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Re: [Openstack] [xenserver-ocata] ceilometer compute

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I'm happy to know that you've resolved the Rrdinterface.Internalerror.

By checking the logs you posted, the errors are all relative to measurements which are not implemented yet for XenServer. See the supporting matrix:
We're evaluating adding support for these measurements and put that in the development plan.
In recent releases, upstream has been changed to log it as error for the unimplemented measurements. That doesn’t make sense indeed.


Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 14:51:46 +0700
From: Adhi Priharmanto
To: Jianghua Wang
Cc: ""
Subject: Re: [Openstack] FW: [xenserver-ocata] ceilometer compute
error Rrdinterface.Internalerror

Hi Jianghua,

Thanks for your response and attention. For the error of "
Rrdinterface.Internalerror" , I was installed this update on my xenserver
( , and RRD error now was gone from ceilometer logs.

I'm still at ocata release , here is my openstack package list on my compute node

[root@cmp1-oc-srg ceilometer]# rpm -qa |grep openstack

And here's is my logs as your request

I still find error at ceilometer-compute logs like this one

2017-09-25 14:31:07.041 9048 INFO ceilometer.agent.manager [-] Polling

pollster disk.device.iops in the context of allpollsters
2017-09-25 14:31:07.042 9048 ERROR ceilometer.agent.manager [-]
Prevent pollster disk.device.iops from polling [, , ] on source all
pollsters anymore!
2017-09-25 14:31:07.043 9048 INFO ceilometer.agent.manager [-] Polling
pollster disk.device.latency in the context of allpollsters
2017-09-25 14:31:07.044 9048 ERROR ceilometer.agent.manager [-]
Prevent pollster disk.device.latency from polling [, , ] on source all
pollsters anymore!

I think this error maybe make some of measurement won't works at gnocchi, and also some of gnocchi metric won't show the unit

[root@localhost ~]# gnocchi metric list |grep disk.device.iops

| id | archivepolicy/name | name
| unit | resource
id |


| 0062d222-2874-4a19-be34-a5bee3051d21 | low |
disk.device.iops | None |
7b089e8e-5be7-599a-b279-15a8129f7bdd |

| 3dc249e4-006d-47a3-935c-58e571ba086c | low |

disk.device.iops | None |
0efeccca-8313-5aec-a1e2-955e091419f9 |

| c2c19329-1709-4165-bdea-3bcf81c5d9d4 | low |

disk.device.iops | None |
78aa9c1e-b199-551c-b295-fecb237639fc |

| cfa1c4bf-591e-4229-bb76-7607fcba640e | low |

disk.device.iops | None |
bdf98233-442b-5fe4-aa02-ba567e487dcc |

Any suggest about the last error of ceilometer-compute ?

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 1:02 PM, Jianghua Wang


Do you still have this problem?

The following errors may be caused due to this xvda disk doesn’t exist.
Did you see any issue from the nova?


If you are still suffering from this issue, can you send me the
following log files:

  1. Log files for the nova-compute and ceilometer services located
    in nova compute node.

  2. The /var/log/xensource.log from dom0 where the compute node is
    running on.

And can you confirm the release version? From the title –
[xenserver-ocata], it may be ocata. But by checking the code line from
the log, it’s probably already in pike.



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