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[openstack-dev] [openstack-docs] [i18n] PTG schedule

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Hey everyone,

Ian and I have written up combined docs and I18n schedule for the PTG:

I have packed in everything on a pretty tight schedule with time allocations simply because we have a lot of big topics to talk about between the two projects and I want to make sure we cover the smaller stuff too, but this is only a recommended set of guidelines. We have the full 2 days no matter what – things can be changed. Please reach out if the time does not work for you.

I have included everyone’s names next to the sessions they have proposed. There is one session that is nameless – Upgrade Guide – please let me know if this is you (Darren Chan, maybe?)
Some of the time slots are purposefully done to accommodate for remote attendees – keep this in mind as well.

I have included a new section underneath the schedule for working sessions. I know a few docs people will be around on the Wed – Fri. If anyone is interested in getting together after the 2 days to smash some bugs, or implement a new plan, put your name down and I will organize a room for us. This will be an informal session.

Any questions, or if I have missed something, please reach out to me :)


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