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[openstack-dev] [announce] Announcing validated Debian packages for Mitaka

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I am overjoyed, thrilled and delighted to announce the release of the
Debian packages for Mitaka.

All of the DefCore packages were validated successfully this morning
through our package-only-based Tempest CI.

Content of this release
This release includes the following 23 services:
aodh 2.0.0
barbican 2.0.0
ceilometer 6.0.0
cinder 8.0.0
congress 3.0.0+dfsg1
designate 2.0.0
glance 12.0.0
gnocchi 2.0.2
heat 6.0.0
horizon 9.0.0
ironic 5.1.0
keystone 9.0.0
magnum 2.0.0
manila 2.0.0
mistral 2.0.0
murano 2.0.0
neutron 8.0.0
nova 13.0.0
trove 5.0.0
sahara 4.0.0
senlin 1.0.0
swift 2.7.0
zaqar 2.0.0

Where to find these packages
1/ Sid
All of Mitaka was uploaded to Debian Sid this week. You can use Debian
Sid directly to use them.

2/ Official jessie-backports
As soon as everything migrates to Debian Testing (currently aka:
Stretch), in 5 days if no RC bug is reported, it will be possible to
upload all of Mitaka to the Debian official jessie-backports.

3/ Non-official Jessie and Trusty backports
In the meantime, the packages are available through Mirantis Jenkins
automatic Debian Jessie backport repository. The full sources.list is
available here:

You can use the Trusty backports as well:

To use these repositories, simply add the described sources.list to (for
example) /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openstack.list, and run apt-get update.
If you want to install the GPG key of the repositories, you can either
install the mitaka-jessie-archive-keyring or
mitaka-trusty-archive-keyring package (depending on your distribution of
choice). Alternatively "apt-key add" the public key available at
/debian/dists/pukey.gpg in these repositories.

As a reminder, the URLs above contain the word "Mirantis" only because
the service is sponsored by my employer. These repositories are
"straight" backports from what is available in Debian Sid, without any

Remember that the packages listed below are maintained separately in
Debian and Ubuntu, and therefore, packages are different in these
aodh, barbican, ceilometer, cinder, designate, glance, heat, horizon,
ironic, keystone, manila, neutron, nova, trove, swift.

All other packages (including all OpenStack libraries like Oslo and
python-*clients) are maintained in Debian, with the contribution of
Canonical, and then synced to Ubuntu, so they are the exact same
packages (or at least, with a minimal difference). I hope we can further
improve collaboration between Debian and Canonical during the Newton cycle.

Bug reporting
As always, bug reports are welcome, and considered as high value
contributions. Please follow the instructions available at to report bugs to the Debian BTS.

Moving forward with higher QA and the Packaging-deb project in Newton
Currently, DefCore packages are tested through a package-only (ie: no
puppet, chef, you-name-it... system management involved) Tempest CI.
Results can be seen at:

Though not all packages are included in this CI. It is my intention,
during the Newton cycle, to also include services like Designate, Trove,
Barbican, Congress, ... in this CI. Individual upstream team for these
services are more than welcome to approach us to get this happen quicker.

Also, as we're slowing starting to get the Packaging-Deb project (ie:
packaging using upstream OpenStack gerrit and gating), it is also in the
pipe to use the above mentioned tempest CI system as a gate system for
the packaging. Hopefully, this will lead us to a full CI/CD working from
trunk. We also hope to be able to use these packages to help the Puppet
team to test packaged OpenStack from trunk.

On each release, I ask myself who I should thank. This time, I would
like to thank everyone, because this release was overall very nice and
working well. The whole OpenStack community is always very helpful and
understand the requirements of downstream distributions. Guys, you're
awesome, I love my work, and I love working with you all!


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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