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[Openstack-operators] Migrating to Different Availability Zone and Different Storage

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Hello operators,

We have a running installation of Openstack with block storage. We are
currently having a problem with our storage appliance and we would like to
migrate the instance from this storage appliance. To do that, we are thinking
of creating a new availability zone with new storage applience.

In the end, we want to move the instances from our current storage appliance to
another. Those storage appliances are the same and we have enough storage.
Basically, the storage appliance and the interface will be the same, but it
will be completely new machine.

Is it possible to move instances from one availability zone to other while
keeping in mind that those availability zones use different storage? If so, is
there any guide to configure this? Does nova/cinder copy the disk of the
instance from old one (old availability zone) to new one? Lastly, could it be
done with minimal/zero downtime (live migration)?


Eren Türkay, System Administrator | +90 850 885 0357

Yildiz Teknik Universitesi Davutpasa Kampusu
Teknopark Bolgesi, D2 Blok No:107
Esenler, Istanbul Pk.34220

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