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[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Operators Mid-Cycle Meetup, August 2017 - venue chosen!

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Hello Everyone,
The OS ops meetup team got together this past Wednesday during the Summit
to catch up on business and given the great turnout we took a vote on the
preferred venue for the August meetup. You can see a special etherpad for
the session here :

The "winner" is the Digital Culture Center, Mexico City ( for this August 9th and 10th, seemingly
unanimously. A lot of work remains to be done and I encourage all
interested parties to join during our regular IRC meetings as we as a
community try to make this happen. It is a bit more challenging this time
as there is not really a single hosting organisation arranging everything.
We have a venue and some volunteers, more are needed.

To try to help people make the regular IRC meeting, it has been proposed
that we alternate the meeting times so that they are convenient most folks
at least every other week ("good for north america" one week then "good for
APAC" the next). Your input on this would be greatly appreciated, there's a
section for this on the above-mentioned etherpad.

A big thanks to those who turned up and especially those who made sure we
got our discussion points into the etherpad.


Chris Morgan

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