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[Foundation Board] Joint Board Member Conversation at Collab Summit

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We have received an invitation from the OPNFV board to join in a
conversation with them at the Collaboration Summit March 31. Please let
me know if there are items we should add to the agenda.

/On behalf of Prodip Sen, OPNFV Board Chair, and Margaret Chiosi, OPNFV
President, I would like to invite you to a Board member round-table
discussion at the upcoming Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. In the
spirit of cross-project collaboration exemplified by this event, we
would like to use this opportunity to bring together board members from
the boards of OPNFV, OpenStack, and the OpenDaylight Project./


/We would like to focus on how collaboration has gone to date amongst
our organizations as well as expected needs for the future with
particular focus on what we as board members can do to encourage our
communities to work together productively./


/Initial suggested topics include/

  • /How do all these open source pieces fit together? What is the main
    domain of each group?/
  • /In what ways do we need to work better together? In what ways are
    we already working well with each other? How best to build upon
  • /What do we as organizations need from each other to be more
  • /Networking in the NFV platform/

/oWhat is the vision for Neutron and SDN controller interaction and

/oHow do our various technologies work together to orchestrate the
network connectivity for network services and VNFs?/

/oAs containers and micro-services become more widespread, how should
OPNFV approach layer 3 application connectivity?/


/After discussing logistics with the summit planners, our proposal is
for this meeting to take place the morning of Thursday, March 31, from
9:00 AM until noon. We hope that it is a lively and productive
conversation. If you have any questions or suggestions to the agenda,
please let us know. /

Heather Kirksey
Director, OPNFV
Mobile: +1.512.917.7938
Email/Google Talk:
Skype: HeatherReneeKirksey
IRC: HKirksey

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