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[openstack-dev] [cinder] bugs for up-coming bugsmash and reviews

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Wanted to just send out a note for those of you who were not able to
attend today's weekly meeting.

There is a bugsmash coming up next week in China [1] .  If you have bugs
that are appropriate to be addressed during the bugsmash please update
them in Launchpad with the 'bugsmash' tag.  We currently have 12 bugs on
the list, never hurts to add more.

TommyLikeHu will be at the bugsmash.  Please keep an eye out for
requests to review patches coming from the bugsmash and give them
priority so we can try to make this a successful.  There is etherpad [2]
where they will be tracking their work, wouldn't hurt for the core team
to also keep an eye on there to help keep things moving along.

Thanks for your support of this effort!




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