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[openstack-dev] [QA][Tempest][Keystone] Re: [openstack-qa] [tempest][keystone]Inherit API was not found in API tempest.

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Hi Koshiya-san,

Actually, we don't use openstack-qa ML for discussion now. So I added
openstack-dev ML to CC.

2015年11月18日(水) 16:31 koshiya maho

Hi all,

I'm creating a tempest that conforms to operational environment
of OpenStack that we have built.

So far as I've seen the API tempest in the community,
Inherit API of Keystone was not found.

Does this exist somewhere? Other task is moving in relation to this?

If not, I want to challenge to post a patch of this.

Do you mean this API?

I've found a client for OS-TRUST extension api
in tempest/services/identity/v3/json/ but not about
So I think you can add OS-INHERIT api client and test then post it :)

Best regards,
-- Masayuki Igawa

Maho Koshiya
NTT Software Corporation
E-Mail :

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