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[openstack-dev] What's Up, Doc? 7 August 2015

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to August! Today we can finally announce that the Cloud Admin
Guide is now completely converted to RST! I have been doing a fair bit
of 'behind the scenes' work this week, focusing mainly on Training
Guides and our docs licensing. We also welcome another new core team
member this week, and for those of you in the APAC region, get ready for
the Docs Swarm in Brisbane, where we'll be working on restructuring the
Architecture Design Guide.

== Progress towards Liberty ==

68 days to go!

  • RST conversion:
    ** Install Guide: Conversion is nearly done, sign up here:
    ** Cloud Admin Guide: is complete! The new version will be available on very soon.
    ** HA Guide: is also nearly done. Get in touch with Meg or Matt:
    ** Security Guide: Conversion is now underway, sign up here:

  • User Guides information architecture overhaul
    ** Waiting on the RST conversion of the Cloud Admin Guide to be complete

  • Greater focus on helping out devs with docs in their repo
    ** Work has stalled on the Ironic docs, we need to pick this up again.
    Contact me if you want to know more, or are willing to help out.

  • Improve how we communicate with and support our corporate contributors
    ** I have been brainstorming ideas with Foundation, watch this space!

  • Improve communication with Docs Liaisons
    ** I'm very pleased to see liaisons getting more involved in our bugs
    and reviews. Keep up the good work!

  • Clearing out old bugs
    ** Sadly, no action on the spotlight bugs this week. Perhaps we're all
    worn out from the RST conversions? I'll keep the current three bugs for
    this week, to give everyone a little more time.

== RST Migration ==

With the Cloud Admin Guide complete, we are now working on the Install
Guide, HA Guide, and the Security Guide. If you would like to assist,
please get in touch with the appropriate speciality team:

For books that are now being converted, don't forget that any change you
make to the XML must also be made to the RST version until conversion is
complete. Our lovely team of cores will be keeping an eye out to make
sure loose changes to XML don't pass the gate, but try to help them out
by pointing out both patches in your reviews.

== Training Guides ==

I've been working with the Training Guides group and the docs core team
to determine the best way to move forward with the Training Guides
project. At this stage, we're planning on breaking the project up into a
few distinct parts, and bringing Training Guides back into the
documentation group as a speciality team. If you have any opinions or
ideas on this, feel free to contact me so I can make sure we're
considering all the options.

== APAC Docs Swarm ==

We're less than a week away from the APAC doc swarm! This time we'll be
working on the Architecture Design Guide. It's to be held at the Red Hat
office in Brisbane, on 13-14 August. Check out for all the info and to RSVP.

== Core Team Changes ==

This month, we welcome KATO Tomoyuki on to our docs core team. Thanks
for all your hard work Tomoyuki-san, and welcome to the team!

== Doc team meeting ==

The APAC meeting was held this week. Read the minutes here:

The next meetings are:
US: Wednesday 12 August, 14:00:00 UTC
APAC: Wednesday 19 August, 00:30:00 UTC

Please go ahead and add any agenda items to the meeting page here:

== Spotlight bugs for this week ==

Let's give these three a little more oxygen: VPNaaS isn't
documented in cloud admin VMware: add
support for VM diagnostics Document nova
server package

Remember, if you have content you would like to add to this newsletter,
or you would like to be added to the distribution list, please email me
directly at, or visit:

Keep on doc'ing!


Lana Brindley
Technical Writer
Rackspace Cloud Builders Australia
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