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[openstack-dev] [relmgt] PTL Candidacy

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I am announcing my candidacy for PTL for the Release Management
team for the Mitaka release cycle.

Although I only formally joined the release management team during
the Liberty cycle, I have been active in release-related activities
for much longer while serving as the PTL for Oslo. I worked with
the release and infrastructure teams to develop the release tools
and processes we use for Oslo libraries, and applying them to other
projects that now manage libraries. I am a core reviewer on the
requirements repository, and this cycle I started the work on
automating project releases using the new openstack/releases
repository. I was also involved in the process of moving server
projects away from date-based versioning to using quasi-semantic
versioning. Late in the Liberty cycle I started building reno, a
new release note management tool, based on some requirements we
gathered within the release team.

My goal for the release team during Mitaka is to automate more of
the work with a review process that allows projects to be self-service,
with some lightweight oversight to manage release timing, version
numbers, and messaging. I would like to complete the work we have
started in the releases repository to allow project teams to ask
for releases at any point in the cycle, thereby encouraging them
to shift from a milestone-based to “intermediate” release model.
Changing release models will reduce the effort required to create
a release by removing some of the pressure to synchronize the
activities of all projects on milestones and make it easier to
release more often, while still giving us the benefits of stable
branches for longer-term maintenance of selected versions. Milestones
can become guidelines, rather than hard deadlines.


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