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[openstack-dev] [Neutron] Bug deputy report

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Hi all,

I was on bug deputy last week. There was no any high or critical bugs reported during this time.
Below is short summary about reported bugs:

L3 HA related bug:
* - it needs some attention from L3 sub team IMO

OVS related bugs:
* - it’s new one about ovs-fw and I want to check it more,
* - this one has got already fix merged to master and pike,
* - patch in review, also related to ovs-fw,
* - this one I didn’t know what priority it should have, but it has already some patch in review also,

One bug related to linuxbridge:
* - already assigned to Brian Haley.

Bugs related to QoS:
* - this one I was waiting for more info and now I want to check it, but I didn’t know what priority it should have (medium?)
* - it’s about QoS docs,

One bug related to Quotas:
* - but it was reported only for Ocata so I wanted to test it for master but I didn’t have time yet.

There is one more for docs:
* - I marked it as „Invalid” as it was probably created automatically because of flag „docimpact” in commit message. Maybe we should consider disable/remove this script which is creating such bug reports as „DocImpact” is already removed?

One bug about neutronclient: but do we still should fix such bugs? I’m not sure about current status of it.

And there is also one RFE bug: but as it is something for LBaaS I didn’t add „rfe” tag because I’m not sure if it should be discussed by Neutron’s drivers team.

That’s all on my side for this week.

Best regards
Slawek Kaplonski

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