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[openstack-dev] [Fuel] 5.1 release is out

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Hi all,
I'm thrilled to announce 5.1 release of Fuel. Tags are pushed out to repos,
so you can build ISO [1] or download one of the nightly builds [2]. I
believe we should also build an ISO out of tags and publish it, so everyone
can just download and use.

Among features implemented:
- Access control to master node
- ML2 support
- Experimental mode support
- Zabbix for monitoring
- Backup / restore of Fuel Master node
- Mellanox integration
- NSX Neutron plugin intergration
- public IPs on compute nodes are allocated now only with nova-network
.. and other blueprints [3].
Among non-functional stuff, we've made significant improvement on HA side.
Galera auto-reassembling, ocf scripts for RabbitMQ are one of the key

In 5.1 we've processed over 1100 bugs, with making the bar for quality
higher and higher.

Release notes are available at [4]. Currently it's combined Fuel + MOS, and
there is a plan to separate these things in the future.


Mike Scherbakov


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