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[openstack-dev] What's Up, Doc? Holiday Edition!

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Hi everyone,

The end of the year is nearly upon us already, and this will be my last newsletter for 2016, before I disappear for the holidays on the 16th. I've had yet another wonderful year with all you lovely OpenStack people, and I wish all of you and your families a happy and safe holiday, wherever and however you celebrate it. Here in Australia, the temperature is starting to soar, so I'm off on another cruise, followed by a few lazy days by the pool with family and friends. I'll be back in the office early in the new year, and ready to kick Ocata out of the door!

As many of you already know, I'm not planning on running for Pike PTL. If you're interested in running for PTL (for Pike or any future release), and would like a crash course in PTLing, please let me know and I can share whatever meagre wisdom I've gleaned before self nominations open in mid-January.

== Progress towards Ocata ==

82 days to go!

Closed 106 bugs so far.

Release tasks are being tracked here:

== The Road to PTG in Atlanta ==

Event info is available here:
Purchase tickets here:

Docs is a horizontal project, so our sessions will run across the Monday and Tuesday of the event.

The incoming PTL will be responsible for planning and running sessions at the Atlanta PTG.

== Speciality Team Reports ==

  • API: Anne Gentle
    The App Dev Support WG is working on a survey to determine which content areas to invest in for content on (

  • Configuration Reference and CLI Reference: Tomoyuki Kato
    We try to recreating the single page view for the "openstack" command. I'd like to generate the reference from source code automatically. However, python-openstackclient has many plug-ins. It is difficulty, but worth to tackle it. We need your help!

  • High Availability Guide: Andrew Beekhof
    No formal report, but Alex Settle has been doing a lot of work on this guide recently, cleaning up, and raising bugs for some of the TODO items. We need to consider if the HA guide is an ongoing concern. Ben Silverman is wondering if we can fold the content into the Ops/Arch Guides. This will be raised on the mailing list for more conversation.

  • Hypervisor Tuning Guide: Joe Topjian
    No report this week

  • Installation guides: Lana Brindley
    We've heard back from Foundation on design resources, I'm going to reply to that email today and hopefully start drafting the new design next week. I've also got Piet from the UX team on board to help. Anyone who wants to be involved with that, please contact me.

  • Networking Guide: John Davidge
    No update this week.

  • Operations and Architecture Design guides: Darren Chan
    For the Arch guide, patches for networking and compute content were merged, thanks to Ben and Shaun. For the Ops Guide, there is patch up to update the upgrades chapter and include links to the project upgrade notes:

  • Security Guide: Nathaniel Dillon
    No update this week.

  • Training Guides: Matjaz Pancur
    BCN Upstream training article in the Superuser magazine: - actively looking for contributors to join the Upstream training, please see - cleaned test entries in the Launchpad bug queue and the Sandbox repository (left from the Barcelona Upstream training) - updated Training guides README.rst

  • Training labs: Pranav Salunke, Roger Luethi
    No update this week.

  • User guides: Joseph Robinson
    The legacy command conversion continues at a good pace. I have some more updates to patch today. The only obstacle I have run into is generating new output to match the OpenStack command client. Otherwise, contributors have been adding to the table, and there's been steady patching completed. Just a reminder to update the table if making a change:

== Doc team meeting ==

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 16 December at 2100 UTC in #openstack-meeting-alt

For more meeting details, including minutes and the agenda:


Keep on doc'ing!


Lana Brindley
Technical Writer
Rackspace Cloud Builders Australia

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