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[openstack-dev] [charms][ceph-radosgw] radosgw-admin?

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Just wondering if the ceph-radosgw charm provides a method of
configuring/accessing the radosgw-admin utility, or if there is a suggested
way to get radosgw-admin working in conjunction with ceph/ceph-radosgw

In the ceph-radosgw charm, I see the radosgw-admin bin ends up in
/usr/bin/radosgw-admin, but I'm guessing there would need to be some
stanzas in the ceph.conf pertaining to radosgw.admin, and a keyring file
specifically for the radosgw-admin client (and probably more, I'm not
really to sure) to get the radosgw-admin working from locally from the
ceph-radosgw charm (or is there a better way?).


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asked Sep 3, 2017 in openstack-dev by James_Beedy (320 points)