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[Openstack] Devstack multinode setup integration with Opendaylight

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I have a working 2 node openstack setup through devstack. Controller + Compute + Opendaylight -> and  Compute ->

I have br-int and br-tun on both compute and controller node with their manager set to ODL and each bridge is connected to controller, as evident from ODL GUI.

On controller node:

On Compute node 

I am able to create a network.But when I launch a cirros VM, in the logs I see, udhcpc (v1.21.1) started Sending discover... Sending discover... Sending discover...

My DHCP server is running with IP (IP allocated from network created) and corresponding tap device is attached to br-int. when I run ovs-ofctl dump-ports br-int , I do not see any traffic going to dhcp tap though tap device created for VM is sending packets.

After few minutes "lease fail" message is displayed and IP is not allocated to VM.

Can anyone help me out here.



asked Sep 9, 2015 in openstack by saurabh_suman (480 points)   3