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[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Oct 10 – 17)

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  OpenStack Juno is here! <>

OpenStack Juno, the tenth release of the open source software for
building public, private, and hybrid clouds has 342 new features to
support software development, big data analysis and application
infrastructure at scale. The OpenStack community continues to attract
the best developers and experts in their disciplines with 1,419
individuals employed by more than 133 organizations contributing to the
Juno release.

  Tweaking DefCore to subdivide OpenStack platform (proposal for
  review) <>

For nearly two years, the OpenStack
Board has been moving towards creating a common platform definition
that can help drive interoperability. At the last meeting,
the Board paused to further review one of the core tenants of the
DefCore process (Item #3 Core
definition can be applied equally to all usage models). The following
material will be a major part of the discussion for The OpenStack Board
meeting on Monday 10/20
Comments and suggest welcome!

    Forming the OpenStack API Working Group

A new working group about APIs is forming in the OpenStack community.
Its purpose is ?To propose, discuss, review, and advocate for API
guidelines for all OpenStack Programs to follow.? To learn more read the
API Working Group
wiki page.

  End of the Election Cycle ? Results of PTL & TC Elections

Lots of confirmations and some new names. Thank you for all who served
in the past cycle and welcome to new OpenStack Tech Leads and members of
the Technical Committee.

The Road To Paris 2014 ? Deadlines and Resources

During the Paris Summit there will be a working session for the Women of
OpenStack to frame up more defined goals and line out a blueprint for
the group moving forward. We encourage all women in the community to
complete this very short survey
to provide input for the group.

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for
OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Savanna Jenkins,person3eff30ec-5d84-4b29-ab85-3196399ef4d5

Andrew Boik,personab6282bb-94a4-4bb6-aa23-df294a737f88
Marcin Karkocha,person75b95245-3cd0-4b90-a28d-f439f31da3c5

Dmitry Nikishov,person7595cc8d-4f47-46dc-a8c1-cade322b3b34

dominik dobruchowski,person66d0c592-b37a-456a-98ea-08c86e9e6aa9
Cory Benfield,person2fb5f274-a70f-4c90-811e-8ad9d797596e

Richard Winters,person81d97d08-0648-4e40-87a7-2d5d2a929da6

Nikolay Fedotov,person8ca1b6f4-9b76-4b22-92af-b46c7d6a688f
vinod kumar,person951fc5d2-4631-4737-8ae9-284826e1c0a0

Imran Hayder,person5775187c-e531-419f-975b-86bce83250cf
Wayne Warren,personfc358ecd-8c80-4387-96ab-6c73890374a9

Chaitanya Challa,personaab9c551-822b-4984-8e0f-fde11b972909
Carol Bouchard,person0b608e17-ae7d-48ba-9722-7d9274fea31b

Shaunak Kashyap,person59ca379f-39b2-43f3-9201-9317cd87dec4
pradeep gondu,person0c92f430-3d37-4213-ad99-8d7f3f8514c1

Mudassir Latif,person291a86f6-3fbe-42f3-9844-888437613988
Vineet Menon,persond95dde1f-852d-44ac-a3c8-1b1bb19a567f

Jiri Suchomel,person3b7c1912-78d1-48f2-8174-17dec33bb904
Evan Callicoat,personac934f4d-0a5e-4ac7-900c-79c0ec490360

Edmond Kotowski,person48941d96-0283-4688-b6c7-abbba4cd04df

Julien Anguenot,person6667f40a-1922-487f-a6a2-e8ec22fca8be

Boris Bobrov,person6dbb4557-8ba2-4d58-abe5-7d6ffd7caee4

Rajini Ram,personf6240323-2dff-4db0-8c62-c1a10e222b88


Martin Hickey,person98d7ea71-ea91-4303-8b0d-03a78db15bf2

Lena Novokshonova,personf26e0eae-3704-40ab-8688-8d257fc092d6

Jin Liu,person87993962-244f-49ed-9297-122cb0c40234

Hao Chen,person404b3bff-ad6c-4056-85ed-f19500847fcd


/The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the
various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add
content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please
leave a comment./

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