cassandra-driver>=2.1.4,!=3.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+castellan>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+ceilometermiddleware>=0.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+cachetools>=1.1.0 # MIT License
+cffi # MIT
+cliff>=2.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+cmd2>=0.6.7 # MIT
+PuLP>=1.4.1 # MIT
+contextlib2>=0.4.0 # PSF License
+croniter>=0.3.4 # MIT License
+cryptography>=1.0,!=1.3.0 # BSD/Apache-2.0
+cursive>=0.1.1 # Apache-2.0
+ddt>=1.0.1 # MIT
+debtcollector>=1.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+decorator>=3.4.0 # BSD
+dib-utils # Apache-2.0
+diskimage-builder>=1.1.2,!=1.6.0,!=1.7.0,!=1.7.1 # Apache-2.0
+Django>=1.8,<1.9 # BSD
+django-babel>=0.5.1 # BSD
+djangocompressor>=2.0 # MIT
+django-floppyforms>=1,<2 # BSD +django-formtools # BSD +django_openstack_auth>=2.4.0 # Apache-2.0
version=='2.7' #
+dnspython3>=1.12.0,!=1.13.0,!=1.14.0;pythonversion>='3.0' #
+dogpile.cache>=0.6.2 # BSD
+dogtag-pki>= # LGPLv3+
+elasticsearch>=2.0.0,<=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0
version=='2.7' or pythonversion=='2.6' or pythonversion=='3.3' # BSD
+# NOTE: New versions of eventlet should not be accepted lightly
+# as they have earned a reputation of frequently breaking things.
+eventlet!=0.18.3,>=0.18.2 # MIT
+extras # MIT
+fairy-slipper>=0.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+falcon>=0.1.6 # Apache-2.0
+Flask>=0.10,!=0.11,<1.0 # BSD
+fortiosclient>=0.0.2 # Apache-2.0
+futures>=3.0;pythonversion=='2.7' or pythonversion=='2.6' # BSD
+futurist>=0.11.0,!=0.15.0 # Apache-2.0
+funcsigs>=0.4;pythonversion=='2.7' or pythonversion=='2.6' # Apache-2.0
+gitdb>=0.6.4 # BSD License (3 clause)
+glancestore>=0.18.0 # Apache-2.0
+google-api-python-client>=1.4.2 # Apache-2.0
+graphviz>=0.4.0,!=0.5.0 # MIT License
+greenlet>=0.3.2 # MIT
+GitPython>=1.0.1 # BSD License (3 clause)
version=='2.7' # MIT
+heat-translator>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+httplib2>=0.7.5 # MIT
+icalendar>=3.10 # BSD
+ironic-lib>=2.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+ipaddress>=1.0.7;pythonversion<'3.3' # PSF
+iso8601>=0.1.11 # MIT
+Jinja2>=2.8 # BSD License (3 clause)
+jsonpatch>=1.1 # BSD
+jsonpath-rw>=1.2.0,<2.0 # Apache-2.0
+jsonpath-rw-ext>=0.1.9 # Apache-2.0
+jsonschema>=2.0.0,<3.0.0,!=2.5.0 # MIT
+kazoo>=2.2 # Apache-2.0
+keystoneauth1>=2.14.0 # Apache-2.0
+keystonemiddleware>=4.2.0,!=4.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+krest>=1.3.1 # Apache-2.0
+kuryr-lib>=0.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+packaging>=16.5 # Apache-2.0
+positional>=1.1.1 # Apache-2.0
+pyScss>=1.3.4,!=1.3.5 # MIT License
+django-pyscss>=2.0.2 # BSD License (2 clause)
+kombu>=3.0.25,!=4.0.0 # BSD
+ldap3>=1.0.2 # LGPLv3
+libvirt-python>=1.2.5 # LGPLv2+
+lxml>=2.3 # BSD
+Mako>=0.4.0 # MIT
+marathon>=0.8.6 # MIT
+microversion-parse>=0.1.2 # Apache-2.0
+mistral!=2015.1.0,>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+monasca-common>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+monasca-statsd>=1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+monotonic>=0.6 # Apache-2.0
+msgpack-python>=0.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+murano-pkg-check>=0.2.0 # Apache-2.0
version<'3.0' # BSD
+netaddr>=0.7.13,!=0.7.16 # BSD
+netifaces>=0.10.4 # MIT
+netmiko!=0.4.3,>=0.3.0 # MIT
+networkx>=1.10 # BSD
+neutron-lib>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+notifier>=1.0.3 # Apache-2.0
+oauth2client>=1.5.0,!=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+oauthlib>=0.6 # BSD
+openstackdocstheme>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+ordereddict # MIT
