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[Openstack] Fwd: [openstack][nova] Default availability zone

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Hello Openstack,

I need a help with AZ in Nova. I think that this case wasn't discussed
before, I tried hard to google it and I find only one solution (below)
which I tried but doesn't work.

I have 2 availability zones (2 host aggregates each with 1 hypervisor
added). I try to create VM In Horizon with Any Availability Zone and it
results in following error:

The requested availability zone is not available (HTTP 400).

I want Nova to behave like that when Availability Zone is not specified (Any
Availability Zone
is set in Horizon), it will create VM in random AZ.

In nova.conf I have set defaultschedulezone = None and restarted all
nova services. I think this should work.

I found it also in this blog post
from Mirantis where it says:


However, most operators leave this at its default setting (None), because
it allows users who don’t care about availability zones to omit it from
their API call, and the workload will be scheduled to any availability zone
where there is available capacity.

The commands I executed to create AZs are:

openstack aggregate create HA-Test1 --zone AZ-Test1 --property

openstack aggregate create HA-Test2 --zone AZ-Test2 --property
openstack aggregate add host HA-Test1 os-compute-01
openstack aggregate add host HA-Test2 os-compute-02

I am using stable Pike release installed via Openstack-Ansible on Ubuntu

Best Regards
Ondrej Vaško.

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asked Nov 6, 2017 in openstack by Ondrej_Vasko (120 points)   1 1 1