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Re: [Openstack] Gnocchi support in Openstack

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Hello Maria,

My environment used ceilometer + gnocchi from Mitaka release.

On 2017.10.18. 11:33, Maria Concepcion Garcia wrote:


I would like to know the Openstack version that is the first one in
which Gnocchi support has been included.

As I’ve seen in different sources, the support of Gnocchi in OpenStack
starts on Ocata, but it is supposed that Red Hat supports it in RHOSP
10 that is Newton.

I would also like to know the Gnocchi version that is supported in
every OpenStack version.

Thanks a lot, María.

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asked Oct 18, 2017 in openstack by martins-lists_at_hos (880 points)   1 3 4