+osc-lib>=1.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.cache>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.config>=3.14.0,!=3.18.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.concurrency>=3.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.context>=2.9.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.db>=4.11.0,!=4.13.1,!=4.13.2 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.i18n>=2.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.log>=3.11.0 # Apache-2.0
+# NOTE(mriedem): oslo.messaging 3.1.0 breaks Ironic
+oslo.messaging>=5.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.middleware>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.policy>=1.15.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.privsep>=1.9.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.reports>=0.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.rootwrap>=5.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.serialization>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.service>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.utils>=3.18.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.vmware>=2.11.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslo.versionedobjects>=1.13.0 # Apache-2.0
+osprofiler>=1.4.0 # Apache-2.0
+os-apply-config # Apache-2.0
+os-brick>=1.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+os-client-config>=1.22.0 # Apache-2.0
+os-cloud-config # Apache-2.0
+os-collect-config # Apache-2.0
+os-refresh-config # Apache-2.0
+os-testr>=0.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+os-vif>=1.3.0 # Apache-2.0
+ovs>=2.6.1 # Apache-2.0
+os-win>=1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+paramiko>=2.0 # LGPLv2.1+
+Parsley # MIT
+pathlib2>=2.1.0 # MIT
+passlib>=1.6 # BSD
+Paste # MIT
+PasteDeploy>=1.5.0 # MIT
+pbr>=1.8 # Apache-2.0
+pecan>=1.0.0,!=1.0.2,!=1.0.3,!=1.0.4,!=1.2 # BSD
+pexpect>=3.1,!=3.3 # ISC License
+pifpaf>=0.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+pika>=0.10.0 # BSD
+pika-pool>=0.1.3 # BSD
+Pillow>=2.4.0 # PIL License
+Pint>=0.5 # BSD
+pip>=6.0 # MIT
+posixipc # BSD
+PrettyTable>=0.7.1,<0.8 # BSD
+psutil>=1.1.1,<2.0.0 # BSD
+pyasn1 # BSD
+pyasn1-modules # BSD
+pycadf>=1.1.0,!=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+pycrypto>=2.6 # Public Domain
+PyECLib>=1.3.1 # BSD
+pyghmi>=1.0.9 # Apache-2.0
platform!='win32' and sysplatform!='darwin' and sysplatform!='sunos5' # MIT
+PyJWT>=1.0.1 # MIT
+pykmip>=0.5.0 # Apache 2.0 License
+pyldap>=2.4.20 # PSF
+pylxd>=2.1.1 # Apache-2.0
+pymemcache>=1.2.9,!=1.3.0 # Apache 2.0 License
+pymod2pkg>=0.6.1 # Apache-2.0
+pymongo>=3.0.2,!=3.1 # Apache-2.0
+PyMySQL>=0.6.2,!=0.7.7 # MIT License
+python-etcd>=0.4.3 # MIT License
+python-k8sclient>=0.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+typing>= # PSF
+voluptuous>=0.8.9 # BSD License
+vmware-nsxlib>=0.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+pydotplus>=2.0.2 # MIT License
+crc16>=0.1.1 # LGPLv3+
+pyzabbix>=0.7.4 # LGPL
+# NOTE(flaper87): This added 2 packages to
+# uuid-dev and swig
+pyngus>=2.0.2 # Apache-2.0
+pyOpenSSL>=0.14 # Apache-2.0
+pyparsing>=2.0.7 # MIT
+pyroute2>=0.4.3 # Apache-2.0 (+ dual licensed GPL2)
+pysnmp>=4.2.3,<5.0.0 # BSD
+pystache # MIT
+# NOTE(dims): pysaml 4.0.3 uses pycryptodome instead of pycrypto, for mitaka
+# we cannot switch to pycryptodome as many projects are likely to break. So
+# we should block versions higher then 4.0.2. Also, once all projects and
+# dependencies like paramiko switch to pycryptodome, we should revisit this
+# and fully switch over to pycryptodome and stop using pycrypto
+pysaml2>=2.4.0,<4.0.3 # Apache-2.0
+# OpenStack clients. None of these should have an upper bound
+# as that has implications for testing in the gate.
