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[openstack-dev] [keystone] PTL Candidacy

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to announce my candidacy for the Keystone PTL for the Mitaka cycle.
The project has had great leadership the entire time I have been involved
I want to keep up the tradition.

I've been working on Keystone for the past 2 years and I'd like to step up
and take more of a leadership role. I have a long track record of technical
leadership that can be directly applied to Keystone. This includes
from project management to application architecture and many things in

My thoughts on the direction of the project really boil down to landing the
features we have already committed to, taking our experimental features and
making them stable, improving general project stability and expanding our

Goals for this cycle:

  • Land the features

    Several features that are very beneficial to the community are currently
    in development. We need to get them stable and shipped for Mitaka. This
    includes, but is not limited to federation, reseller, and centralized
    policy. There is also additional work that needs to be done with
    federation to take it from experimental to stable, like helping other
    projects adapt to the new requirements and making it a first class

  • Fix the bugs

    We have 293 bugs (at the time of this writing) that need some attention.
    Many have patches that need some work or just need reviews. Others need
    to be investigated and fixed. I'd like to cut this number in half. To do
    that I'd like to get people to focus more on them through activities such
    as bug reviews and bug days (more on that below).

  • Expand out testing

    Over the last two cycles we have made some significant advances in our
    testing practices. We need to expand on this cultural shift and even
    the focus on testing.

    The full test runtime needs to be cut by at least 50% to improve developer
    workflow. Near immediate test feedback is important for not breaking flow
    when writing code. This can be accomplished by refactoring test code to
    reduce unnecessary setup and focus on the code being tested.

  • Expand our community

    Being PTL isn't about me making all of the decisions or calling all of the
    shots. It's about facilitating the design and development of Keystone by
    working with the community. Through mentoring we can get more developers
    ready to be core to speed up our review pace. We need to work together to
    find ways to give more people the ability to contribute upstream. I do
    believe it's possible to make our thriving community even better.

Thank you for voting for me as your PTL for the Mitaka release cycle.

-- David Stanek

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