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[openstack-dev] [nova] Pike 16.0.1 bug fix release proposed

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FYI, I've got a release proposed for Pike 16.0.1:

This includes several bug fixes for regressions introduced in 16.0.0.

A lot of these have to do with properly making allocations in Placement
or cleaning up allocations from Placement during move operation failures
like live migration and evacuate.

There are also a couple of high severity fixes related to dealing with
instances that fail to build due to over quota errors.

This is the change log:

user@ubuntu:~/git/nova$ git log --oneline --no-merges 16.0.0..
a9f9e70 Add @targetscell for livemigrateinstance method in conductor
a3f286f Set error state after failed evacuation
e87d9f5 Functional test for regression bug #1713783
8365eb6 Call terminate
connection when shelveoffloading
b9a1ccc Handle keypair not found from metadata server using cells
9cddde1 Target context when setting instance to ERROR when over quota
e53115d Move hash ring initialization to init
host() for ironic
21d7f8b Remove dest node allocation if evacuate MoveClaim fails
e00584f De-duplicate two deleteallocationfor* methods
61ad705 Add a test to make sure failed evacuate cleans up dest allocation
d0375c2 Add recreate test for evacuate claim failure
2115094 Create allocations against forced dest host during evacuate
b5ea0d1 Refactor out claim
resourcesondestination into a utility
5ee7f9d Add recreate test for forced host evacuate not setting dest
423c7bb Provide hints when nova-manage db sync fails to sync cell0
a98a52d Ensure instance mapping is updated in case of quota recheck fails
2ad865f Track which cell each instance is created in and use it consistently
72e50be Make ConductorTaskTestCase run with 2 cells
9a791df Allow setting up multiple cells in the base TestCase
7d220b3 Add release note for force live migration allocations
e069125 Fix broken link
cd82d55 Hyper-V: Perform proper cleanup after cold migration
a1462d2 Cleanup allocations on invalid dest node during live migration
fd59e9a Add functional recreate test for live migration pre-check fails
c01ca54 doc: fix show-hide sample in notification devref
cdff10e [placement] Update user doc with api-ref link
2b82aa3 [placement] Require at least one resource class in allocation
334905a [placement] Add test for empty resources in allocation
b2075bb Update PCI passthrough doc for moved options
b514f93 Fix nova assisted volume snapshots
98f0d81 libvirt: Fix getting a wrong guest object
ccfb464 conf: Allow users to unset 'keymap' options
99ab438 Skip testrebuildserverinerrorstate for cells v1
c95f00a Remove host filter for _cleanup
periodic task




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