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Re: [openstack-dev] [qa][heat][murano][daisycloud] Removing Heatsupport from Tempest

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Hello Andrea,

daisycloud no longer uses OrchestrationClient. I will remove the related code. Thanks

for the information.

B. R.,


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Date: 2017/04/27 18:28
Subject: [openstack-dev] [qa][heat][murano][daisycloud] Removing Heatsupport from Tempest

Dear stackers,
starting in the Liberty cycle Tempest has defined a set of projects which are in scope for direct
testing in Tempest [0]. The current list includes keystone, nova, glance, swift, cinder and neutron.
All other projects can use the same Tempest testing infrastructure (or parts of it) by taking advantage

the Tempest plugin and stable interfaces.

Tempest currently hosts a set of API tests as well as a service client for the Heat project.
The Heat service client is used by the tests in Tempest, which run in Heat gate as part of the grenade
job, as well as in the Tempest gate (check pipeline) as part of the layer4 job.
According to code search [3] the Heat service client is also used by Murano and Daisycore.

I proposed a patch to Tempest to start the deprecation counter for Heat / orchestration related
configuration items in Tempest [4], and I would like to make sure that all tests and the service client
either find a new home outside of Tempest, or are removed, by the end the Pike cycle at the latest.

Heat has in-tree integration tests and Gabbi based API tests, but I don't know if those provide
enough coverage to replace the tests on Tempest side.

It would propose to move tests and client to a Tempest plugin owned / maintained by
the Heat team, so that the Heat team can have full flexibility in consolidating their integration
tests. For Murano and Daisycloud - and any other team that may want to use the Heat service
client in their tests, even if the client is removed from Tempest, it would still be available via
the Heat Tempest plugin. As long as the plugin implements the service client interface,
the Heat service client will register automatically in the service client manager and be available
for use as today.

Andrea Frittoli (andreaf)

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