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[openstack-dev] [I18n] Horizon and Horizon plugins: StringFreeze policies for translation

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Hello OpenStack developers!

My name is Ian and I am now serving I18n PTL for Ocata cycle.

For previous releases, I18n team set higher priorities for translations
on Horizon and Horizon plugins
during Soft and Hard StringFreezes to include user-faced translated
strings as much as possible within releases.

On the other hand, since Ocata cycle is a little bit short, on the last
I18n IRC meeting,
I18n team decided to start translations from now although some Horizon
and Horizon plugin projects might
have not freezed all the strings (Soft StringFreeze) yet.
If some projects still have more strings to be freezed, please tell me
through this thread and/or call me (@ianychoi)
on #openstack-18n channel.

Also, since just one week during Soft & Hard Freeze is too short for
translators to complete translating and reviewing strings,
some translation contribution might be after RC1.
I18n team would like to do translations by R-2 week (Feb 06 - Feb 10),
and I hope that all translations
will be successfully included into releases by RC2 and further
intermediary / final RCs.

I do not expect a worse situation: for instance, there will be more
translation in a project during R-2 week
but no further releases will be packed in the corresponding project.

Also, it seems that is out of date.
Please fill out liaison information or I would like to ask about I18n
liaisons later through PTLs :)

With many thanks,


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [OpenStack-I18n] [StringFreeze] Soft StringFreeze starts!
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 02:16:24 +0300
From: Ilya Alekseyev

Dear language coordinators & translators!

Only four weeks left before Ocata release [1] and I would like to inform
you that Soft StringFreeze period has come.

Language teams need to focus on Horizon and Horizon-related projects
before all translated strings will be packaged for upcoming release.

According to the dashboard on, our
targeted priorities look as follows:

  • Dashboard - Horizon (High)
  • Dashboard Authorization Page (High)
  • neutron-lbaas-dashboard (High)
  • Trove Dashboard (Medium)
  • Sahara Dashboard (Medium)
  • Murano Dashboard (Low)
  • Magnum UI (Low)
  • Designate Dashboard (Low)

All of those and more additional target projects grouped in [2] in
master branch
and PTL (@ianychoi) will check feature freeze status on projects listed
He will create a stable version: stable-ocata in Zanata for the target
projects this week.

Although the stable version has not been created yet, but it is highly
encouraged to translate those projects from now, since StringFreeze
periods are relatively short during Ocata cycle.

If you have questions, feel free to ask through mailing list or ask I18n
members on Freenode #openstack-i18n channel.

Thank you all for your contribution!


Ilya Alekseyev (IRC: adiantum), StringFreeze Manager in Ocata cycle
Ian Y. Choi (IRC: ianychoi), I18n Ocata PTL

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