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[openstack-dev] [tripleo] TripleO CI end of sprint status

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On November 13 we came the end of sprint using our new team structure [1],
and here’s the highlights:

Sprint Review:

The sprint epic was Reproduce of upstream CI jobs against RDO cloud
personal tenant [2] in order to help our Ruck and Rover to reproduce CI

It was we set several cards each with one specific task to achieve our
objective, and I am glad to report that we were able to complete it and now
the Ruck and Rover have a easy tool to reproduce CI issues upstream.

There are some reviews pending to be merged, but we are considering the
work done. You can try it by following the documentation [3]! I'm also
happy to say that in this sprint, we have only one card in tech debt!

One can see the results of the sprint via

List of what was done by the Ruck and Rover:


We also have our new Ruck and Rover for this wee:

  • Ruck

    • Attila Darazs - adaras|ruck
  • Rover

    • Ronelle Landy - rlandy|rover

If you have any questions and/or sugestions, please contact us

Kind regards,
Arx Cruz




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