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[openstack-dev] [nova] About use oslo_service in nova and fix for OSSN-0039

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In, it's
requested that SSL/TLS library (OpenSSL in this case) is compiled without
SSLv3 ,
our internal discussion from some security experts suggested
we need add some code to
maybe something like: dupsocket = eventlet.wrapssl
(dupsocket, sslversion=ssl.PROTOCOLTLSv12,
so that nova client only requests TLSv1_2

         so the question is

1) why nova didn't use oslo service, so we can honor some options like
following while seems nova don't have?

2) is there a existing requirement to nova (and maybe other projects) on
OSSN 0039 in addition to recompile ssl library?

Best Regards!

Kevin (Chen) Ji 纪 晨

Engineer, zVM Development, CSTL
Notes: Chen CH Ji/China/IBM@IBMCN Internet:
Phone: +86-10-82451493
Address: 3/F Ring Building, ZhongGuanCun Software Park, Haidian District,
Beijing 100193, PRC

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