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[openstack-dev] [Congress] time change for IRC meeting

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Hi all,

As previously discussed over, we'll move the weekly Congress team meeting
to the new time of Fridays 02:30 UTC, with the first new meeting on
November 3rd. Same channel #openstack-meeting.
Just to reiterate, there will be no meeting on November 2nd 00:00 (old
meeting time).

As always, collaborative list of meeting topics is kept here:

See you all!

-Eric Kao

On 10/19/17, 11:13 AM, "Eric K" wrote:

Hi all,

Here is a proposal (no actual change until further notice) to move the
weekly Congress team meeting from Thursdays 00:00 UTC to Fridays 02:30 UTC
in order to make the meeting time more bearable for India while still
being workable for East Asia and the Americas. The time remains very bad
for Europe and Africa (if there is interest, we can also set up for some
weeks a meeting time that works better for Europe and Africa; please let
us know!).

Please express your comments and suggestions here. Thanks!

-Eric Kao

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