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[openstack-dev] [neutron] vhost-user server mode and reconnect

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Hi everyone
I first proposed a series of patches to enable vhost-user with a
Qemu server/ ovs client topology last july before the relevant changes
To enable this configuration had been release in ovs with dpdk.

Since then ovs 2.6 is out and shipping, (2.7 will be out soon)
And all of the depdecies on nova, os-vif, dpdk, qemu and the requirements
Repo have been merged.
The final piece to enable this feature with the ovs agents backend is

it has been a while since this patch was actively reviewed so I have
added everyone who has previously reviewed this change to the to
Line and would ask that if you have time to review it please do.

I would like to get this feature finished and merged before the ocata
Code freeze next week if possible. Given that the code has been largely
Unchanged since your initial review bar addressing comments raised
I think it is in a sable state and ready to merge unless other issues are raised.


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