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[Openstack] Deleting one router in a project causes all routers to fail

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Openstack version: Pike
Openvswitch version: 2.7

Let's say I have a OS project that has 2 routers. The routers are HA and
reside on 2 network nodes. Via VRRP, there are 2 Active and 2 Passive
routers. As you may know, Neutron creates a custom HA network that's
project specific and (in our case) assigns a vxlan vni to that HA network
that allows the routers to send VRRP messages to the backup routers
basically telling them to stay backup.

If I delete just one of the routers from the project, the assigned vni
(discovered via openstack network show) gets removed from a HA network.
When that happens, ALL the other routers go down for the project as they
can no longer communicate with each other via the HA network per the
lacking vni assignment.

This problem didn't start happening until we upgraded to Pike.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance!!


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asked Nov 15, 2017 in openstack by Sterdnot_Shaken (900 points)   2 8 12