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[Openstack-operators] [forum] [vm&bm] Action required to help improve Ops <-> Dev feedback loops

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These are my reflections on the three VM and Baremetal working group
sessions at the summit. Many thanks to everyone who was able to attend
and helped kick start these discussions. The etherpad is available

The first two of our sessioned focused on the Operator <-> Dev
feedback loop. After a voting excercise some clear priorities emerged:

  • Cross project placement
  • Quota improvements
  • Improved Cinder/Nova integration: multi-attach, cinder only VMs
  • RBAC / policy
  • Upgrades
  • Cleaner cross project interactions: Improved neutron port binding.

Several ops and dev folks have signed up to join each of those
discussioins. The next steps involve sending out emails to the ops

  1. Groups must contain BOTH operators and devs (being both is also fine!)
  2. Devs to reach out to ops with links to relavant design docs that
    need reviweing
  3. Operators to work with devs to agree clear priorities within each effort

More generally, and particularly for those not involved in the
priority setting at the summit, it would be good to hear if you are
seeing problems or missing features that are a bigger problem than all
of those features listed above. Of course any feedback and ideas on
how to keep this conversation going would be very welcome.

Many thanks,

There was also a session covering writing applications for the VM and
BM platform. The main outcome was a focus on keystone API keys. I plan
to take that part of the discussion to the dev mailing list, but you
can see the etherpad here:

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