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[Openstack-operators] [openstack-ansible]: Ensure glance service fails while setting up Openstack

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I am working on deploying a lab environment using openstack-ansible. While executing the setup-openstack.yml I encounter errors on the following task: TASK [osglance : Ensure glance service] /etc/ansible/roles/osglance/tasks/glanceservicesetup.yml

Looking into the output from ansible the relevant part seems to be:

line 324, in getrawtokenfromidentityservice\n _('Authorization failed: %s') % e)\nkeystoneauth1.exceptions.auth.AuthorizationFailure: Authorization failed: Unable to establish connection to\ndebug3: muxclientreadpacket: read header failed: Broken pipe\

In order to troubleshoot i have done the following:

  • Check that I can access (infra node).

  • Check that I can access different containers from the deployment host.

  • Check that Iptables and haproxy are configure correctly on infra node.

  • Check that port 35357 is listening on both the infra node and the container.

  • Debugged ansible to check whether variables used add the service where getting values (keystone URL, user name, etc).

I also read that using ControlMaster might cause problems on ssh connection and also tried to disable it but the result is the same. I ran out of ideas if anyone can give me a hint about what might be causing the issue i would appreciate it :).

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asked Oct 26, 2017 in openstack-operators by andres_sanchez_ramos (300 points)   2 3