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[Foundation Board] Register NOW - OpenDev, a New Edge Computing Event: Sept 7-8, San Francisco

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Hello Stackers,

If you’re involved in Edge Computing then we invite you to register for OpenDev, a new event that's specifically focused on Edge using open technologies.

The event is organized by the OpenStack Foundation, but it’s not OpenStack specific. Discussions will cover many relevant open technologies. OpenDev will take place at DogPatch Studios in San Francisco, September 7-8 - the week prior to the Denver PTG.

We’d love for you to help us make it a success to drive OpenStack and other tech in the right direction for Edge computing use cases.

This two-day event is designed to facilitate collaboration at a technical level with productive, working group discussions, in addition to lightning talk presentations on Edge use cases. You can view registration, schedule and sponsorship details at

There will be a range of sessions that are collaborative, led by moderators who dive into specific topics. Topics like managing security, what control planes need to look like, networking technologies in play, gap analysis across OpenStack and other projects, deployment considerations, zero touch provisioning and others. The discussions will be technical and specific—this is not meant to be a vision or thought leadership event, but a practical step forward in improving the state of Edge across open tech.

OpenDev will be much smaller than many of our events. The max capacity is fewer than 300 people so it will likely sell out fast. Since the event has limited size, we’re limiting registration to a max of 10 seats per company (15 seats per sponsor company). Tickets are only $100 for the two-day event.

Register HERE

We’d also like to know anyone you’re working with that you think would be an important participant. If you pass their info along, we can reach out to them and get them looped in.

Thanks for helping us advance the future of Edge computing.


Claire Massey
OpenStack Foundation

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