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[OpenStack Foundation] Board Election Promotion

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Several people have asked for guidance on what are considered acceptable campaign tactics during a board election. Generally speaking, If you'd like to endorse or campaign for a particular candidate, feel free. And if you're a candidate yourself, by all means speak up and make your point of view known to potential voters. Participation is key!

The area where it gets tricky are the various communication mediums. I think it's appropriate to post to your own personal blog or social media handle. It would not be appropriate, however, to use an official OpenStack-branded channel, such as the portal as that might give the impression that one candidate over another is being endorsed.

With respect to local user groups and web channels, I think they should remain neutral ground that are open to all local community members. So if individuals post links to their personal posts detailing their platforms or endorsements in that context, that seems fine to me, provided all local community members can do the same.

Ultimately it’s up to the members to decide during the election, but providing them with relevant information is certainly helpful.

As always, if you have a particular question or concern please contact (Jonathan Bryce), or if you have a specific election incident to report contact the election inspector at


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