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[Foundation Board] Project Team Gathering update

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Hi everyone

Following up on our discussion at the last Board meeting, I wanted to let you know that we have begun planning to introduce the new "Project Team Gathering" events in 2017, to be held in between the main "Summit" events. The "Project Team Gathering" (PTG) is the name we're using for these smaller, focused events where the project teams work on the implementation details for an upcoming release.

There is a design summit session taking place next Tuesday at 4:40 pm to further discuss the format and timing for the first Project Team Gathering, which we’re tentatively targeting for February 2017. A couple of updates and points to clarify our conversation from the last board meeting:

  • Regarding the impact to the release cycle, in the Board meeting we had talked about the possibility of Ocata being a shorter, stabilization-focused release. However, based on the timing of Newton release and the initial Project Team Gathering, we expect Ocata to be a normal release cycle length

  • I think there is some confusion about exactly which design summit sessions are being broken out into a separate "PTG" event. We will not be moving ALL of the "design summit" work to the PTG. The idea is to make more space at the Summit for strategic planning conversations and user <-> developer interactions (the "what?"), leaving the project-specific implementation discussions to the Project Team Gatherings (the "how?"). The new Project Team Gathering would essentially replace the piecemeal mid-cycle events as a chance for those neck-deep in code to have productive working space. We still expect many key developers will attend the the community-wide Summit events.

Thierry wrote a blog post today that talks about some of the benefits of this structure:

Thank you again for your feedback and look forward to seeing you all this weekend!


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