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[OpenStack-DefCore] Defcore-committee Mailing List Will Shut Down December 9, 2016

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As part of renaming the "DefCore Working Group" to the "Interop Working
Group", The Defcore-committee mailing list will be shut down on Friday
December 9, 2016. All members in the current list will be unsubscribed
and no new subscribers will be allowed to join the list. The mailing list
archive will remain online[1]. We have created a new mailing list,
Interop-wg, dedicated to the communications of the Interop Working
Group and related projects. If you want to continue to follow and
participate with OpenStack interoperability efforts, please subscribe to
the Interop-wg mailing list at:

Thank you,
Chris Hoge
Interop Engineer
OpenStack Foundation


Defcore-committee mailing list
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