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[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Oct 17 – 24)

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  OpenStack Startup/Venture Capital Ecosystem ? it?s real and coming
  to Paris!

Recently OpenStack has been generating financial headlines with the
acquisitions of OpenStack ecosystem startups eNovance, Metacloud,
Cloudscaling and OpenStack veteran Mirantis raising $100M in venture
capital this week. At the OpenStack Summit in Paris next week, we are
launching a new track called ?CloudFunding
where we will hear from startups that have been successful in attracting
essential capital and ventures capitalists who are actively investing in
OpenStack startups.

  OpenStack Foundation Staffing News!

The Board of Directors approved the promotion of Lauren Sell to Vice President of Marketing and
Community Services. Lauren has been instrumental in the growth of
Openstack from the beginning. Thierry Carrez, who has managed the OpenStack
releases from the beginning has taken on the role of Director of
Engineering, and is building out a team of technical leaders. Be sure to
check out our open positions if you?d like to
join our team!

  Peer Reviews for Neutron Core Reviewers

Food for thoughts from members of the Neutron community: they have
started an exploration to improve the process by which we understand a
core?s responsibilities, and also a process under which we can judge how
cores are performing up to that standard. Join the conversation and give
comments to Neutron?s PTL Kyle Mestery
blog post.

  Numerical Dosimetry in the cloud

What?s the connection between a dentist?s chair and OpenStack?
Fascinating post by Patrik Eschle about the
practical uses of the clouds we?re building.

The Road To Paris 2014 ? Deadlines and Resources

Full access sold out! Only a few spots left for Keynotes and Expo Hall

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for
OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Dmitry Nikishov,person7595cc8d-4f47-46dc-a8c1-cade322b3b34
Peng Xiao,persona1bdb897-9001-46d0-8aa0-ac9818242313

Weidong Shao,person7f0e295c-5f1e-4d16-8baa-d38ee954b4ec
Jiri Suchomel,person3b7c1912-78d1-48f2-8174-17dec33bb904

Roman Dashevsky,persondcdb3dad-4e22-4422-8035-d0716fd894f1
Amaury Medeiros,person1fa3b984-0b53-4f1b-990f-f5c99cdd1a24

Peng Xiao,persona1bdb897-9001-46d0-8aa0-ac9818242313
Chris Grivas,persondf048d7b-6fbf-4b29-9954-2b31daee713f

M. David Bennett,person3c3e0507-03a1-45ab-a310-81af284ebf85
Sridhar Ramaswamy,persone94a6f84-9042-4201-b2c1-aaca07a9ac8c

Edmond Kotowski,person48941d96-0283-4688-b6c7-abbba4cd04df
Jun Hong Li,personb0369b14-6d94-4e97-8afd-4fe88fb9313a

Jorge Niedbalski,person27582e87-4899-4600-9798-bacd3e4595ee

Wayne Warren,personfc358ecd-8c80-4387-96ab-6c73890374a9
Alan Erwin,person51113e45-dd33-4fda-bc16-b6a781aba40f

Amaury Medeiros,person1fa3b984-0b53-4f1b-990f-f5c99cdd1a24
Y L Sun,person6a4fe818-33c6-4b5d-88ff-7e801c2b9f06

Vijayaguru Guruchave,personc94b5f03-e22e-41fe-aec3-eb3ce91b53b5

Sagar Damani,personad328547-7355-4048-a835-4995e6072a62

Daniel Wakefield,personea4201fa-f91c-4436-916f-bc04b681251a

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