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[openstack-dev] StackTach.v3 now in production ...

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(sorry for cross-post, but this is appropriate to both audiences)

Hey y'all!

For those of you that don't know, StackTach is a notification-based debugging, monitoring and usage tool for OpenStack.

We're happy to announce that we've recently rolled StackTach.v3 into production at one of the Rax datacenters with a plan to roll out to the rest asap. Once we do, we'll be bumping all the library versions to 1.0, but we encourage you to start playing with the system now.

The docs and screencasts are at
We live on #stacktach on freenode (for v2 and v3 questions)
All the StackTach code is on stackforge

This a very exciting time for us. With StackTach.v3 we've:
* solved many of the scaling, redundancy and idempotency problems of v2
* modularized the entire system (use only the parts you want)
* made the system less rigid with respect to Nova and Glance. Now, nearly any JSON notification can be handled (even outside of OpenStack)
* created a very flexible REST API with pluggable implementation drivers. So, if you don't like our solution but want to keep a compatible API, all the pieces are there for you, including cmdline tools and client libraries.
* included a devstack-like sandbox for you to play in that doesn't require an OpenStack installation to generate notifications
* developed a way to run STv3 side-by-side with your existing notification consumers for safe trials. We can split notification queues without requiring any changes to your openstack deployment (try that with oslo-messaging ;)

If you haven't looked at your OpenStack deployment from the perspective of notifications you're really missing out. It's the most powerful way to debug your installations. And, for usage metering, there is really no better option. We feel StackTach.v3 is the best solution out there for all your event-processing needs.

Let us know how we can help! We're in a good place to squash bugs quickly.

-Sandy, Dragon and the rest of the StackTach.v3 team/contributors

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