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[openstack-dev] [nova] placement/resource providers update 34

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Update 34 has many links.

Most Important

Besides reviewing all the stuff in this document, another important
thing to do is to make additions and edits on the PTG etherpad

There's also now an etherpad for gathering retrospective thoughts. If
you have some ideas on things that went well or less than well in
placement related work it would be great if you could add your
thoughts there:

Help Wanted

Reviewing things that are fixes for backportable problems is the main

Bugs needing attention

(Bugs which are not yet in progress or beyond.)


Old (need to be flushed or refreshed:?)


The illustrated guide to scheduling has been published:

Placement docs being linked into useful place:

Main Themes

Alternate Destinations

The complexity of the response data has led to some confusion on how
it should be represented. A spec has been started to try to come to
grips with the issues and resolve to a solution:

There are a lot of open questions. The code for that work is in a
stack starting at:

Migration UUIDs in Allocations

As most people have probably noticed, managing allocations during
various types of move operations is chaotic. One way to help make it
more understandable will be to use the uuid of a migration to identify
one of the "claims" used in the "doubling" process. This first
requires a uuid on the migration object. That's starting at:

You'll see there that there is a large stack including things like
"Revert allocations by migration uuid". That's the goal, but if
implemented with currently available APIs there are some race
conditions so a new spec has been started to add a way to POST
allocation for multiple consumers in one go:

It has a few options which need to be resolved, and the POC
implementation has exposed some other things will need to be tweaked:


Work continues apace on getting filtering by traits working:

This has some overlap with shared provider handling (below).

Shared Resource Providers

There's some support for shared resource providers on the placement
side of the scheduling equation, but the resource tracker is not yet
ready to support it. There is some work in progress, starting with
functional tests:

Nested Resource Providers

This will start back up after we clean off the windscreen. The stack
begins at

Other Code

Chris Dent (⊙_⊙')
freenode: cdent tw: @anticdent__________________________________________________________________________
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