+aodhclient>=0.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-barbicanclient>=4.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-ceilometerclient>=2.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-cinderclient>=1.6.0,!=1.7.0,!=1.7.1 # Apache-2.0
+python-congressclient>=1.3.0,<2000 # Apache-2.0 +python-designateclient>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-heatclient>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-glanceclient>=2.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-ironic-inspector-client>=1.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-ironicclient>=1.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-karborclient>=0.0.9 # Apache-2.0
+python-keystoneclient>=3.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-magnumclient>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-manilaclient>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-mistralclient>=2.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-muranoclient>=0.8.2 # Apache-2.0
+python-monascaclient>=1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-neutronclient>=5.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-novaclient>=2.29.0,!=2.33.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-openstackclient>=3.3.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-saharaclient>=0.18.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-searchlightclient>=1.0.0 #Apache-2.0
+python-senlinclient>=0.3.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-smaugclient>=0.0.5 # Apache-2.0
+python-solumclient>=1.2.7 # Apache-2.0
+python-swiftclient>=2.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-tackerclient>=0.6.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-troveclient>=2.2.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-watcherclient>=0.23.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-zaqarclient>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+python-memcached>=1.56 # PSF
+python-dateutil>=2.4.2 # BSD
+# 2013.6 is the first version of pytz that is PEP 440 compatible.
+pytz>=2013.6 # MIT
+pyudev # LGPLv2.1+
+PyYAML>=3.10.0 # MIT
+qpid-python;pythonversion=='2.7' # Apache-2.0
+reno>=1.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+requests>=2.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+requests-aws>=0.1.4 # BSD License (3 clause)
+requests-kerberos>=0.6 # ISC
+requestsexceptions>=1.1.1 # Apache-2.0
+rfc3986>=0.2.2 # Apache-2.0
version=='2.7' # MIT
+Routes>=1.12.3,!=2.0,!=2.3.0;pythonversion!='2.7' # MIT
+rtslib-fb>=2.1.43,!=2.1.60,!=2.1.61 # Apache-2.0
+ryu>=3.30,!=4.1,!=4.2,!=4.2.1,!=4.4,!=4.8 # Apache-2.0
version>=2.3.1 # BSD
+fasteners>=0.7 # Apache-2.0
+simplejson>=2.2.0 # MIT
+six>=1.9.0 # MIT
+scipy>=0.17.1 # BSD
