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[OpenStack-DefCore] Scale.4 Summary, Scale.5 2/18 @ 9am PT & F2F 2/20 in Austin

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asked Feb 11, 2015 in defcore-committee by Rob_Hirschfeld (2,980 points)   1 4 6
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Rob et al,

What?s the address for the Friday F2F? Is there a meeting invite I might have missed?

Rob Esker

On Feb 11, 2015, at 1:39 PM, Hirschfeld, Rob wrote:

Summary (by Rob Hirschfeld)

Great turn out and discussions (over 16 people on the roll)
we continue to plan weekly meetings until we're granted Liberty (sorry, release puns)
Egle Sigler appointed co-chair by unanimous consent
Set 2/20 in Austin for Face to Face meeting (
agenda will be discussed on mailing list
Proposed using for DefCore artifacts ? Chris Hoge will lead
Capabilities are having weekly meetings Wed @ 11 PT (updates in notes)
We began to review the process document and found some places where it needed to be updated
Next meeting will focus on process review

Copied from:

Roll call

Mark T. Voelker (VMware)
Chris Lee (DreamHost)
Vince Brunssen (IBM)
Egle Sigler (Rackspace)
Joe Savak (Rackspace)
Will Auld (Intel)
VanL (Rackspace)
Rob Hirschfeld (RackN, CoChair)
Phil Estes (IBM)
Chris Hoge (OpenStack Foundation)
Thierry Carrez (OpenStack Foundation) (lurking at the beginning)
Shamail Tahir (EMC)
Sean Roberts (VMware)
Russell Bryant (Red Hat)

Cycle.4 Agenda

selection of co-chair
review f2f >
Location of repository for Defcore standards, process documents, and tools.
Brief summary of capabilities meetings to date
capabilities controversial items list
collecting vendor feedback from Capabilities testing
discuss process document >

Capabilities Meeting @ 11 PT > call in info?

Selection of Co-Chair

DECISION: Egle accepted as Co-chair by unanimous consent

Face 2 Face Agenda

ACTION: Settled on DateTBD: Location (preference is the Foundation HQ)

Location of DefCore artifacts

They are currently in Refstack ? that is not proving to be a very clear or logical place for the community.
So far, expectation is they are Gerrit review items and should be in the openstack git namespace (refstack is stackforge)openstack/defcore sounds like a sane option (each repo below openstack/ needs a parent team, so adding it in that file makes it accounted for, but defcore committee would have full approval rights there of course)example repo:< suggestion is to use openstack/defcore
Google docs for draft, approval on git ?
DefCore Co-Chairs would be cores (+2) with the ability to allow other contributors (as cores +2)OpenStack Board would be listed as the team owning the DefCore repo.list it in reference/board-repos.yaml instead so that it's clearly a board-owned repo.
Current location:
ACTION: [ Chris H to own proposal & creating the repo ]

propose to openstackdev mailing list for comment
work with tc to create board ownership list (in openstack/governance repo)
create openstack/defcore repository as part of board ownership list with co-chairs as core members

Capabilities Meetings

2 meetings so far
Andrew Hately & Catherine D (RefStack Core) from IBM has a preliminary test list
Todd Moore going through icehouse
Grooming for controversial items (eliminate the consensus items quickly)
Reaching out to PTLs to see if capabilities need to be rescored
Capabilities review/grouping needs to be based on the changes to the list
Missing Areas! Keystone ?? need to create more tests ??

Capabilities Call-in information:
855.600.7225 (primary call-in)
212.231.7004 (secondary call-in)
4625040# (conference code)

Weekly meetings, Wed 11-11:30am PST

Side Note: Refstack like next week 2/18 in South Bay afternoon

DefCore Process
needs to be updated from TC feedback on long term ownership of capabilities
needs to be reviewed, fully prepped for the F2F by next week's meeting
tags likely the way to define groupings
TC will start the tag groups first, then defcore take over long term
TC Delegates are Russell, Thierry, and Monty

Defcore-committee mailing list
Defcore-committee at

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