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[OpenStack-DefCore] OpenStack Interoperability, DefCore, and You

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Hello OpenStack Community,

Last week during the OpenStack Summit there was a lot of talk about interoperability (keynote: ). If you want to learn more, here are some reference materials on the DefCore committee and interop process:
Wiki: Wiki you can remember: OpenStack Interop guidelines and process for submitting test results: Current guidelines: DefCore repository, all documents go through Gerrit process: Process doc: Rob's Book of blogs on DefCore, covers a lot of history and decision making: Slides: Recorded presentation, DefCore community review: IRC: Join #openstack-defcore on Freenode IRC
If you are interested in being part of interop/defcore conversations, join the DefCore committee: . We will be setting a new cadence for our recurring meetings later this week.
Let us know if you if you have any questions.
Thank you,Egle Sigler, DefCore Committee Co-Chair
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