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[openstack-dev] [nova] [placement] resource providers update 39

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This is update 39 for resource providers and placement.

Most Important

This week we had spec freeze, so now it is time to get rolling with
the making and the doing. Most of the specs that are related to
placement already had code in progress, so there's lots of stuff ready
to review. Given the volume of stuff in flight, the usual extras we'll
discover along the way, and the headspace we need to reserve for
thinking and experimenting about the future, we've got plenty going.

What's Changed

Forward progress mostly. Engaging Neutron using placement, at the
intersection of Nova and Neutron, as represented by specs like

has been put off to later as it has too many dependencies on stuff
that is currently under development and not yet done.

The Granular Resource Request Syntax spec merged, which lays the
groundwork for nested resource providers and traits can work.

efried has created a functional test that exercises two bugs he
figured out with "alloc candidates with same RC in cn & shared"

This is interesting because it requires us to make some decisions
and clear statements about what is supposed to be happening, not just
fix a bug.

Main Themes

Nested Resource Providers

Progress is happening on nested providers:

It was injected into the middle of the de-orm stack, so while much of
that work has merged, there are some tail ends:

And the work to make traits work is relevant here, because with traits
nested aren't near as useful:

Migration allocations

The migration allocations work is nearly complete at:

Management of those allocations currently involves some raciness,
birthing the idea to allow POST /allocations, which causes a cascade
of required changes to bring that about. The code stack for that
starts at:

Alternate Hosts

We want to be able to do retries within cells, so we need some
alternate hosts when returning a destination that are structured
nicely for RPC:



You only get a prize if you review all the things linked here. If you
do then your prize is a massive sense of accomplishment and

Chris Dent (⊙_⊙')
freenode: cdent tw: @anticdent__________________________________________________________________________
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