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[openstack-dev] [keystone] [keystone] [ptl] PTL candidacy for Queens

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Hi all,


I'd like to formally communicate my desire to continue serving as the
keystone PTL for the upcoming Queen’s release. Despite some turbulence
throughout the Pike development cycle, keystone has managed to make
progress on some long standing issues. Even though the pace of
development has decreased, I think we can build momentum from the small
victories in Pike and have a productive Queens release. I'd like to
direct our focus on the following areas for continued improvement and
stability of the keystone project throughout the Queen’s cycle.

  Policy Improvements

We dedicated a significant portion of our time this release getting
policy into code and documented. We also had meaningful discussions with
operators and developers, resulting in a plan that improves
long-standing issues with OpenStack policy enforcement. I'd like to
carry this momentum into Queens and ensure we’re implementing global
role assignments. Additionally, I'd like to work closely with the oslo
team to find ways we can signal deprecations to operators though the
oslo.policy library. This will help us define a better set of default
roles in Rocky, and clean-up policy enforcement at each service. Lastly,
I look forward to championing the community goal to move policy and
documentation into code for all applicable projects.

  Application Credentials

At the forum and while reviewing the specification, we realized just how
important this work is to our users. While it's unfortunate we didn't
make as much progress here as we hoped during Pike, the discussions this
cycle highlighted a lot of concerns with design as well as usability. I
think we're all better off and more prepared to address the last few
tough design bits during the PTG. One of my goals during the PTG is to
facilitate those conversations and verbosely communicate our approach. I
think that will help us keep the goal in mind as we drive towards
delivering this in Queens.

  Unified Limits

Addressing unified limits was another long-standing issue that we did a
good job of capturing and documenting throughout the Pike release [0].
Pending available resources, it would be great to push this forward,
starting with unified limits in keystone. This will have a positive
impact on any project currently experiencing issues with quota and will
make quota usability more consistent overall.


Throughout Pike, our team spent a significant amount of time paying down
testing, technical debt. We cleaned-up and extended support for
federated testing, and we've integrated testing with our tempest plugin.
We added experimental support to test rolling upgrades and look forward
to gating on rolling upgrades in Queens. In the upcoming months, we need
to focus our efforts on better LDAP integration testing, which has been
on our TODO list for too long.

  Team Building

Last, but certainly not least, we need to recruit new keystone
contributors - part or full-time. Some of our most experienced and
well-versed developers moved onto other projects outside of OpenStack.
Luckily, the remaining team members have ambitiously stepped up to fill
the gaps. I want to ensure this project is working optimally on all
cylinders. In order for us to do this and achieve our Queen’s goals, we
need more contributors.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing everyone in Denver,



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