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Hi All,

I have installed Openstack Pike with Openstack Ansible.

Earlier I was working with Newton release. But with Pike release, I am
noticing that Nova schedule is in force even when I am providing
availability zone with a specific compute node. For the initial set of VMs,
it is honouring availability zone request while creating VMs but while
creating last set of VMs, it is putting VMs on other compute nodes,
probably the nodes which are having more resources. So, my question is that
does Pike and Ocata releases allow over commitment of CPU/RAM/Disk
resources or not? If they do so, then what are the parameters which will go
in the configuration files to make over commitment work? I strictly want to
enforce that VM be instantiated on the host I mention in availability zone.


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asked Nov 6, 2017 in openstack by Amit_Kumar (980 points)   2 5 8