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[Openstack-operators] OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Nov 14 - 21)

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  OpenStack User Survey Insights: November 2014

This is the fourth consecutive survey conducted by the User Committee
prior to each Summit starting in April 2013 and the previous survey in
Atlanta, May 2014 The
goals of the survey are to generate insights based on a representative
sample of OpenStack users, in order to better understand their
organizational profiles, use cases and technology choices across
different deployment stages and sizes. These insights are intended to
provide feedback to the broader community, and to arm technical leaders
and contributors with better data to make decisions.

  Wrapping up the Travel Support Program ? Kilo

The OpenStack Foundation brought 20 people to Paris for the Summit
earlier this month, thanks to the grants offered by the Travel Support
Program. We had 22 people accepted in the program from 11 different
countries, spanning five continents. Four people traveled from Brazil,
four from India, three from Europe and the rest were from South America,
North America and South-east Asia. Of the selected recipients, two were
unable to attend due to VISA timing issues, but we were excited to
welcome the 20 attendees that were able to make the trip. Stay tuned for
when we announce the applications for the Travel Support Applications
for the May Summit in Vancouver.

  A mascot for Ironic

The idea about what the mascot would be was easy because the RAX guys
put "bear metal" in their presentation and that totally
rocks! So Lucas Alvares Gomes drew a bear.

Relevant Conversations

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for
OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Welcome Michael McCune and Sergey Reshetniak to sahara-core, Steve
Heyman, Juan Antonio Osorio Robles and Steve Heyman for barbican-core.

Xiao Xi LIU,personb2d40897-6ac2-4425-9e8f-fa05132bb0f6
Ai Jie Niu,person319ab85b-8b2b-4605-ac8e-a5f07cc23840
Naohiro Tamura,person4237bbaf-a37b-49da-8215-701b9c5be471
Danny Wilson,personcf75c97f-4a08-4b2b-ba8b-76a07861dfd6
Dave Chen,person8b459346-b1a3-41f2-b236-4d1f9612eb98
Richard H,persona92f969f-654c-4a14-83e4-d7a823c75040
juigil kishore,person9c0af7a6-12f3-4347-a169-6fa844645a0f
Pawel Palucki,personc09f5e2d-7135-40d8-8987-4f5c0bd87a94
Richard Hedlind,personc63d62c6-4e13-4505-96fe-c3c2c4e96fc9
Lucas Dutra Nunes,person9d910132-e1c7-4ba0-9aba-6dadfb42cd56
Nicolas T,personc7b9f3c2-f086-4735-a9cc-143de8210517
Swati Shukla,person37a3089f-05bb-4bf3-8b97-fa99c9b08e42
Michael Hagedorn,person2b5a1855-e9e9-4d89-ac34-14c0bd5254bc
Guillaume Giamarchi,person9ae5841b-799b-4403-9340-5124779eb8a2
Seb Hughes,person504c4941-8baf-46a3-81e5-740c194a7a6e


/The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the
various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add
content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please
leave a comment./

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