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[Openstack] heat resume Vms and run from SNAPSHOT

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heat resume Vms and run from SNAPSHOT:
I have a stack of VMs (nova servers). The commands i execute are the following:
openstack stack create
openstack stack suspend
openstack stack snapshot create

At this point stackstate is in status SNAPSHOTCOMPLETED
and vms_state is in status SUSPENDED
How can i resume stack, with VMs be active and in Running state,

I can't resume the stack, because the VMs are in SNAPSHOTTED state.
How Heat deals with it?
How can you resume a stack with status SNAPSHOTCOMPLETED and VMs suspended
to vm
state = unning for all the VMs of the stack

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asked Oct 11, 2017 in openstack by Charls_D._Chap (180 points)  
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