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[openstack-community] User Survey and User Committee Elections

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Hi Stackers,

A few quick reminders about some upcoming dates:

User Committee Elections
*Nominations close August 11th *
Active user contributors (AUCs), including operators, contributors, event
organizers and working group members are invited to apply.
This fantastic Superuser article has more information.

User Survey *
*Submissions close August 11th

Make your voice heard in the User survey.
This survey provides users an opportunity to influence the community and
software direction. By sharing information about your configuration and
requirements, the OpenStack Foundation User Committee will be able to
advocate on your behalf.
It’s available in 7 languages (Chinese (traditional & simplified),
Japanese, Korean, German, Indonesian). Complete it here.

Kind regards,

Sonia Ramza
Community Management | OpenStack Foundation
Do you know where your local user group is? Check out the groups portal

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