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[openstack-dev] [third-party][infra] Common OpenStack CI Solution - 'Zuul' live

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I’m please to say that there are now 3 components merged in the puppet-openstackci repo [1]
This means 3rd party ci operators can now use the same scripts that the OpenStack Infrastructure team uses in the official ‘Jenkins’ CI system for:

  1. Log Server

  2. Jenkins

  3. Zuul

This work is being done as part of the common-ci spec [2]

Big thanks to Fabien Boucher for completing the Zuul script refactoring, which went live today!
Thanks to all the reviewers for careful reviews which led to a smooth migration.

I’ve updated my repo [3] & switched all my CI systems to use it.

As a reminder, there will be a virtual sprint next week July 8-9, 2015 15:00 UTC to finish the remaining tasks.
If you’re interested in helping out in any of the remaining tasks (Jenkins Job Builder, Nodepool, Logstash/Kibana, Documentation, Sample site.pp) Sign up on the eitherpad. [4]

Also, we can use the 3rd party meeting time slot next week to discuss plans and answer questions [5].
Tuesday 7/7/15 1700 UTC #openstack-meeting

IRC: asselin

[3] (forked from jaypipes/os-ext-testing)

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