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[OpenStack-DefCore] No Meeting on May 27th, Reminder to vote, and Notes

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Hello Everyone,

Was great to see/meet everyone last week, lots of good conversations about DefCore. We will not have a meeting this week, but we need you to vote on the new meeting time. See Mark's email: meeting poll: meeting poll: did talk of combining the two meetings together. We will make a final decision based on the poll results, so please vote!
Here are the notes from working sessions last week: DefCore Flag.12015, May 20 @ 10:30am PDTPrevious: #openstack-defcoreWiki: Sigler (Co-Chair, Rackspace)Rob Hirschfeld (Co-Chair, RackN)Mark T. Voelker (VMware)Jim Meyer (HP)Paul Holland (HP)Catherine Diep (IBM)Britt Houser (Cisco)Tom Francis (Cisco)Xiao Hu Gao (Cisco)Jerry Wong (cisco)James Downs (Walmartlabs)Sam Danes (Rackspace)Rick Lopez (Rackspace)Robert Collins (HP)Shamail Tahir (EMC)Chris Lee (DreamHost)Van Lindberg (Rackpace)Paul Voccio (Rackspace)Blake Devcich (Cray)Tyler Lastovich (Cray)Rochelle Grober (Huawei)Ray Nugent (OPNFV)Agenda:Background / IntroSchedule for DefCore meetings (combine all meetings)Topics for Flag cycle -> networking, flags, non-tempest testsCommunity AdoptionRefstack integration & useTraining and materialsProcess for flagging & review of flagsTypes of flags: broken test, broken code (e.g. resize), and reasonable disagreement. Others?Other non-tempest tests, tests for APIsIdentify gaps & challenges that we can to ask for technical helpI'm happy to help with that anytime (lifeless)How to strenghten the relationship between DefCore committee and technical communityCross project session at summits for Defcore (part of the solution)Mid-Cycle F2F?Translations#Questions?Is there concern that DefCore will symbolize features that are stable? i.e. people won't stand up X in production until its in DefCore?That's partly why Rob has been going to great pains to say that DefCore is a trailing indicator. =) We generally encourage people to read & understand the criteria for something being core: There are several criteria, one of which is "widely deployed".I think lagging will be key. If it gets too close, then people will use DefCore as Bellweather for a component instead of Tim Bell. =P (that's what makes it a Bellweather? ;-) =)"widely deployed" will be defined by results coming from refstack. (sample data at are the tests run on a cloud in production?DefCore tests run in non-admin.tenantsFor distributions, how to apply the DefCore label? Some configs will be DefCore compliant, others will not be.If the distro can be deployed in DeCore compliant manner, then get logo. After that is customer choice.#Refence materials: Mailing list: Wiki: Wiki You Can Remember: OpenStack Interop: DefCore repository, all documents go through Gerrit process: Process doc: Rob's Book of blogs on DefCore, covers a lot of history and decision making: Slides: Recorded presentation, DefCore community review: IRC: Join #openstack-defcore on Freenode IRC Current guidelines: can we find documentation on process for submitting test results? we not worried that people will fork openstack rather then go through the DefCore process?DefCore process is very straightforward for people who just want to get an "OpenStack-powered Compute/Object/etc" logo to use with their product. The only part of the process that is really complicated is if someone (a vendor, distributor, etc) wants to influence the direction of DefCore by changing which tests are used, adding new capabilities or platforms, etc. and about the worrying about forking, I think that's one of the purposes of defcore. Defcore is creating the interoperability.Good way to find common times: Proposed new time: 2 pm pacific or 3pm pacific#Todo: Email to general mailing lists about DefCore: how to join, where to findWiki redirect something to /defcore, so it is easier to find [DONE]Send out a survey monkey with times (Mark V. volunteered) Midcycle meeting for DefCore (within 6 weeks)??Thank you!Egle _______________________________________________
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