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[openstack-dev] [midonet] #midonet now our official channel; OpenStack service bots added

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As discussed [1] and announced [2], #midonet is now the official
MidoNet development channel.

We've now also got the three OpenStack service bots approved:

1) meetbot (nickname: openstack), in order to have a properly logged
meetings in #midonet. Note that our regular meetings are scheduled to
happen in #openstack-meeting - but in case an irregular / impromptu
meeting is required, this should prove useful.

When starting a meeting, make sure to use either "midonet" or
"networking_midonet" (mind the underscore) as the meeting name. The
logs can then be found at [3] or [4] respectively.

Furthermore, the channel is also constantly being logged to [5].

2) gerritbot (nickname: openstackgerrit), in order to get gerrit
notifications. Unfortunately, only OpenStack gerrit is supported,
meaning that we currently get notifications for networking-midonet

3) statusbot (nickname: openstackstatus), in order to receive
notification from OpenStack infra. They send out status notifications,
e.g. Gerrit is restarted or there's a problem with the gate. See [6]
for past notifications to understand better how they use it.

Furthermore, the "#success " command has recently been added
and can be used by everyone. It's meant to collect small successes in
OpenStack development, and they're collected on a wiki page [7]. I
think "highlights" are also cherry-picked for the OpenStack
newsletter. Figure it would be great to use when reaching development
milestones or publishing new releases, as well as any other success.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding our IRC channel or any
of these bots.



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