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[openstack-qa] Placement of API coverage gap tests in functional suite

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We are currently implementing integration tests to fill in the API coverage
gaps currently in the existing suite. I submitted for review tests for the
'stack events' API (see URL below); However, there is disagreement about
where such tests should reside. The dissenting reviewers don't want to add
to the overhead of the whole functional test cycle by creating yet another
stack; But my question is where to actually shoehorn such API calls among
the existing suite in a way that is organized and doesn't make things more

For example, I could affix 'stack event' API validation tests to, say...

...thereby 'piggybacking' on the stack created there. But does that add or
detract from how the suite is organized?

Any feedback or guidance is appreciated here, as we were hoping to approach
this enhancement in an organized way.

Test suite in question: heat_integrationtests/functional
*On hold review*:

asked Sep 10, 2015 in openstack-qa by James (120 points)