+scikit-learn>=0.17.1 # BSD
+SQLAlchemy>=1.0.10,<1.1.0 # MIT
+SQLAlchemy-Utils # BSD License
+sqlalchemy-migrate>=0.9.6 # Apache-2.0
+stevedore>=1.17.1 # Apache-2.0
+sysvipc>=0.6.8 # BSD License
+suds-jurko>=0.6 # LGPLv3+
+sympy>=0.7.6 # BSD
+taskflow>=1.26.0 # Apache-2.0
+tempest>=12.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+tempest-lib>=0.14.0 # Apache-2.0
+tooz>=1.28.0 # Apache-2.0
+tosca-parser>=0.5.0 # Apache-2.0
+tripleo-common>=5.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+urllib3>=1.15.1 # MIT
version<'3.0' # BSD
+warlock>=1.0.1,!=1.3.0,<2 # Apache-2.0 +WebOb>=1.6.0 # MIT
+websocket-client>=0.32.0 # LGPLv2+
+websockify>=0.8.0 # LGPLv3
+wheel # MIT
+PyMI>=1.0.0;sysplatform=='win32' # Apache 2.0 License
platform=='win32' # MIT
+WSME>=0.8 # MIT
+xattr>=0.4 # MIT
+XenAPI>=1.2 # LGPL
+XStatic>=1.0.0 # MIT License
+XStatic-Angular>=1.3.7 # MIT License
+XStatic-Angular-Bootstrap>= # MIT License
+XStatic-Angular-Gettext>= # MIT License
+XStatic-Angular-lrdragndrop>= # MIT License
+XStatic-Angular-Schema-Form>= # MIT
+XStatic-angular-ui-router>= # MIT
+XStatic-Bootstrap-Datepicker>= # Apache 2.0 License
+XStatic-Bootstrap-SCSS>= # Apache 2.0 License
+XStatic-bootswatch>= # MIT License
+XStatic-D3>= # BSD License (3 clause)
+XStatic-Font-Awesome>=4.3.0 # SIL OFL 1.1 License, MIT License
+XStatic-Hogan>= # Apache 2.0 License
+XStatic-Jasmine>= # MIT License
+XStatic-jQuery>= # MIT License
+XStatic-JQuery-Migrate>= # MIT License
+XStatic-JQuery.quicksearch>= # MIT License
+XStatic-JQuery.TableSorter>= # MIT License
+XStatic-jquery-ui>= # MIT License
+XStatic-JSEncrypt>= # MIT License
+XStatic-Magic-Search>= # Apache 2.0 License
+XStatic-mdi>= # SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1
+XStatic-objectpath>= # MIT
+XStatic-Rickshaw>=1.5.0 # BSD License (prior)
+XStatic-roboto-fontface>= # Apache 2.0 License
+XStatic-smart-table>=,!= # MIT License
+XStatic-Spin>= # MIT License
+XStatic-term.js>= # MIT License
+XStatic-tv4>= # MIT
+XStatic-Angular-FileUpload>= # MIT License
+yaql>=1.1.0 # Apache 2.0 License
+# Testing tools below, which are typically in test-requires.txt
+bandit>=1.1.0 # Apache-2.0
+bashate>=0.2 # Apache-2.0
+cliff-tablib>=1.0 # Apache-2.0
+couchdb>=0.8 # Apache-2.0
+coverage>=4.0 # Apache-2.0
+demjson # GLGPLv3+
+docker-py>=1.6.0,<1.8.0 # Apache-2.0
+discover # BSD
+django-nose>=1.4.4 # BSD
+doc8 # Apache-2.0
+fixtures>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+freezegun>=0.3.6 # Apache-2.0
+gabbi>=1.26.1 # Apache-2.0
+kafka-python>=0.9.5,<1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+keyring>=5.5.1 # MIT/PSF
+ldappool>=2.0.0 # MPL
+# Do not make mock conditional on Python version: we depend on newer code than
+# in [most] releases of the Python std library.
+mock>=2.0 # BSD
+mox>=0.5.3 # Apache-2.0
+mox3>=0.7.0 # Apache-2.0
+MySQL-python;pythonversion=='2.7' # GPL with FOSS exception
+nodeenv>=0.9.4 # BSD License # BSD
+nose # LGPL
+nose-exclude # LGPL
+nosehtmloutput>=0.0.3 # Apache-2.0
+nosexcover # BSD
+openstack-doc-tools>=0.23 # Apache-2.0
plugin>=0.7 # Apache-2.0
+openstacksdk>=0.9.7 # Apache-2.0
+os-api-ref>=1.0.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslosphinx>=4.7.0 # Apache-2.0
+oslotest>=1.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+proboscis>= # Apache-2.0
+psycopg2>=2.5 # LGPL/ZPL
+pysendfile>=2.0.0 # MIT
+python-consul>=0.4.7 # MIT License
+python-subunit>=0.0.18 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+python-pytun>=2.2.1 # MIT
+pyzmq>=14.3.1 # LGPL+BSD
+redis>=2.10.0 # MIT
+hiredis>=0.2.0 # BSD
+requests-mock>=1.1 # Apache-2.0
+tenacity>=3.2.1 # Apache-2.0
+retrying>=1.2.3,!=1.3.0 # Apache-2.0
+speccleaner>=0.8.2 # BSD
+selenium>=2.50.1 # Apache-2.0
+# While setuptools cannot deal with pre-installed incompatible versions,
+# setting a lower bound is not harmful - it makes error messages cleaner. DO
+# NOT set an upper bound on setuptools, as that will lead to uninstallable
+# situations as progressive releases of projects are done.
+setuptools>=16.0,!=24.0.0 # PSF/ZPL
+sphinx>=1.2.1,!=1.3b1,<1.4 # BSD
+sphinx-testing # BSD License
+sphinxcontrib-blockdiag # BSD
+sphinxcontrib-httpdomain # BSD
+sphinxcontrib-seqdiag # BSD
+sphinxcontrib-pecanwsme>=0.8 # Apache-2.0
+sphinxcontrib-fulltoc # Apache-2.0
+sphinxmark>=0.1.14 # Apache-2.0
+testrepository>=0.0.18 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+testresources>=0.2.4 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+testscenarios>=0.4 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+testtools>=1.4.0 # MIT
+trollius>=1.0 # Apache-2.0
+ujson>=1.35 # BSD
+unittest2 # BSD
+virtualenv # MIT
+wrapt>=1.7.0 # BSD License
+WebTest>=2.0 # MIT
+Werkzeug>=0.7 # BSD License
+xmltodict>=0.10.1 # MIT
intercept>=1.4.1 # MIT License
+xvfbwrapper>=0.1.3 #license: MIT
+zake>=0.1.6 # Apache-2.0
+# Pinned requirements
+# Some requirements, like linters need to be pinned, because they have
+# terrible backwards compatibility stories. These requirements must
+# only be updated during the first milestone window of a release,
+# because they are way too disruptive beyond that. Ideally nothing
+# beyond this list would ever use a ==
+flake8>=2.5.4,<2.6.0 # MIT
+flake8_docstrings==0.2.1.post1 # MIT
+hacking>=0.12.0,<0.13 # Apache-2.0
+mccabe==0.2.1 # MIT License
+pep257==0.7.0 # MIT License
+pep8==1.5.7 # MIT
+pyflakes==0.8.1 # MIT
+pylint==1.4.5 # GPLv2
diff --git a/requirements.txt b/requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f7bd1df
--- /dev/null
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+fixtures>=3.0.0 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+Parsley # MIT
+six>=1.9.0 # MIT
+packaging>=16.5 # Apache-2.0
+requests>=2.10.0 # Apache-2.0
+PyYAML>=3.10.0 # MIT
diff --git a/test-requirements.txt b/test-requirements.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..f7c822e
--- /dev/null
+++ b/test-requirements.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+# The order of packages is significant, because pip processes them in the order
+# of appearance. Changing the order has an impact on the overall integration
+# process, which may cause wedges in the gate later.
+# NOTE: These are requirements for testing the requirements project only
+# See global-requirements for the actual requirements list
+testrepository>=0.0.18 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+testscenarios>=0.4 # Apache-2.0/BSD
+testtools>=1.4.0 # MIT
+virtualenv # MIT
+setuptools!=24.0.0,>=16.0 # PSF/ZPL
+mock>=2.0 # BSD
+# this is required for the docs build jobs
+sphinx!=1.3b1,<1.4,>=1.2.1 # BSD
+oslosphinx>=4.7.0 # Apache-2.0

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